Commercial Drones: Alpine 4 Technologies is Acquiring Vayu US


Vayu represents Alpine 4’s second recent acquisition in the fast-growing UAV space. Vayu’s investors include founders of Tesla

Alpine 4 Technologies, has entered into a binding LOI with Vayu (U.S.), Inc (Vayu). Vayu builds high-performance vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) hybrid propulsion-based, autonomous aircraft. Its customers and partners range from public and private entities in Australia, Canada and sub-Saharan Africa in a variety of sectors – from critical medical supply transport to infrastructure inspection.

“I cannot say enough about Vayu and why I absolutely love this company. Their mission is resolute and purposeful. Their X5, G1 and G2 aircraft are designed to deliver lifesaving medicine and technology to people within inaccessible areas of developing countries, as well as hard-to-reach and vulnerable communities in the U.S. The mission-driven purpose of it alone is even more significant than its dollar value. When you look at the evolving landscape of the commercial UAV industry, you see an abundance of opportunities for Vayu’s family of VTOL aircraft. Its seven years of expertise combines not only core technologies advantages but also invaluable market insights,” said Kent Wilson, CEO of Alpine 4.

Vayu represents Alpine 4’s second recent acquisition in the fast-growing UAV space and will serve as a vital addition to the platform capabilities of Impossible Aerospace. The shareholders of Vayu are primarily leading venture capitalists and angel investors, including Tesla Motors founder’s Martin Eberhard and Marc Tarpenning and Cosmonaut Esther Dyson, as well as public health experts.

The transaction will be completed in a reverse triangular merger with a newly formed subsidiary of Alpine 4. Upon meeting the final closing conditions, Vayu will be a wholly owned subsidiary of Alpine 4. Vayu and Alpine 4 expect to have the closing conditions met by January 10th, 2021. Daniel Pepper, the current CEO of Vayu, will continue on in his role as CEO.

Daniel Pepper, CEO of Vayu, said, “This represents the beginning of a new chapter in Vayu’s story. The company began in response to an acute need of tremendous magnitude: solving some of the hardest logistical challenges for delivering medical care, anywhere in the world. Over the years Vayu’s capabilities have grown in size and capability, and in direct response to an enormous amount of customer and stakeholder engagement. Platforms such as the G1 and the G2 are virtually unmatched in the civilian market, yet their demand is as critical as ever.”

He added, “Whether it is for maritime surveillance, forest fire monitoring, linear asset inspection, or the primary and core use case of medical delivery, Vayu’s opportunity set is wide, diverse, and growing. In the years to come, Vayu will further expand its offerings to a range of customers, ever expanding its payload and range capabilities, while further investing in its autopilot and avionics expertise to further safety, reliability, and autonomy.”

It is to be noted here that Alpine 4 Technologies had entered the commercial drone space last month. The same as done after acquiring Impossible Aerospace Corporation.


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