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Monday, November 24, 2014: Automated optical inspection (AOI) systems are powerful tools for process control and verification during the various stages of the assembly process. They are designed to quickly identify visible defects on PCBAs including missing, misaligned and incorrect components. Recent advances in optics, lighting and image processing have made AOI systems an excellent choice for assemblies with complex inspection requirements. AOI plays a key role in the overall test strategy to ensure the highest possible quality, and complements the other test solutions. While electrical tests such as ICT or FCT verify electrical parameters, AOI verifies key aspects such as misplaced components or incorrect sizes that cannot readily be identified through electrical testing.

Model: VT-S720, Brand: Omron, Manufacturer: Omron Corporation, Japan

omronLaunched in January 2014, Omron’s VT-S720 is a 3D automated optical inspection machine with multiple cameras for a detailed inspection of PCBA related defects. It greatly reduces inspection costs that have plagued AOI for some time. Moreover, the machine bolsters defect prevention. The end result is an industry first approach to helping users to slash failure costs and optimise their investments in quality. The VT S720 uses new image processing technology to automatically sample fillet topological features.

Key features

  • 3D inspection system

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    One top camera, four angled cameras

  • Patented true colour imaging processing

  • RGB colour lighting

  • Parameters have been optimally set to pick up gradations unperceived by humans and automatically separate good from bad products

  • Constant monitoring of production makes it possible to spot inspection troubles instantly, giving users a system optimised for improving productivity and quality

Contact details: Kazuhiro Hirano, sales manager, [email protected],

India distributor: Leaptech Corporation


Model: AOI S1-ITM-R, Brand: Modus, Manufacturer: Modus Hightech, Willich, Germany

modusLaunched in September 2013, Modus’ AOI S1-ITM-R is designed for simultaneous inspection of PCBAs at the back conveyor and from the top and bottom, before these move into the oven.

Key features

  • AOI S1-ITM-R has three multi LED illuminated scanner units as well as the patented special lenses which generate parallax free pictures

  • Automatic cleaning of the inspection area by air knife

  • Offers a combination of diverse inspection tasks covering SMD placement, THT solder joints, the conformal coating and full screening for solder bead (solder balls)

  • Capture of bar code and data matrix codes in any position and quantity on the multi PCB

Contact details: Gerald Landt, managing director, Ph: 0049 (0)2154 – 895900, [email protected], [email protected]

India distributor: Bergen Associates Pvt Ltd


Model: BF-3Di, Brand: Saki, Manufacturer: Saki, Tokyo, Japan

sakiLaunched in July 2014, Saki’s BF-3Di automated optical inspection machine is an upgraded, inline ultra high speed three dimensional PCBA component measurement machine. It adopts a unique optical design for non moving parts and has a versatile pitch in its new projection technology.

Key features

  • Utilises 2D mode for difficult to catch defects by multi lighting and 3D measurement

  • 18 micron resolution with ability to convert to 9 micron resolution mode

  • Four way projection system with multi stage ring light, which comes with a 36mm×36mm FOV CMOS area camera

Contact details: W K Wong, product manager, Ph: +65-81988078, [email protected],

India distributor: DVS India Pvt Ltd


Model: BF-10BT, Brand: Saki, Manufacturer: Saki, Tokyo, Japan

sakibf10btLaunched in April 2014, Saki’s BF-10BT automated optical inspection machine is a beautifully designed offline high speed, high resolution machine suitable for 100 per cent inspection on the production floor or QC room—for first article checks.

Key features

  • Stable and robust 2D double sided PCBA component and wave solder fillet inspection

  • Designed for multiple PCBAs with wide cut outs and openings, utilising the Saki round scan technology

  • High image capturing speed with a 10 micron resolution camera, which has the advantage of a faster scanning time

  • Simple hardware and good image quality

Contact details: W K Wong, product manager, Ph: +65-81988078, [email protected],

India distributor: DVS India Pvt Ltd


Model: QX150i, Brand: CyberOptics Corporation, Manufacturer: CyberOptics Corporation, Minneapolis, USA

cyberopticsLaunched in November 2013, CyberOptics Corporation’s QX150i AOI system offers high value and high flexibility for all applications and is ideally suited for pre reflow and selective solder inspection. The strobed inspection module (SIM) enables on the fly inspection, ensuring a fast and smooth process.

Key features

  • Calibration free SIM enables on the fly high performance inspection at 150cm²/sec, making it the fastest AOI system in the industry

  • With AI2 vision technology, programming is extremely simple

  • QX150i reduces manufacturing defects by detecting process problems earlier

  • Provides easy wedge in replacement of the existing conveyor

  • Board width: 50mm×308mm, board length: 50mm×457mm, imagers: 80 megapixel sensor, resolution: 12µm pixel size, inspection speed: 150cm²/sec

Contact details: Eugene Sitoh, Asia sales manager, Ph: 96258055, [email protected],

India distributor: Maxim SMT


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