Covid 19: Halonix Has Installed UV Light Sanitization Tunnels at its Facility


Halonix is sanitizing all its products and packages through UV light sanitization

Rakesh Zutshi, Managing Director, Halonix Technologies

Halonix Technologies Pvt Ltd. (Halonix), India-based residential and institutional lighting company, is taking safety measures to resume speedy production at its manufacturing plant. The company said that it is sanitizing all its products and packages through UV light sanitization, so that the customers can remain free of any fear of infection amid the continuing COVID-19 pandemic.

“Halonix is presenting a fine example of business practices required at this time of unprecedented crisis arising out of the pandemic. By following the COVID-19 protocols in letter and spirit the company is safeguarding the lives of its consumers as well as its staffs alike. Taking it one step further we are sanitizing all our products and packages through UV Light Sanitization, hence we are also contributing our bit in the ongoing war against pandemic,” Rakesh Zutshi, Managing Director, Halonix Technologies Pvt Ltd. said.

The company had reported a 22 per cent of compound annual growth rate (CAGR) markedly higher than the industry growth rate in single digits CAGR. The company is also expecting to close its books at around Rs 520 crores turnover vis-a-vis Rs 423 crores in 2018-19 and INR 352 Crores in FY 2017-18. Halonix has closed its H1 in FY 19-20 at Rs 234 crores vs Rs 178 Cr in H1 FY 2018-19.


Halonix has installed UV Light sanitization tunnels at its facility to achieve complete decontamination of its products and packages. The company is also taking all the necessary precautions relating to hygiene, social distancing, besides sanitization of its facility. Halonix has also provided its employees with hand sanitizers, face masks gloves and soaps for washing hands frequently.

The company offers a wide range of products across LED, Luminaires, Home Decorative Lighting, Commercial & Industrial Lighting, Street Lighting, Flood Lighting, Halogens and High Intensity discharge Lamps among others, Halonix is one of the largest players in the LED lighting segment in the country.



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