India Generated 3.2 Million Tonnes of E-Waste in 2019: 999services


This startup named 999services claims to have reduced e-waste by 15 Lakh kgs already

Vedang Khetawat, CEO & founder, 999services

India generated 3.2 million tonnes of e-waste in a single year 2019. An Indian start-up 999services said that it aims to help deal with the e waste by refurbishing ACs.

Founder and CEO of, Vedang Khetawat, said “Solutions like those offered at give desired results at a fraction of the cost. We offer a better alternative to the outdated & concept whereby people extend the life of their products by gambling on the ‘local expert’ for their competence, which can result in a hit or miss. By standardising and streamlining the process, as well as making it accessible to over 18000 pin codes across the country, we ensure a quality of care and assurance that our customers have come to depend upon.”

The world, as per this startup, generated 53.6 million tonnes of e-waste, which is s about 7.3 kilograms per person and equivalent in weight to 350 cruise ships! Starting the cleanup on home soil, 999services plans to reduce India’s e-waste by 100 Lakh kgs by 2025 by refurbishing air conditioners every day.

“In many countries, it’s illegal to dispose off air conditioners in the trash or even at a junkyard. This is because all, yes, all ACs have a certain amount of coolant or ‘refrigerant’ that is bad for the environment. Greenhouse gases from air conditioners deplete the ozone layer, even the discarded ones, which mean that these old units still have a lot of life left in them!” read an official bote released by the startup.

The startup claims to have reduced e-waste by 15 Lakh kgs already.


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