Inverters and UPS systems go green


Environment-friendly, zero maintenance inverters and UPS systems are emerging as the latest power backup solutions

By Belal Khan

The inverter and UPS system market in India has witnessed consistent growth in recent years on account of the demand and supply gap in electric power supply, the expansion of industries and rising income levels of consumers. Manufacturers are aiming to tap the demand for environment-friendly, zero maintenance inverters and UPS systems, which are the latest trend in the market.

What to check prior to purchasing a UPS system and inverter

  • Built-in UPS system
  • Square wave, modified sine wave or pure sine wave
  • Size of the inverter
  • Backup duration/battery size
  • Type of battery (standard, tubular or SMF)
  • Preferable to have the same battery and inverter brands
  • Protection features
  • Innovative features like auto adjustment to
    battery, multiple charging, etc.
  • After-sales service

Products available in the market

Company: Exide
Product: Exide Power Bus
Exide Power Bus is a new-generation power backup system for modern homes. It comes with a PWM DSP based pure sine wave home UPS system, coupled with an inbuilt environment-friendly, zero maintenance Torr tubular SMF VRLA gel battery in a single, attractive console. The Exide Power Bus is also equipped with a multi-coloured LCD user interface for better usage and monitoring.

power busKey features:

  • Integrated home UPS system and battery in a single console
  • Advanced DSP based pure sine wave generation
  • Fully functional, customised, multi-coloured LCD graphic user interface
  • Environment-friendly tubular SMF VRLA gel battery
  • Intelligent battery management module to dynamically assess charge level of the battery
  • DSP controlled enhanced charging algorithm to suit tubular gel batteries
  • Battery capacity selector switch
  • Integrated cooling control system
  • Detachable LED lamp for emergency outdoor use
  • Dual output socket for additional load
  • Bypass switch
  • Huge power savings
  • Easy serviceability

Warranty: 36 months

Company: Luminous
Product: Luminous HKVA UPS system
The Luminous higher KVA system is a high-quality and reliable power backup solution for offices and sensitive equipment.

LuminousKey features:

  • High overload handling capacity
  • Installation and maintenance friendly
  • Eco-friendly, with minimal fumes, noise and pollution
  • No user-action required; automatic start
  • Intelligent battery charging mechanism
  • Pure sine wave output
  • Bypass switch
  • Seven-segment display
  • MCB protection
  • Synchronised changeover

Warranty: 24 months

Company: Amaron
Product: Amaron 900VA Pure Sinewave Home UPS Inverters
Amaron offers quality backup power supply systems for unhindered performance during power cuts.

Amaron-900Va-Pure-Sinewave-Home-SDL695204896-1-adbcaKey features:

  • Unique DSP technology enhances life of electrical gadgets
  • Zero humming of electrical/electronic products
  • Pure sine wave output
  • Unique ‘Intelli Battery Safeguard’ (IBSS) feature ensures optimum charging/protection for batteries, which results in longer life of the battery
  • Quick charging technology enables fast recharging of batteries in areas prone to frequent power cuts
  • Adheres to TS 16940 ISO 9001 standards
  • Compact and rugged design, combined with elegant looks makes the Amaron Home UPS system an ideal solution
  • Constant current and constant voltage for quick charging of the battery
  • Better protection to safeguard the UPS system from external effects

Warranty: 24 months

Company: Microtek
Product: UPS EB 2000
Microtek UPS EB models are designed using the latest technology for better performance and high reliability.

microtek UPS-EB-2000Key features:

  • Battery: Has a two-battery system
  • Waveform: TPZi wave
  • Input AC range: Wide: 100V~300V AC; Standard: 180V~260V AC
  • Input DC range: 21V ~ 28.4V DC
  • Efficiency (on battery mode): >84 per cent
  • Protections: Overload: 110 per cent; Short-circuit: 300 per cent
  • Charger current: 12A ± 1A

Warranty: 24 months

Company: Su-Kam
Product: Falcon HBU
Falcon HBU is powered by a special transformer, which has been created to minimise energy losses owing to its compact design. Compared to ordinary inverters, it gives 25 per cent more efficiency and an extra 45 minutes of backup time, the company claims.

su-kam_FalcomKey features:

  • Low harmonics
  • No noise
  • Needs very little electricity compared to ordinary inverters
  • Heavy duty—is powerful enough to run seven computers at one time
  • Automatic temperature compensation
  • It can charge the batteries even at a low voltage of 90V
  • DT6S six-stage charging

Warranty: 24 months

Company: UTL
Product: Online PCU
The unique factor about this product is its user-configurable mode and control settings. The user can configure any one of the three modes of operation —Smart mode, PCU mode and Hybrid mode—using the selection options provided in the LCD.

PCU Higher Range catalogue-1Key features:

  • Has zero change-over time, to ensure 100 per cent uninterrupted power
  • Load is driven by solar + grid simultaneously, giving maximum preference to solar power
  • Has AC and DC energy meters and USB
  • Ethernet based monitoring with 30 days of data storage
  • Capable of 120 per cent panel rating
  • Compatible with all PV arrays, with different numbers of cells (36, 60 or 72 cells)
  • Robust design, with 20 years of operational life

Warranty: 24 months

Company: Emerson Network Power
Product: Liebert GXT MT+ CX UPS, 1000VA – 3000VA
Liebert GXT MT+ CX is a true online UPS system that delivers continuous, high-quality AC power to connected equipment with no interruptions, when transferring to the battery. Liebert GXT MT+ CX is a full feature transformer-free UPS system designed to offer compact, efficient and reliable power solutions for modern electronic gadgets. It features true double conversion online backup power solutions for small data centres, data networks, voice networks and process automation equipment. Liebert GXT MT+ CX provides customers with a reliable source of uninterruptible power even in harsh power environments, including very wide input voltage/frequency window, better output voltage and frequency regulation, internal bypass, input power factor correction and low THDi.

Emerson Network Power Photograph -GXT MT+ 1-2-3KvaKey features:

  • Provides protection from blackouts, brownouts, sags, surges or noise interference
  • IGBT based rectifier true online double conversion with DSP control technology for high performance and reliability
  • New graphical LCD display provides UPS data, alarms and helps in fault diagnostics and trouble shooting
  • Double conversion efficiency of up to 92 per cent
  • Active input power factor correction of 0.99
  • 0.8 output power factor
  • Wide input voltage window (110V – 280V AC) for Indian environmental conditions and for optimised battery performance
  • Configurable output voltage (200V/208V/220V/230V/ 240V AC)
  • Generator compatible with wide input frequency range (40Hz-70Hz)
  • Eight-stage extendable charging design for optimised battery performance
  • Adjustable battery charging current of 2A/4A/6A/8A/10A/12A/14A and 16A according to battery capacity rating
  • 50Hz/60Hz automatic frequency converter mode
  • Intelligent monitoring with standard RS232/USB port plus slot available for RS485/dry contact/SNMP card
  • Inbuilt OVCD (over voltage cut-off device)
  • Offers efficiency up to 97 per cent

Warranty: 24 months