Calfornia’s EvGateway Begins Operations In India To Provide EV Infra Solutions


The company has a presence across the US, Latin America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East markets

US-based turnkey EV infrastructure solutions provider EvGateway is launching its operations in India where it will provide innovation in the domestic EV marketplace and help advance adoption.

The company provides intelligent and advanced EV charging management services for customers of all industries and varied charging requirements.

The company, which is based in California said that it will be offering easy-to-use solutions for drivers and charger owners alike. It will deliver advanced controls and features to fleet operators, large enterprises, and charging station owners, to allow them to effectively manage and optimise their own EV infrastructure.

The company has a presence across the US, Latin America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East markets.

EvGateway said it is integrated with all major EV charging manufacturers and has the capability to provide customers with the largest variety of options for a best-in-class turnkey offering.

“We are finally bringing our product to India and contributing to its EV initiatives,” Uday Chagari, head of EvGateway India, said.

“A significant portion of the product was developed at our development centre in India and we continue to enhance the products from here. Along with the US team, we offer 24×7 support for the product from Hyderabad,” said Chagari.

EvGateway’s suite of SaaS EV charging solutions is hosted and maintained in India’s regional cloud and meets the growing demands of the data security needs, said its Vice-President (Technology) Nishanth Kalidindi.

“The company offers white-label solutions to Indian clients, which enable them to invest and grow their individual brands.

“Our global experience in integrating fleet telematics, payment gateways, load optimisation, onsite solar and battery storage integration will provide flexibility and readiness for all different customer requirements,” Kalidindi said.


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