National Instruments, IEEE together to boost engineering skill development


imagesProducer of automated test equipment and virtual instrumentation software, National Instruments (NI) has announced their partnership with IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) in India to enable professional skill development programs to address the need for proficient engineers for the evolving Indian high tech industry. These programs will leverage graphical system design platforms to accelerate productivity, innovation and discovery.

This skill development initiative will benefit industry, government organisations, small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and research organisations as they gear up towards the PM Modi led ‘Make in India’ initiative.

NI India and IEEE India will involve in activities such as conferences, technical workshops, trainings and joint certificate programs for individuals and companies in industry, government and academia. The outcome of these activities will be trained manpower who are certified to a level of proficiency in building test, measurement and control systems with a focus on RF (Radio Frequency) and embedded systems using the graphical system design tools.

Commenting on the partnership, Jayaram Pillai, MD, National Instruments India, Russia and Arabia said in an official announcement, “Coming together of IEEE and NI ensures immense value for skill development within the engineering and scientific community. This partnership will strive towards developing skills in Graphical System Design, hence benefiting the technology leaders in Industry, government and academia in India”