EV Plugs Launches App To Help EV Owners Locate Charging Infrastructure


Delhi-based EV Plugs was co-founded this year by Manish Narang, Kapil Narang and Ashwani Arora

EV Plugs, an EV charging infrastructure aggregator, has launched its app to help EV owners find charging stations nearby.

The app went live with over 1000 verified listings alongside tips for the EV owners on making the most of it while being there. The free app is available on both iOS and Android and the company website.

EV Plugs has raised undisclosed funding from their family and friends to bridge the gap of range anxiety that the many existing and potential EV owners have or will have, the company said in a media release.

Manish Narang, co-founder, EV Plugs, said, “We expect the market to be flooded with EVs across categories (2 and 3- wheelers, 4 wheelers and HMVs) and by default EV charging stations. However, it’s going to be decades before we reach a situation similar to diesel and petrol where one can be assured of finding one station within a few KM in any part of India, maybe except the remote regions.”

“EV Plugs addresses this real need of EV owners effectively and we will keep updating the listings in real time. In the future, we also plan to introduce a facility for EV owners to book slots at these stations through our platform and other related value-added services. Our aim is to emerge as the one-stop-platform for all needs related to EVs for the millions of owners who would be owning one sooner or later,” he said.

Delhi-based EV Plugs was co-founded this year by Manish Narang, Kapil Narang and Ashwani Arora.

“In the coming few months, we will be enabling feature showcasing availability of free charging slots along with nearby amenities so that car owners can plan activities, like shopping, eating, etc. during the waiting period,” Narang told Business Standard.

Public sector companies, like NTPC and EESL, and those running electric vehicle (EV) services, like BluSmart, have put up charging infrastructure. Private sector companies, like Tata Power, are also in the business but have so far confined themselves to provide EV charging facilities at their group outlets.

Currently, there are less than 2000 charging stations in the country and a number of players have ventured into setting up charging networks.

Globally, the electric vehicle charging industry is estimated to expand to USD 29.7 billion by 2027.


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