Foxconn to manufacture Smartron devices in India


Indian tbook and tphone startup company Smartron has decided that it will partner Finnish electronics manufacturing services (EMS) player Foxconn in order to get their devices manufactured in the country. In a deal that could have significant impact for the Indian company’s growth, Foxconn will now manufacture all the devices of Smartron.

“We are working closely with Foxconn in this regard. Our idea is to have all our devices to be manufactured out of India in a couple of months from now. It, however, is up to Foxconn to decide on the location,” said Mahesh Lingareddy, Founder and Chairman of Smartron.

The company started its operation in August 2014 and at a recently held function in Hyderabad the company roped in legedary cricketer Sachin Tendulkar to launch India’s lightest 5.5-inch Android smartphone.

The state government in Hyderabad has been quite supportive to this local company. Smartron started with an initial investment of $10 million and the company is now hoping to raise another $25 million in order to bring new technologically enhanced products in the market.

Smartron also said that all the products that they will launch from now on be it laptops or tablets, they will be IoT-ready.

By Atanu Kumar Das