Adani Starts Solar Panel Retailing in Rajasthan, Plans to Expand Across the Country


Adani is targeting 50 per cent market share in Rajasthan – 30 mw in the first year of operations in the state.

Adani Solar, the solar PV manufacturing arm of Adani Group, has reportedly ventured into the retail business of solar panels in Rajasthan through channel partner Ahinsa Solar.

The company is further planning to collaborate with a channel partner for every state to expand its retail footprint across the country, according to a PTI report.

According to Prashant Mathur, chief marketing officer, Adani Solar, the channel partner in the state will be responsible for all the retail requirements.

Adani targeting 50 per cent market share

It will be assigned an exclusive territory to manage orders of solar panels up to 150KW. Besides, it will be responsible for overall lead generation, conversion and service.

Rajasthan is one of India’s highly solar developed market due to availability of ample sunlight and state policy that supports abundant solar power generation.

On the retail front, it has a market of 60 MW sales, of which Adani Solar will target an aggressive 50 per cent market share – 30 mw in the first year of operations in the state, Mathur said.


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