EBikeGo To Install One Lakh IoT-Enabled EV Chargers Across 6 Cities In Upcoming 12 Months


As per the company, the IoT-enabled chargers will be installed every 500 metres and can be used by both electric two and three-wheelers

Electric mobility firm EBikeGo has announced it will install at least one lakh EV chargers across India over the next 12 months.

The company has said that it has created an economical IoT-enabled smart charging solution, eBikeGo Charge, which can be accessed via the eBikeGo Charge Mobile App.

It has already begun setting up the same in Mumbai and will continue to add more such chargers across six other cities – Delhi, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Indore, Pune and Amritsar.

This comes as EBikeGo prepares to launch the Rugged G1 electric scooter for purchase in the coming months.

As per the company, the IoT-enabled chargers will be installed every 500 metres and can be used by both electric two and three-wheelers.

Interestingly, the charger has an in-built cut-off function when it detects the battery is fully topped up. Additionally, the EBikeGo Charge app will let users plan their route according to the availability of chargers along the way, and will also provide real-time information on charger availability.

The EBikeGo charger is a 16-amp unit with an output of up to 3.3 kW, has a three-pin power socket, LED indicators to denote state of charge, and features Wi-Fi and RFID functionality. It offers predetermined recharge plans as per the user’s demand and has an integrated payment mechanism too.

Irfan Khan, Founder & CEO of eBikeGo said, “We are extremely happy to deploy our smart charging stations – eBikeGo Charge in all of the major cities where electric vehicle demand has increased. This measure would not only assist to increase demand for electric vehicles and develop the country’s EV ecosystem, but it will also help to reduce pollution and battery swapping system issues, which are major concerns in a country like ours. In a year, eBikeGo hopes to deploy at least one lakh charging stations. These charging stations are AI and IoT-enabled, and they can be operated via the eBikeGo App. eBikeGo will use this to strive to realize its dream of an environmentally friendly mode of transportation.”


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