Guidelines By MHA That Manufacturing Facilities Need to Follow

  • All the electronics, appliance, smartphones and consumer electronics manufacturing units were shut following Covid 19 lockdown
  • Ministry of Home Affairs has shared guidelines for companies to start operations

As the country faces dangers of economical as well as human life loss,electronics manufacturers are getting ready to bring production of certain goods back on track. Most manufacturing units have been shut since last week of March 2020 following lockdown measures announced by the government of India (GOI).

Summers in India, are known for sales of air-coolers, refrigerators as well as air conditioners. TVs and smartphones continue to be hot-sellers as well. However, with manufacturing halt, it was unsure how the companies would meet the usual demand.

Manufacturing facilities need to take care of the following

To start with, every manufacturing facility, will need to make sure about the arrangements for workers transportation to and fro from the facility. The Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) has added that transport vehicles needed to be operated at 30 to 40 per cent of their capacities. In addition, every employee entering and exiting the facility needs to be checked for temperature.

MHA has also made medical insurance for workers mandatory. Facility administrators will need to make sure that there is a gap of at least a hour between two shifts. Lunch breaks at facilities will also need to staggered to make sure that social distancing is promoted and followed.

The Ministry has also advised against gatherings or meetings which involve more than 10 people. Meetings with lesser individuals that that can be carried making sure that individuals are atleast six feet away from each other.

People working at the facility will need to wear face masks every time. Facilities will need to ensure availability of sanitizers at all given times. MHA has also mandated frequent sanitization of surfaces and machinery used frequently.

Additionally, all the machinery, vehicles and equipment entering the facility should be disinfected before being put into use.


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