Domestic Manufacturing makes Waves at the Aviation Show 2016

The Indian Presidet stated in his opening sppech at the India Aviation Show 2016  that India has ‘taken a major leap in boosting manufacturing’ with the ‘Make In India’ initiative. He was proved correct by a class of less popular manufacturers and suppliers who had participated in the event.
Among them were Veera Vahana Udyog Pvt Ltd, who displayed India’s first indigenous tarmac coach. Apart from them, there were also products displayed by EIS Electronics (India) Pvt Ltd, who is a supplier of electrical harnesses used by aircraft manufacturing giants like Airbus and Boeing.
The new tarmac buses are 14.10 metres long and can accommodate nearly 70 per cent of the passengers alighting from a flight. This is in contrast to the 12-metre rear engine buses which are being used by airports that cost about Rs 4 crore. The company claims that their prices are almost half of what is being charged by their competitors. H P Mohan Kumar, executive director of the Bangalore-based company claimed that they already have global and domestic players showing interest in the product at the event. They are the only indigenus manufacturer for such buses in India.

Looking closer, it has been found that India is an important manufacturing hub for aerostructures, electrical harnesses and aircraft rescue equipment. This is due to reduced costs and an environment that has become business-friendly with time.

According to Umesh Sidhra, director of Sai Aviotechnics, Mumbai, “The Indian aviation sector has grown exponentially over time and the reduced costs of labour makes it an appropriate destination for manufacturing.

He further added that the assembly and manufacture of products in India will lead to a reduction in cost by almost 50 per cent. Moreover, the products that are being made in India are still not at par with those  produced by foreign countries.