The latest in wave soldering machines


The competition is stiff in the electronics manufacturing industry. Hence, wave soldering machines that are efficient and offer top-notch quality with good pricing, are in demand.

By Baishakhi Dutta

State-of-art facilities and a strong manufacturing strategy are essential for industry players to survive today’s challenges. Modern wave soldering systems that ensure the economical use of wired components in mass soldering processes form an essential part of today’s state-of-art manufacturing setups. Let’s take a closer look at the new wave soldering machines available in the market today.

Be informed before you invest
After talking to industry veterans, it is pretty clear that though there are a number of benefits of investing in wave soldering machines, there are also a few important factors that should be considered prior to making a purchase. So before you select a wave soldering machine for your manufacturing unit, just check on whether it meets the following parameters:

  • Lead or lead-free solder compatibility
  • Single or dual wave soldering capability
  • Flexibility with quick changes
  • Motorised lead or lead-free solder pots
  • Increased speed with dual wave soldering capability
  • Intuitive operator interface
  • Process settings to ensure tight tolerances
  • Proven reliability with maximum uptime
  • Global support
  • Easy maintenance

A list of recently launched wave soldering machines

Model: Powerflow e N2; Manufacturer: Kurtz Ersa
Ersa Powerflow is available in a variety of configurations, including a high-end full tunnel inert gas soldering system and open-atmosphere wave soldering system. These offer high availability, cost-effectiveness and quality. The Powerflow e N2 is also a cost-effective soldering system. With regard to pre-heating, the Powerflow e N2 offers options like medium or short wave infrared emitters, or compressed air convection modules. Similarly, convection heaters can be installed above the conveyor system in the system’s tunnel.
The Powerflow e N2 is operated via a 14.5cm touch panel or via PC. The optional machine PC offers an extensive range of functions for the user, such as a display for the process recorder and the soldering report. The software is neatly designed and allows intuitive and safe handling of the machine for the user. The control system has the capacity to store up to 99 soldering programs, which can be activated manually or via coding on the solder frames.Key features

  • Low nitrogen (N) consumption
  • Easy access
  • Wear-free sealings
  • Isolated tunnel
  • Shorter ROI period due to savings on higher quality solder
  • Stable process parameters
  • Clean PCBs
  • Reduction of flux
  • Long periodicity of maintenance

Contact details: [email protected],
Indian distributor: Bergen Associates Pvt Ltd

Model: EMS Stallion PLC TT  Manufacturer: EMS Technologies Pvt Ltd
EMS Stallion PLC TT is a new table top wave soldering machine from EMS Technologies, the soldering specialists. This model is the upgraded version of the previous model—EMS Stallion. It has been upgraded from manual controls to PLC based controls with added features. A spray fluxer is also available as an option. The new model comes with the same quality and reliability in the mechanical, electrical and electronic parts, as the earlier one.

The EMS Stallion is ergonomically designed for easy accessibility during maintenance. In this model, a spray fluxer unit can be fixed in place of a foam fluxer. The high quality spray nozzle produces a solid cone pattern of extremely fine flux spray. Due to the large passage, the nozzle is also clog-free. The nozzle moves on a rodless cylinder, and with an input PCB sensor and width sensor, the spray is limited to the length and width of the board. The flux and thinner are stored in a gravity tank.

Key features
  • Overall dimensions: Length – 1730mm; width – 880mm and height – 825mm
  • Weight: 200kg maximum weight (without solder alloy)
  • Power consumption: 17kW maximum
  • Conveyor: Carrier conveyor for PCBs of a maximum size of 304mm x 406mm (12 x 16 inches)
  • Fluxer unit: Foam fluxer and spray fluxer are available
  • Solder bath capacity: 22kg leaded solder

Contact details: [email protected],
Indian distributor: EMST Marketing Pvt Ltd

Model: Delta X; Manufacturer: Vitronics Soltec
The Vitronics Soltec Delta X has evolved from a long heritage of soldering machines with thousands in production lines across the world. With technology driven features developed over generations, the Delta X is a reliable, dependable and cost-efficient wave soldering machine.
With an intuitive operator interface and controls, customers are ensured of a stable process as well as the efficient delivery of high first-pass yields. Options such as the dual nozzle fluxer, SmartWave, and menu-driven solder pot height control, help make difficult processes successful. An ergonomic design for easy access and maintenance reduces downtime while ensuring the required maintenance is done efficiently.sKey features

  • Overall dimensions: Length – 3540mm; width – 1455mm and height – 1665mm
  • Heavy duty titanium fingers
  • Manual conveyor angle adjustment between 5 and 7 degrees
  • Recipe-controlled single nozzle spray fluxer
  • Three PID controlled calrod preheat zones totalling 182.88cm
  • Unique dross management system drastically reduces maintenance frequency
  • Heavy duty PCB wire support (optional feature)

Contact details: [email protected],
Indian distributor:
Maxim SMT Technologies Pvt Ltd




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