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The heart of the SMT assembly process, a pick and place machine is an expensive equipment. Hence, buyers need to plan very strategically prior to making a purchase, as there are many choices from many companies. However, not too many companies make high volume pick and place machines, hence only a few machines were launched in 2012, despite major companies are present in the global market. In this column, we are featuring the high volume pick and place machines (above 30,000 CPH), which were launched in 2012.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013:

Model: AIMEX IIS, Brand: Fuji, Manufacturer: Fuji Machine Manufacturing Co., Ltd, Japan

Brand-Fuji (AIMEX IIS)

Launched in November, 2012 AIMEX IIS is an all-in-one placement platform and a high speed machine, with its capacity going upto 50,000 CPH. This optimum machine for high-mix low-volume production and variable-mix variable-volume production, inherits concepts from the popular AIMEX, but with increased flexibility and expandability. The machine can also be linked with AIMEX and NXT II machines to support high volume production. It is a one machine solution to meet the various demands of high volume production of smart phones and tablets, and has the ability to handle very small parts as well as very large and odd shaped parts such as relays and connectors used in the control boards of automobiles.


Key features
High speed machine with capacity going upto 50,000 CPH •Has dual lanes with increased flexibility and expandability. High-mix low-volume production support. Independent production support for dual lanes •Can select either a single or twin robot configuration to match the production conditions of the factory •Has many exchangeable units like part support unit, camera units, optional units, etc, which can be shared with NXT series •Can be flexibly configured to match the production conditions •Optimise changeovers with large quantity of part supply positions (up to 130 parts) using the multi-job line balancer •Can handle a wide range of panel sizes starting from 48 X 48 mm up to 774 x 686 mm •Can support large parts up to 38.1 mm in height, also can support odd-shaped parts •Minimised changeover time with the newly developed MFU-65 parts supply unit, which makes the work for batch changeover of feeders easier and more efficient •Support for variable-mix variable-volume production by using NPI tools, generating vision data of the parts automatically

Contact details: Manabu Yoshida, managing director, Ph: +65 67464966, [email protected],
India distributor: NMTronics (India) Pvt Ltd

Model: EM780LED, Brand: Evest, Manufacturer: Evest Corporation, Taiwan

Brand-Evest (EM780LED)

Launched in October 2012, this high speed SMT LED pick and place machine can handle long PCBs. It is equipped with 8 inline heads, which can handle any component right from 0201 chips to 45 mm sq Ics/QFP/PLCC/BGA, etc. It can also handle all types of LEDs available in the market, currently. It is ideal for LED tubelight and LED strip light manufacturers. The machine has full camera vision, and can precisely and consistently recognise and place full range of SMD and LED components with minimal rejects. The camera vision system fitted directly on the head of the machine makes it fast in actual placement speed with minimum de-rating. With its ability to handle wide range of general SMT PCB assembly applications, combined with its ability to handle 1200 mm long PCB and LEDs, it proves to be an ideal choice for most electronic industries.

Key features
Can handle PCB size upto 1200 mm length and 460 mm width •Can handle MCPCBs weighing up to 5 kg
•Optimum speed of 30,000 CPH with best accuracy of 50 microns •Feeder capacity is expandable to accommodate 100 feeders (8 mm), enabling it to handle large variety of SMD components many times required in typical PCBs

Contact details: Amandine, sales manager, [email protected],
India distributor: Agate & Agate Marketing Resources (I) Pvt Ltd
Model: iFlex, Brand: Assembleon, Manufacturer: Assembleon, The Netherlands

Brand-Assembleon (iFlex)

Launched in August, 2012 in Asia, iFlex is an intelligent and flexible SMT solution for electronics manufacturers. It is especially designed to increase productivity in high product mix environment by more than 30 per cent. It produces the highest board quality since it uses Assembléon’s proven and unique single-pick/single-place technology, giving the industry’s highest ‘first pass yield’ production levels with defect levels of less than 1 DPM. The flexibility built into iFlex allows manufacturers to assemble high quality PCBs.

The modular iFlex is not only easy to install, but supported by smart software tools also easy to program without hardware reconfiguration. Featuring dual transport lanes, dual sided feeding, internal buffer positions and feeder and trolley exchanges during production, iFlex has been designed for highest throughput.

Key features
iFlex can be configured to tailor assembly lines—from 1 to more than 8 modules •iFlex T4 suits chip and IC shooting (4 placement robots, placement speed of 51,000 CPH •128 twin tape feeder positions)—component range is 0.4 x 0.2 mm (01005) up to 17.5 x 17.5 mm and 15 mm in height •iFlex T2 is aimed at flexible placements (2 placement robots, placement speeds of 24,000 CPH, 128 twin tape feeder positions)—component range is 0.4 x 0.2 mm (01005) up to 45 x 45 mm and 15 mm in height

Contact details: Eric Klaver, business support manager, Ph: +31 40 27 23351, [email protected],
India distributor: Prosem Technology India Pvt Ltd
Model: Mx400, Brand: Mirae, Manufacturer: Mirae Corporation, Korea

Brand-Mirae (MX400)

Upgraded in July 2012, Mx400 series machines have a dual gantry structure based on 2 x 6 axes heads. Their economical compact size ensures maximum productivity per unit area. It has an optional dual lane conveyor, which enables two PCBs to work at high speeds simultaneously. It is ideal for manufacturing in automotive, telecommunication, security, LED/lighting and defence sectors.

Key features
Next generation linear motor, which has minimum noise and less cooling air consumption •Semi-permanent durability •High speed and precision operation •Special and various components can be placed simply by advanced recognition algorithm •Faster and higher accurate third generation feeder •Ergonomic system design; Ideal single and dual conveyor design and dual conveyor design for higher productivity •Optimal solution for maximising job operation •46,000 CPH; IPC 9850 standard CPH: 42,000 CPH; 6 module + 6 module/heads; Board size: 410 x 460 x 5.0 mm (single place), 410 x 250 x 5.0 mm (dual place) •Component range: 0603 mm to 24 mm x 18 mm

Contact details:
Colin Oh, Ph: 82 41-529-1013, [email protected],
India distributor: Bergen Systems Pvt Ltd
Model: EXCEN Series, Brand: Samsung, Manufacturer: Samsung, Korea

Brand-Samsung (EXCEN Series)

Launched in April 2012, EXCEN is a high speed modular mounter that applies a high speed rotary head equipped with 16 nozzles. It has the world’s highest speed of 120,000 CPH among mounters of the same class as well as the world’s highest area productivity, claims the company. In addition, the machine secures the reliability of fine chip placement by applying the function to monitor pre- and post-part placement, side view vision system, and maximises work convenience and actual productivity by applying various operation modes including non-stop device type change, mixed production of different boards as well as the ‘Smart Feeder’ that realises the world’s first auto-splicing and auto loading functions.

Key features
120,000 CPH (optimum) •Ultra slim design with a total length of 1.25 m •Applies high rotary modular head •Side view vision system (SVS) •Monitoring of pre- and post-part placement •Mixed production of different boards •Independent production at the front and rear •Non-stop changeover of device types •High speed and high precision ‘smart feeder’ •The world’s first auto-splicing and auto-loading functions

Modular head configuration:High precision head—16 spindles x 4 gantry Multifunction head: 8 spindles x 4 gantry High precision head: 2 spindles x 4 gantry Component range: 0402 (01005”) ~ 54mm, ~ H25mm PCB size: 330 mm x 310 mm Dimension: 1,250 (L) x 2,420 (D) x 1,430 (H)

Contact details:
EK Park, manager (SMT global sales marketing dept), Ph: 82-70-7147-6299, [email protected]
Jayden Jang (SMT sales), Ph: 82-2-2145-2934, [email protected],
India branch: Samsung C&T Corporation India Pvt Ltd
Model: My-100-HXe, Brand: Mydata, Manufacturer: Mydata, Sweden

My Data (My-100-HXe)

Upgraded to a higher version in February 2012, My-100-HXe features two linear drive mount-head carriers, each equipped with high speed eight nozzle Hydra head and high precision single nozzle Midas head. Component centering and inspection is performed by an advanced vision system including both on-the-fly linescan cameras and high resolution cameras, enabling the handling of low profile chip, BGA and QFP components at high speed. Combined with the flexible and easy-to-use operating system, TPSys, and smart feeder system, Agilis, it makes the perfect solution, providing top speed up to 50,000 components per hour, wherever high volumes of high-mix production are anticipated.

Key features
Handles up to 160 x 8 mm feeders •Has 2 x high speed 8-nozzle head (Hydra Z8) •2 x high precision 1-nozzle head (Midas 2) •2 x LVS •2 x DVS •T4 board handling system •Light tower •TPSys operating system SW •Manuals, installation and maintenance equipment •On-the-fly electrical verification

Contact details: David Koh, managing director,
Ph: +6562817997; [email protected],
India distributor: Accurex Solutions Pvt Ltd
Model: FX-3R, Brand: Juki, Manufacturer: Juki Corporation, Japan

Brand-Juki (FX-3R)

Launched in 2011, FX 3 was upgraded to FX 3R in January, 2012. The four independent beams each with six nozzle-multi-laser head alternately perform component picking and placement at two stations. Total 24 components can be picked and centred simultaneously using high resolution on the fly laser centering for high speed placement. FX-3R uses new linear servo motor for X-Y axis control. Full close loop control using high precision linear scale with 1µ resolution achieves accurate, high speed placement and ensures long term reliability. Since the laser is mounted on the head it can be used to monitor the components in the entire process. This is difficult to accomplish with vacuum detection. The placement reliability is also improved because the release of the component is confirmed after placement. The speed of FX-3R is 90,000 CPH (optimum) and 66,000 CPH (IPC9850).

Key features
Component verification system (CVS) •Flex calibration system (FCS) •SOT direction check function •Solder recognition in addition to fiducial recognition •Component quantity control •Electrical feeder and mechanical feeder can be switched by the feeder trolley •Single rigid base to minimise vibration and long life •Independent high resolution Z axis and Theta axis motors •Automatic correction of pick position •Feeder inputs: Max. 120 using 8 mm tape feeders •Optimum: 0.040 Sec/chip (90,000 CPH) •IPC9850 (chip)-66,000 CPH •PCB size: L size (410 mm x 360 mm)/L wide (510 mm x 360 mm)/XL size (610 mm x 560 mm) •Component height: 6 mm •Component size: 0402 (01005)–33.5 mm sq •Apparent power: 8.5 KVA •Mass: 3750 KG Max •Dimension: L-2,880 mm x W-1,650 mm x H-1530 mm

Contact details: Yuji Ueda,team leader, Ph: 81-42-357-2295, [email protected]
India branch: Juki India Pvt Ltd

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