DXOMARK is Now Giving Ratings to Smartphone Batteries


Over a year ago, DXOMARK had setup a dedicated team of battery experts for the development of its battery evaluation system

Renowned worldwide for the tests and scores of camera, audio and display quality of consumer electronics, the French hi-tech company DXOMARK has now announced a new score for smartphone battery experience.

“While battery performance is critical for consumers, they have negligible information pre-purchase to understand which device will best suit their needs. Specs like mAh and W do not indicate true battery performance. Battery performance depends on a combination of factors including the choice of hardware components and power management software optimization,” said Olivier Simon, Battery Evaluation director.

He added, “Using our score centered on the end-user, we aim to guide consumers in their purchasing decisions.”

Test protocol for smartphone battery

Strictly adhering to the company’s testing philosophy of scientifically evaluating the end user experience of devices, DXOMARK has developed a comprehensive test protocol for smartphone battery. The proprietary battery test protocol covers a wide range of common real-life uses smartphones including social media, communication, and multimedia applications.

DXOMARK’s Battery test protocol, evaluates the entire battery experience and quantifies 3 main areas which include autonomy (how long a charge lasts, for various intensity of use); charging (how long it takes to recharge or how much short recharges increase battery life); and efficiency (how much the phone consumes in charging or discharging).

Over a year ago, DXOMARK had setup a dedicated team of battery experts for the development of its battery evaluation system. To this effect, the company has invested in state-of-the-art equipment such as a set of touch robots that simulate human usage like gaming and browsing social media apps. The robots are set inside a Faraday cage, providing stable and controlled network conditions. The lighting setup in the cage is used to stimulate reaction of smartphone screens to light – a major factor for battery consumption.

The Samsung Galaxy M51 emerged as the top ranked device for its overall performance. Lasting 80 hours in average usage the Wiko U30 is on the top of the autonomy rankings. The Find X3 range by OPPO finds top places in the ranking table for charging, enabling users to charge ultra-fast from 0-80 per cent. Apple’s iPhone 12 Pro Max finds itself way ahead of competition in terms of efficiency.


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