Magenta Power Announces ‘ChargeGrid Pro’ AC Charger Series


The new ChargeGrid Pro series is an innovative solution to the EV charging infrastructural problems in India.

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Magenta Power has added another feather to its cap by becoming the first in India to launch an end-to-end AC charging platform for Electric Vehicles under the “ChargeGrid Pro” series. The new ChargeGrid Pro series is an innovative solution to the EV charging infrastructural problems in India.  Designed to suit Indian power conditions, the solution combines easy installation & simple commission.

In sync with the recent announcement, the Power Ministry issued guidelines for charging infrastructure under which, based on the occupancy pattern and the total parking provisions in the premises of the various building types, charging infrastructure shall be provided only for electric vehicles which is  20 per cent of all ‘vehicle holding capacity’ at the premise. The ChargeGrid Pro Community AC Charger is aligned to the new guidelines, bringing simple solution to the EV charging problems.

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The ChargeGrid Pro series comes integrated with state-of-the-art technology; wireless monitoring and data logging all enabled via ChargeGrid’s online and mobile platform. With no dedicated manpower for operations or collections; one parking lot can serve multiple users.

This ChargeGrid Pro Community AC Charger made specifically for residential societies is the first product to be launched from the ChargeGrid Pro series. The ChargeGrid AC Charger is light-weight and compact with maximum efficiency and superior power density. ChargeGrid is a great solution available for Indian EV charging requirements – efficient, low operational cost and streamlined.

With the concept of “Made in India. Made for India,” the ChargeGrid Pro series is one-forth the price of similar product available internationally. The process of installation is so simplified that it can be installed anywhere and everywhere, be it co-operative societies, bungalows or office buildings.

Speaking on the new launch, Maxson Lewis, Director – Magenta Power, says, “We, at Magenta believe that EV adoption should follow a systematic and structured solution approach with a ‘Made for India’ philosophy. Trying to directly copy the international EV infrastructure models will not work. We are guiding many OEMs and townships in setting up the right infrastructure to make EV adoption easier and faster. There are multiple solutions that we are bringing to the market, solutions. Made in India and Made for India’. We are sure that our next generation will have much cleaner roads to travel and breathe free.”




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