Exicom to deploy 1 GWh of energy storage solutions by 2018-19


EXICOM Tele-Systems Limited is among India’s leading suppliers of power and energy solutions for telecom, information technology, renewables and electric vehicles.

The company has supplied over 600MWh Lithium-ion Battery Solutions to its customers since 2013 when it first ventured into Energy Storage solutions in distributed form. Today, we have energy storage solutions for all applications including grid scale, renewable energy integration, diesel usage optimization, C&I segment, telecom, ancillary services, energy access and electric vehicles (EVs).

Exicom is the first Indian company to put energy storage projects in the country and building repository of various reference sites for policy/regulatory advocacy. We are proud and happy to have successfully installed two projects for grid scale Battery Energy Storage System for Power Grid Corporation of India Ltd (PGCIL), Puducherry and one for Central Electronics Limited (CEL) for varied applications such as frequency regulation, voltage stabilization, grid stability and energy time shift. These projects are of great strategic importance for Indian regulators, policy makers and end users in demonstrating storage’s ability for grid support services and infusing confidence in adaptation of new storage technologies.


Exicom has introduced leading edge Lithium-ion Battery technology through improvements at very early stage that works successfully in different & varied climate ranges of India right from the coldest terrains of Jammu & Kashmir to the hottest places in Rajasthan to tropical regions in the states of Maharashtra, Odisha, and Kerala etc.  With our core R&D and BMS expertise, we have been able to successfully modify and innovate the products suitable for local conditions and deployment in any part of the world.  This sets us apart in the league and gives us competitive advantage over others.

As India gears up for revolution in mobility, Exicom is all set to offer customers e-charging with convenience.  We are proud and happy to have won EESL bid to supply 125 chargers through techno-commercial bidding process. These chargers are already installed successfully.

These chargers are developed in-line with the Bharat AC 001 and Bharat DC 001 specifications released by Department of Heavy Industries, Government of India in November 2017.  Bharat DC 001 specifications follow GB/T for less than 100V, 15kW and for more than 100V, the specifications are yet to be released by the Government of India.

The EXICOM DC charger comes with a single vehicle charging, two connector architecture where connector A can charge at 48V/60V/72V at 3.3 kW and connector B can charge at 48V/60V/72V at 15 kW using GB/T 20234.3 connector whereas, AC charger comes with three output of 230V, 15A each using IEC 60309 Industrial sockets. These chargers are Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) compliant which offers an uniform solution for communication between charge point and central system. These chargers allow consumers to pay through multiple options (Debit/Credit Card, BHIM, Bharat QR or UPI compliant mobile payment).



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