Alert Raised Over Smuggling of Infrared Thermometers in India

  • Contact-less infrared thermometers are counted in the list of medical essentials
  • Directorate of Revenue Intelligence (DRI) has raised an alert to customs about the possible smuggling

Infrared thermometers have become an essential medical equipment in the fight against coronavirus. However, with India restricting exports of essential medical equipment, the chances of these getting smuggled in and out of the country have increased too.

Directorate of Revenue Intelligence (DRI) has now raised an alert to customs about the possible smuggling of these. Several ports and custom offices have been alerted about the same.

Under-value or mis-declared values

The smugglers under-value or mis-declare the value of these infrared thermometers in order to save on custom duties. Many times legally imported units are then mixed with smuggled ones. The DRI alert has come at a time when the demand of infrared thermometers has spiked in India.

A new report by Market and Research explains that the market will generate remunerative prospects for producers post COVID-19 crisis. It is to be noted here that infrared thermometers from reputed brands are currently selling in the price ranges of Rs 3,000 to Rs 8,500 apiece.


The customs officials had recently intercepted shipments containing masks, sanitiser and PPE kits at the courier terminal in New Delhi. Smugglers were attempting to export these outside India. The goods were declared as packing materials for pouches.

India, and many other countries, have banned exporting essential medical equipment till further notice.

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