Installed solar capacity in India has reached 6,000 MW in 6 years


India has been quite focussed when it comes to solar deployments and this is now showing in numbers. In the last six years, India has installed solar capacity of 6000 MW and soon this country will become one of the largest deployers of solar energy in the world.

Vikram Solar, a Kolkata based company feels that the government is doing an amazing job in encouraging solar energy in the country. Moreover, the government’s ambitious International Solar Alliance (ISA) reflects India’s strong commitment towards the sector.

In 2010, India had only 10 MW of installed capacity and now it has gone up to 6000 MW which is incredible.

“India is already one of the top five. ‘Make in India’ as well as the solar mission is actually a good combination and we should be able to merge that and make it happen successfully,” Gyanesh Chaudhary, managing director and CEO of Vikram Solar recently told PTI during a recent visit to London.


India launched ISA at the Paris Climate Conference in December last year, inviting all countries located fully or partly between the tropics of Cancer and Capricorn to join for accelerating solar energy.

By Atanu Kumar Das