PCB Manufacturers Can Generate Quotes at as Low as Rs 10 Per User: Murali Srinivasa

  • EtaPRO has announced the launch of an automated quotation engine for PCB manufacturers
  • The engine can be installed into an existing website in 45 to 60 minutes
Murali Srinivasa, Founder, EtaPRO Technologies

EtaPRO Technologies has announced the launch of PCB Q Gen engine. This engine, as the company informed, can auto-generate quotes for PCBs 24X7. The tool works on SaaS model. EtaPRO mentioned that the tool can be easily embedded into any website. Its team will also be open to offering support to manufacturers interested in embedding this tool.

“The current circumstances in the world present a tremendously big opportunity for India-based PCB manufacturers. With the launch of PCB Q GEN, we want to empower PCB manufacturers with a tool that is easy to use and economical to implement,” stated Murali Srinivasa, founder, EtaPRO Technologies.

Interestingly, a lot of companies are looking outside China to source PCBs. Srinivasa is of firm view that India can prove to be a hub of PCB manufacturing for the world and PCB Q GEN tool can help the country in the same.

National and international orders

Srinivasa, sharing the story behind the origin of this tool mentioned about his days in the USA and how he was not able to order PCBs from India most of the times. “The difference in time zones in India and the USA always ruined my plans for ordering PCBs from India. Because of this, the timings between sales engineers (From India) I wanted to talk to, never matched,” added Srinivasa.

Screenshot of PCB Q GEN Tool

This tool, once embedded on the website, works 24 hours a day and seven days a week. A person sitting in USA, China or any other part of the world, can generate quick time quotations and place results if required.

“We developed this tool keeping national and international orders and demand in mind. Manufacturers using this tool wouldn’t have to wait for hours for making changes into a quote. A user logging on to their website will be able to generate as many quotes as he wants,” informed Srinivasa.

Charged pay-as-you-go

The company has launched this tool on the pay-as-you-go model. Manufacturers using it won’t have to pay anything untill users start creating quotes on the website. A user creating multiple quotes would be treated as a single account. The fee for a single user has been kept as low as Rs 10.

“The basic idea behind this tool is to empower Indian manufacturers with automated quote creating capabilities. It takes minutes to create quotes which helps save time, effort and money,” added Srinivasa.

He further said, “It will empower manufacturers of all sizes to be able to connect with buyers instantly and provide them real quick quotes for PCB orders. If somebody from the United States of Europe wants to place an order, he will simply be able to look for quotes from the website of the manufacturer itself.



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