MoS for Science and Technology: SMEs are ideal for Making Electronic Goods and Components


The Minister of State (MoS) for Science and Technology and Earth Sciences, Y S Chowdary stated that the electronics industry can grow under the hub and spoke scheme.  He said that the SME clusters can come up near major electronics manufacturing units. He also stressed that “It would proliferate entrepreneurship and generate gainful employment in the economy.”

The minister further added that the manufacturing of electronics goods and components is ideal for the small and medium enterprises (SMEs). He said this at the time of addressing the India Electronics Expo which was organised by Electronics and Computer Software Export Promotion Council (ESC). The Expo was  inaugurated on Thursday in New Delhi.

The minister further added that in contrast to bulk imports, the electronics exports from India is just $6 billion with hardware exports being insignificant when compared to computer software and services exports amounting to over $100 billion. The Expo gotsponsorship from the Ministry of Commerce and Industry and nearly 33 exhibitors from India are displaying their products and over 120 delegates from 17 countries were on the look out for products at the event.

Among the products that were on display at the event were  consumer electronics, telecom, instruments, electronic components and electronic manufacturing services (EMS). The Chairman of India Electronics Expo, Vinod Sharma stated that the event must not be viewed as just a platform for business transactions but an extended canvass for forging meaningful partnership between Indian makers and overseas businessmen resulting in technology transfer, joint ventures, etc.