Noida’s One Electric Begins Exporting Flagship E-2Ws To Africa


The company is targeting exports of 3000 units in its first year

Noida-based electric two-wheeler startup One Electric has announced that it has begun exporting its flagship electric motorcycle Kridn to Africa, as deliveries and registrations begin in Kenya, making it the first Indian e-two wheeler company to export to the African market, according to One Electric.  

The company added that it is looking to expand to four more African countries and will also be expanding into South America and Europe in 2022.

“We have designed Kridn for tough road conditions, heavy loading and high temperatures, which answers the needs of African, Indian and South American markets,” Gaurav Uppal, the chief executive of One Electric said. 

“We are probably the first Indian EV two-wheeler company to design, build, manufacture and export our EVs to Africa, challenging the dominance of Chinese companies… In Africa, motorcycles are a very important part of the transportation system and we are striving to be a serious player in that market,” Uppal further explained. 

Uppal added, “Keeping export markets at par with India is a strategic decision we have taken based on a global vision for Kridn. One of the reasons is lower price point resistance. However, more importantly, we believe that having a bigger market base globally, will help us grow at a much faster rate, in terms of both numbers and product evolution.”

Abhijeet Shah, the chief technology officer of One Electric, said that the company was exploring Maharashtra and Uttar Pradesh for setting up a large-scale manufacturing facility. The company is targeting exports of 3000 units in its first year.

The EV maker claimed that it was receiving “tremendous response” from people wanting to set dealerships across the country but it has no plans of expanding beyond its network of 25 dealerships across 6 states for the time being. This is so that it can focus on B2B sales and exports simultaneously with B2C sales.


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