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Wednesday, June 13, 2012:

Model: BM-W430 630, Brand: Dektec Company: Dektec Automatic Equipment Co Ltd

This lead free reflow oven is panel control for standard machines, with touch screen and plC controlling system. It can save 50 groups temperature parameters and provide extra two ports for profile testing. It is convenient for cleaning and maintenance, as the upper zone, hood and electrical box cover can be opened easily. The inner tunnel of the oven is made of stainless steel which can stand high temperature. The entire upper zone is forced air convection and provide good temperature accuracy. It also has stainless steel mesh belt.

Key features


Heating zones: Upper 6 zones, bottom 6 zones; Heating tunnel: 1540 mm; Dimension: L2550 x W750 x H1250; General power: 33 KW; Power consumption: 4-8 KW; Rising time: 15 mins; Controlling type: Touch screen and PLC; Heating method: Fully forced air convection.

Contact details: Leo Peng, Ph: +86 755-61176799 (China); [email protected];


Model: RO-500/510, Brand: Solano, Company: Dima SMT Systems

The Solano RO-500 series is a flexible, full convection lead free approved reflow system, with a pin conveyor. Its air and component temperature are equalised. This is achieved with circulating air speed of 1 to 1.3 m per second. Its exact control of all cells and total performance consistency even under varying loads are routine expectations for any top of the line reflow.

Key features

Dimensions: Mesh belt 2500 mm L x 1000 mm W x 1200 mm H, edge conveyor 2780 mm L x 1000 mm W x 1200 mm H; Conveyor: RO-500 500 mm stainless steel mesh belt, adjustable from 50-800 mm/min. Controller: Microprocessor controller with RS-232 interface for heating and cooling zones; Heating system: Full convection circulated hot air from the top and bottom; Heating zones: 4 top and one bottom heating zone, 1 cool down zone; Cooling: Radial ventilator at the bottom; Heating power: 17.5 Kw; Tunnel length: 2250 mm.

Contact details: Wim Van Riet; Ph: + 6568487820 (Singapore); [email protected];


Model: 2043 MK5, Brand: Heller, Company: Heller Industries

This lead free certified, maintenance free reflow oven is suitable for high volume production solutions, with belt speed up to 1.4 m/min. 2043 MK5 system delivers the highest level of repeatability with the lowest delta Ts.

The new heating and cooling advances deliver up to 40 per cent reduction in nitrogen and electrical consumption. The new cool pipe flux collection system traps the flux in collection jars that can be easily removed and replaced while the oven is running.

Other MK5 models include 1826 MK5, which provides consistent performance for high volume requirements while minimising preventative maintenance and floorspace.

Key features

Dimension: 668 cm; Heating zones: 13 top, 13 bottom of 430 cm; Cooling zones: 3 top (std), bottom cool/external cool optional; Heater modules: Enhanced flow heater modules with 40 per cent larger impellar, blanket the PCB with heat for the lowest delta Ts on the toughest boards; Cooling rates: The new blow through cooling module provides cool rates of >3° C/sec—even on LGA 775.

Contact details: Ph: 9733776800; [email protected];


Model: CR5000F, Brand: Manncorp, Company: Manncorp

Recognising the growing demand for smaller footprint lead free reflow ovens that are also more energy efficient, Manncorp has broadened its CR series with three compact, mid-range models—CR4000C, CR5000F and CR6000—that require less power to operate.

All the three ovens include forced hot air convection, onboard profiling and KIC ‘auto focus power’ process optimisation software. Each of the ovens can be modified to meet special applications for high thermal requirements, taller components, ultra fine mesh belts for miniature parts, or slowing belt speed for curing.

CR5000F has high mass heat sources, and its efficient flow design allow full, forced convection reflow in a footprint 20-30 per cent shorter than comparable systems. Its independent upper and lower PID temperature controls each heat zone and three thermocouple inputs for accurate ‘lead-free’ temperature profiling.

Key features

Dimensions: CR5000F is 304 cm long, 45.72 cm pin conveyor over 570 mm wide stainless steel mesh belt; Heating zones: 5 upper and 5 lower heating zones; Conveyor speed: 400-1800 mm/per min; Heating method: Forced convection; Heating tunnel: 1910 mm

Contact details: Ph: 215-830-1200 (USA); [email protected];


Model: RO400FC, Brand: Essemtec, Company: Essemtec AG

RO400FC is a high quality full convection reflow oven, perfectly suitable for mid-size to high throughput. It features advanced reflow technology for complex and multilayer PCB soldering, and is equipped with five special oven steel hot air convection modules (four top/one bottom within the reflow zone). Each module contains a high volume blower and unique airflow construction for ideal heat transfer. The zone temperatures are fully programmable and are measured within the airflow at the board height to guarantee highly reproducible soldering conditions. The universal mesh belt or the precise chain conveyor transports single or double sided boards up to 400 mm width.

As an innovative new feature, RO400FC now feature RO control software for increased process simulation and control. This technologically advanced software offers many of the same features as thermal profilers, but for less than half the price.

Key features

Heating zones: 5 zones; Heating method: Hot air full convection heating for even temperature distribution; Zone temperatures: Three preheat and one peak are fully programmable, as is the closed loop controlled conveyor speed; Dimension: Mesh belt or chain conveyor transports single or double sided boards up to 400 mm width; Integrated microprocessor control with LCD; Built-in overheat security switches

Contact details: Ph: +41419196060 (Switzerland), [email protected];; India distributor: Essemtec India


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