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The latest in SMT reflow ovens and soldering systems


Friday, June 20, 2014: SMT soldering machines help to ensure consistent soldering quality in a product. These machines are available as different types of equipment, including SMT reflow soldering (reflow ovens) systems, SMT/BGA soldering stations (used for single component placement/removal) also known as SMT/BGA rework stations, SMT discrete soldering equipment (or just soldering stations), hot tweezers, infrared guns, etc.

SMT soldering machines use less solder paste and labour. By using these machines, manufacturers can improve the thermal conductivity and lower the assembly costs. Today, these machines are very advanced and use the latest soldering technology, which can reliably solder surface mounted components.

Reflow ovens, a major part of the soldering system, are of two types —infrared and convection ovens. These ovens comprise multiple zones, which can each be individually controlled for temperature. Here are some of the latest soldering systems.

Model: SRF70i132, Brand: Samsung, Manufacturer: Samsung, South Korea

samsungLaunched in March 2014, this next generation reflow oven ensures ultra-low power consumption and a high efficiency flux collecting system, complying to CO2 emission regulations. It is suitable for LED lighting and BLU applications.

Key features

  • Graphic temperature monitoring

  • Adoption of high efficiency nozzles suitable for LED and BLU

  • Optimum power consumption, partial start up mode

  • Operation and maintenance cycle alarm function

  • High efficiency flux collection system

  • Temporary control type: PID control

  • Dual lane conveyor option

  • PCB size: 50 ~ 410 mm (single lane); PCB size: 50~200 mm (dual lane standard)/250 mm and 300 mm (optional)

  • Total heating length (mm): 4,140 (single lane) or 4,200 (dual lane)

  • Zone length (mm): 310 (same for single and dual lane)

  • Heating zone count: Top 13 zones / Bottom 13 zones (same for single lane and dual lane)

  • Conveyor type: Chain + anti-warp (mesh option)–single lane

Contact details: Jayden Jang, global project manager (SMT business), Ph: +82-02-2145-2934, [email protected],com, www.samsungsmt.com

India office: Samsung C&T India


Model: MR+ 933, Brand: Vitronics Soltec, Manufacturer: Vitronics Soltec, USA

vitronicsUpgraded in January 2014, the MR+ 933 reflow oven is based on an advanced design concept adopted from Europe. It has excellent thermal transfer and temperature control accuracy, and exceptional cooling. It has 10 patents, including one for its gas recirculation system.

Key features

  • Patented flux flow control to reduce maintenance

  • UPS backup to power conveyor, PC and hood lifts

  • Board tracking system

  • Auto chain lubrication system

  • Enhanced ambient air cooling

  • Fan speed control in two groups (soak/reflow)

  • Gas recirculation system (GRS)

  • Computer controlled width adjustment

  • Enhanced zone definition for heating

  • Advanced controlled cooling

  • Quick disconnects in cooling zones for easy maintenance

  • Total zones: 12; Heating/cooling zones: 9/3

  • Minimum board width: 50 mm; Maximum board width: 356 mm

Contact details: Sanjay Sawant, regional manager, [email protected], www.vitronics-soltec.com

India distributor: Maxim SMT Technologies Pvt Ltd


Model: Delta 3, Brand: Vitronics Soltec, Manufacturer: Vitronics Soltec, USA

deltaUpgraded in January 2014, Delta 3 has proven its reliability with maximum uptime and global support. It has a pressure controlled flux supply with a stepper motor drive for precise, repeatable flux application, and preheat configurations for process flexibility.

Key features

  • Heavy duty titanium fingers with crash detection

  • Manual conveyor angle adjustment between 5 and 7 degrees

  • Recipe controlled single nozzle spray fluxer

  • Titanium main wave

  • Unique dross management system

  • Bottom and topside forced convection preheating

  • Chip wave

  • Recipe driven solder pot height control

  • Nitrowave: Nitrogen supply for solder waves

  • Solder feeder for two solder bars

  • Management information system

  • Standard voltage 400 V 3 Ph50/60 Hz without neutral

  • 120 mm long main wave

  • PCB width: 457 mm

  • Three preheat zones (calrod) with a full length of 1.8 m (6 ft)

  • Full enclosure, max component height: 100 mm

Contact details: Sanjay Sawant, regional manager, [email protected], www.vitronics-soltec.com

India distributor: Maxim SMT Technologies Pvt Ltd


Model: Seho SelectLine, Brand: Seho, Manufacturer: Seho Systems GmbH, Germany

sehoLaunched in November 2013, this new selective wave soldering system offers innovative features designed for higher productivity in electronics manufacturing. With its revolutionary design, SelectLine provides the highest precision and solder joint quality as well as a high degree of flexibility—no changeover is required to dynamically process a variety of assemblies within short cycle times. The SelectLine machine concept is consistently modular, thus ensuring clear cost benefits.

Key features

  • Synchro concept (patented): An intelligent software feature that coordinates the soldering process in such a way that the total throughput is nearly doubled without the need for significant investments

  • Automatic ultrasonic cleaning for solder nozzles (patented): This unique feature provides an absolutely stable process and significant time savings in terms of reduced maintenance

  • Modular design, up to four soldering units, integrated AOI system, flux quantity control, fiducial correction, automatic z-height correction, inline or standalone

Contact details: Dr Ronald Horn, area sales manager, Ph: +49-0-9342/889-0, Mob: +49-9342889273, [email protected], www.seho.de

India distributor: Bergen Systems Pvt Ltd


Model: Vectra ES, Brand: Electrovert, Manufacturer: Speedline, USA

vectraLaunched in November 2013, Electrovert’s VectraES2 wave soldering system features exceptional system-wide accessibility, an advanced control system and innovative sub-system technologies. The VectraES2 provides the ideal balance between performance, functionality and cost effectiveness. Incorporating a number of features that support difficult and challenging process environments, it is designed to handle lead-free and critical applications.

Key features

  • Exceptional thermal performance with low mass forced convection on the bottom side

  • Drop-down style preheaters, delivering optimal board temperatures while minimising product ΔT’s

  • Advanced, industry-proven UltraFill solder nozzle technology that increases dwell time, improves hole fill and maximises product quality

  • Highly reliable patented wave height sensors

  • High temperatures of up to 300°C (572°F) can be obtained

  • Servo-controlled, reciprocating spray fluxing and efficient heat transfer for accurate flux control

  • Windows-based operating system with the process notes function and the data logging traceability feature

  • Recipe-driven solder pot height adjustment; for better application, the wet finger cleaning system feature comes as a standard, giving the system an advantage

  • Process width: Up to 460 mm

  • Hot air convection type pre-heater with a length of up to 1800 mm

  • Dual wave process; spray fluxer system

Contact details: Ching How, product manager, Mob: +6012-903-3848/ +91-98100-90843, [email protected], www.speedlinetech.com

India distributor: NMTronics India Pvt Ltd


Models: Konark 257 and Konark 145, Brand: EMS, Manufacturer: EMS Technologies Pvt Ltd, India

konarkLaunched in September 2013, the performance of these indigenously manufactured 7-zone reflow ovens is as good as that of imported machines. Available at a very competitive price, these machines have been proven in the following fields: EMS companies, LED lighting and telecom.

Key features

  • Built ruggedly for long years of use in Indian manufacturing conditions

  • Independent PID control for each zone, overall machine control through PLC and PC for HMI and data storage (touchscreen HMI available only in Konark145)

  • Temperature control within +/- 1°C.

  • Mesh, pin-edge, pin-edge over mesh over conveyor options

  • Heating chamber with impeller housing, pressure chamber, distribution plate and diffuser plate to give uniform hot air distribution across the width of the board

  • Highly reliable open coil heater and blower with cooling arrangement for continuous use

  • Highly flexible software with ‘manual mode’ to check each function of the machine, extensive data logging, password protection, with safety features incorporated

  • 3- or 4-channel profiler, SMEMA control, and flux management system as options

Contact details: L Sampath, managing director, Ph: +91-20-32501000, +91-9371077917, [email protected], www.emstonline.com

India distributor: EMST Marketing Pvt Ltd


Model: Dynamo, Brand: BTU International, Manufacturer: BTU International

dynamoLaunched in January 2013, Dynamo’s new convection oven design delivers high efficiency through innovative thermal transfer. This allows excellent uniformity in temperature and gas flow across the chamber. The closed loop convection control provides precise heating and cooling, programmable heat transfer and reduced nitrogen consumption.

Key features

  • Lead-free process guarantee

  • 350 °C maximum temperature

  • Automatic chain lubrication

  • Proprietary control system—Wincon software

  • Electronic over-temperature safety system

  • Optimised flux management

  • Process chamber width: 5-46 cm (2-18 inch)

  • Oven loading up to 2lbs/sq ft

  • Cross chamber uniformity +/- 2ºC

  • Zone-to-zone temperature isolation is greater than 45°C

  • Standard flux management provides two collection points—preheat and system reflow zones

Contact details: Kristen Mattson, marketing services manager,Ph: 1-978-215-3365, [email protected], www.btu.com

India distributor: Neotronics International


Model: Hotflow 3/14 e, Brand: ERSA, Manufacturer: ERSA, Germany

ersaLaunched in 2013, the Hotflow 3/14e is the new reflow system in the ERSA Hotflow family, which delivers exceptional soldering results for superior thermal performance, a low transverse profile and zone separation. The ‘e’ attached to the model’s name stands for efficiency. Numerous economical and technical solutions have been combined, without compromising in any way on the reliability and uptime of the system.

Key features

  • Bottom-side preheating: 7 convection modules

  • Soldering: 3 convection modules top/bottom

  • Cooling: 3 convection modules

  • Low-mass conveyor of 516 mm

  • Low-mass dual track conveyor

  • Program-controlled width adjustments for conveyors and centre support

  • Automatic chain lubrication

  • PC with TFT screen

  • TFT touch screen

  • Autoprofiler and adjustable fan speed

  • Dual speed

  • Energy consumption is calculated

Contact details: Ph: +49(0)9342/800-0, [email protected], www.kurtz-ersa.de

India distributor: Bergen Associates Pvt Ltd


Model: Omni series, Brand: Electrovert, Manufacturer: Speedline, USA

speedlineLaunched in May 2013, the Electrovert Omni series offers a combination of innovation and industry proven technology, providing efficient and reliable solutions for SMT soldering applications. Made to deliver high performance, packed with the industry proven technology, this easy to use, reliable series of efficient reflow systems can exceed lead-free profile requirements and deliver efficient high performance thermal processing.

Key features

  • Isothermal chamber technology delivers highly efficient heat transfer throughout the process

  • Independent closed loop blower speed control provides consistent thermal performance, minimising the cross board temperatures and allows for tight control of time above liquidus (TAL).

  • With the 7-zone and 10-zone options, air flow dynamics within cooling zones are efficiently controlled for a balanced environment and reduced exhaust temperatures

  • An industry-first dripless cooling design significantly reduces the potential for flux dripping in the cooling area, minimising the maintenance in the zones and is easy to clean

  • Excellent separation between the heating and cooling areas produces tight control of TAL

  • No of zones : 7+2 or 10+3

  • Heating tunnel length: 2685 mm/3855 mm

  • Cooling length: 887 mm/1293 mm; Process width: 508 mm

  • Operating temperature: 350 degree

Contact details: Ching How, product manager, Mob: +6012-903-3848/ +91-98100-90843, [email protected], www.speedlinetech.com

India distributor: NMTronics India Pvt Ltd


Model: Powerflow e N2, Brand: ERSA, Manufacturer: ERSA, Germany

powerflowLaunched in 2013, this new compact full tunnel wave soldering system is a cost-optimised system. It consists of a modular, flexible front expandable preheating system with a combination of convection and emitter heating systems. Intelligent spray fluxers, the use of high quality materials and perfect geometries in the solder module enable the machine to provide the best soldering results – primarily because of ERSA’s many years of experience in lead-free production lines.

Powerflow e N2 relies on high-end technology. Due to innovative concepts for the fluxer and preheating as well as an enamelled stainless steel solder pot, this compact wave soldering system offers optimal conditions for energy-efficient, safe and repeatable processes. The entire process tunnel is made of stainless steel, and designed for the lowest nitrogen consumption.

The conveyor system can be designed as a finger or pallet conveyor. If desired, exchangeable solder pots with trolleys are also available so that the system can quickly and easily be equipped with different solder alloys.

Key features

  • Integrated, complete lead-free capability and reliability when using VOC-free, water-based flux

  • Spray fluxers with robust, high-repeatability drive

  • Modular, flexible and front expandable preheating concept with convection heaters and IR emitters

  • Exchangeable solder pot with trolley

  • Finger or pallet conveyor

  • Modern control concept

  • Simple to operate via touchscreen

Contact details: Ph: +49(0)9342/800-0, [email protected], www.kurtz-ersa.de

India distributor: Bergen Associates Pvt Ltd


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