Goa & Union Territories To Have Project Specific Solar Tariffs


The control period of the Solar Regulations 2015 has been extended from May 2018 to May 2019 or until new regulations are notified by JERC.

The Joint Electricity Regulatory Commission (JERC) for the state of Goa and union territories has extended the control period of JERC’s 2015 regulations for grid-connected solar power by three years. The order will now be applicable up to May 14, 2019, reported Mercom India.

As the term of the previous regulations was to expire in May 2018, the JERC initiated the process of reviewing it to incorporate the immediate necessary changes keeping in view all that has happened in the renewable sector, particularly solar.


New deadline
As the detailed process of review of the solar regulations of 2015 proved to be long-drawn process, the JERC decided to extend the control period of the Solar Regulations 2015 from May 2018 to May 2019 or until new regulations are notified by the JERC.

Regarding the applicable solar tariff during the extended control period, the JERC opined that continuing the same existing solar tariff or fixing it based on the average power procurement cost (APPC) and renewable energy certificate (REC) rate will either jeopardize the interest of the investors or the consumers. Hence, the JERC has decided to determine and approve project specific tariffs until new comprehensive regulations are framed.

Recently, the JERC issued a set of regulations dealing with power generation, transmission and distribution. With these moves, the joint commission is trying to expedite the growth of renewable energy in the country, especially solar.



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