LED Displays Need the Best Manufacturing Equipment


The production of LED display screens needs sophisticated equipment, as the manufacturing process is complex and must be precise.

By Deepshikha Shukla

LED display panel solutions come in different shapes and sizes for indoor and outdoor applications. The material used to manufacture outdoor displays needs to be strong and durable to meet the toughest environmental conditions. One can choose from the different
types of LED displays available in the market, based on the requirement. Manufacturers also design customised displays against orders. Because outdoor displays must engage customers effectively, their application-specific customisation may take some time, as an advanced level of engineering is required for a complete and satisfactory job.

Steps that need to be taken to design an LED display
Manufacturers must study a new order thoroughly, before evaluating the various technical concepts that could be applied to meet the requirements. The frames for LED screens are designed at the initial stages, to perfectly adapt to the features and sizes requested by the customer. The manufactured structure is assembled in such a way that there is no visual separation in the whole unit. The parts are placed inside according to a pattern that aligns them perfectly, and are then assembled. Assembling electronic and LED parts is one of the most complex and delicate tasks in the entire manufacturing process. It is the most important phase in the creation of an LED advertising screen.


The manufactured circuits are assembled to create complete panels, which are fully functional and capable of reproducing a full-colour image. The light and chromatic levels of LED panels are adjusted to ensure that colour and sharpness are the same in the entire LED advertising screen. To do this, photoelectric sensors that measure chromatic patterns to adjust each LED component are used. Structural frames and parts are assembled to form complete units capable of reproducing videos. The screen, as a whole, is activated and exhaustive testing is carried out. Once all the tests are successful, the screen undergoes the image control phase. Several test videos are reproduced during this phase to analyse the chromaticism and its quality. At the end, everything is tuned to perfection, and the LED screen is carefully packed into a high-resistance package to ensure protection during transportation.

LED display design and manufacturing processes use sophisticated equipment. Details of some of the latest equipment available in the Indian market are given below.

LED display making machine: Model: P10; Manufacturer: Eton
Key features:
• PCB length/width: Max.: 300mm x 1200mm; Min.: 60mm x 300mm
• PCB thickness: 0.5mm ~ 5mm
• PCB clamping: Adjustable pneumatic
• Software: Windows 7
• Display: LED monitor
• Input device: Keyboard, mouse
• No. of cameras: Five sets of imported cameras for vision alignment
• Mounting precision: ±0.02mm
• Mounting height: 15mm (±2mm)
• Mounting speed: 150,000~170,000CPH
• No. of feeders: 34
• Power: 220AC, 50Hz
• Power consumption: 5kW
• Feeding mode: Electrical feeder
Contact details: https://www.etonsmtmachine.com
SMT/LED production line: SMT/LED production line
This is suitable for all LED lights, LED tubelights, LED bulbs, LED panels, and LED downlights. The machine includes a loader, printer, conveyor, pick-and-place machine, conveyor, reflow oven and working table.

Key features:
• Usage: Circuit board assembly
• Type: Full/semi-automatic
• Actual capacity: 20,000-22,000 pieces/hour
• Power consumption: 3kW
• PCB thickness: 0.2mm-6mm
• Accuracy: +/- 0.05mm
• Power supply: 220V AC, 50Hz/110V AC, 60Hz
Contact details:

LED automatic placement machine: Model: GUS-G806 (SMT production line); Manufacturer: GUS
This machine is suitable for all LED lights, LED tubes, LED bulbs, LED strips,
LED panels and LED downlights.
Key features:
• Power supply: 220V AC, 50Hz/110V AC, 60Hz
• PCB size: 800mm X 330mm
• Maximum placement speed: 40,000CPH
• Number of feeders: 80
• Type: Full/semi-automatic
• Power supply: 1.1kW
Contact details:
LED pick-and-place machine: Model: Juki JX-100; Manufacturer: Juki
This machine is suitable for all LED lights, LED tubes, LED bulbs, LED strips, LED panels and LED downlights.

Key features:
• Power supply: 220V AC, 50Hz/110V AC, 60Hz
• Placement accuracy: ±0.035mm
• Feeder inputs: Max.112 (using RF feeders)
• Placement speed: Optimum 42,000CPH
Contact details: https://www.estovir.in/



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