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A pick and place machine is the heart of the SMT assembly process and is an expensive piece of equipment. Hence, buyers need to plan very strategically prior to making a purchase, as there are innumerable choices from many companies. In this column, we are featuring the mid-volume pick and place machines (above 10,000 CPH up to 45,000 CPH).

Monday, November 12, 2012: Pick and place equipment manufacturers usually give the specifications for their equipment under the following parameters:

Speed or CPH: These machines are referenced for speed using the ‘CPH’ (component per hour) value. CPH is the rate at which the components are picked up, inspected and placed onto a PCB. Most pick and place machines also have a rating reference known as IPC 9850, which signifies the rated CPH of a specific part mix and the placement of standardised PCBs.

Feeder slots: These are specified to show the maximum number of different parts available for setup at one time. The feeder slots referenced are usually 8 mm.


Part size: This indicates the maximum part size needed to be processed and the maximum part size that can be picked up, inspected and placed by the assembler.

Fine pitch: The machine should be capable of picking up, inspecting and placing fine pitch leaded and ball grid components.


Model: FVX Benchtop Pick and Place Machine, Brand: Manncorp, Manufacturer: Manncorp, USA

Launched in October, 2012, FVX is a totally integrated hardware and software solution that takes low to medium volume automatic SMT assembly to new levels of precision, reliability, and ease of use. High tech entrepreneurial startups, military subcontractors, universities, independent labs and job shops that assemble small quantities of very focused, application specific products, can now easily and reliably place the most difficult SMDs—from small 0201 chip components through large BGAs or high pin count QFPs with 0.4 mm lead pitch.

Key features

The compact custom electronics, designed exclusively for FVX, incorporates modular motor driver boards, vision intelligence, and integrated video switching on a single mother board; Highly efficient, standalone software application with intuitive user interface connects via USB and runs on any dual core computer running Windows XP; Multiple alignment options using top/side and bottom cameras, and a fiducial intelligent transform, ensures a placement accuracy of ±0.1 mm needed for 0201 chip components; Automatic radial distortion correction for bottom vision camera allows precise image stitching and alignment of large BGAs up to 40 x 40 mm and high pin count QFPs with 0.4 mm lead pitch; Max. PCB size 390 mm X 310 mm; Placement rate 2200 CPH (flying vision); 1200 CPH (bottom vision); Component size (flying vision) 0.5 mm x 0.25 mm (0201) to 10 mm x 10 mm; (bottom vision) up to 40 mm x 40 mm; Minimum component lead pitch 0.4 mm (16 mil) w/ (bottom vision)

Contact details: Henry Mann, Ph: 215-830-1200, Toll free: 800-745-6266; [email protected];

India distributor: Texonee Technology


Model: MP-200, Brand: Dima Modulo, Manufacturer: Dima Group BV, The Netherlands

Updated in August 2012, Dima Modulo has the flexibility to be upgraded later. Its design is based on the concept of allowing the buyer’s growing needs, without losing the most important features like precision, flexibility and user-friendliness. It is designed to put in the modules that are required to create the ideal configuration needed. If, at a later stage, changes are required, the specification of the machine can be changed by adding or changing a few modules.

Key features

True offline programming and optimisation—just requires a product image, caliper and product to program offline; Helps save downtime from programming new products; Has component/package/tray libraries to store various information for quick changeover; Works on SQL environment to maximise the usage of libraries; 12,000 CPH, 9,000 CPH IPC9850 rated; Work area 380 x 500 mm offline; 310 x 500 mm inline; Upgrade option to 550 x 950 mm; Component size between 0201 to QFP208, or max. 50 x 50 mm; ESI correctplace automatic board alignment

Contact details: Wim van Riet, Ph: +6568487818, [email protected],

India distributor: Innotronics Technologies Pvt Ltd


Model: Mounter SM 481, SM 482, Brand: Samsung, Manufacturer: Samsung, South Korea

Launched in April 2012, Samsung’s advanced high speed flexible mounter SM 481 and SM 482 are based on the successful SM 400 series platform. These machines provide optimum placement solutions for various needs of the customers through high speed on-the-fly part placement mechanism and vision system with high accuracy, yield and reliability. In addition, the series of component placers are provided with identical hardware and software to maximise productivity and continuity for future expansions.

Key features

SM 481 has a chip placement speed of 39,000 CPH; Applies a head with one gantry and 10 spindles; SM 482 is equipped with a head with one gantry and 6 spindles with 28,000 CPH; Both models supports a polygon recognition algorithm to provide an optimum solution for the application to odd shaped parts; SM 482 is a flexible component placer whose applicability is suitable for 01005 to 55 mm IC parts with QFP, micro BGA and 75 mm long connectors; Both have 120 feeders base; High precision and electrically driven feeder, Automatic pick-up position alignment function; Compatible with SM pneumatic feeders; New vacuum system and optimised pickup/placement motion smart feeders

Contact details: Sang Youn Seo, Ph: +82 10 87539194, [email protected],

India office: Samsung C&T, India


Model: Mx400, Brand: Mirae, Manufacturer: Mirae Corporation, Korea

Upgraded in July 2012, Mx400 series machines have a dual gantry structure based on 2 x 6 axes heads. Their economical compact size ensures maximum productivity per unit area. It has an optional dual lane conveyor, which enables two PCBs to work at high speeds simultaneously. It is ideal for manufacturing in automotive, telecommunication, security, LED/lighting and defence sectors.

Key features

Next generation linear motor, which has minimum noise and less cooling air consumption; Semi-permanent durability; High speed and precision operation; Special and various components can be placed simply by advanced recognition algorithm; Faster and higher accurate third generation feeder; Ergonomic system design; Ideal single and dual conveyor design and dual conveyor design for higher productivity; Optimal solution for maximising job operation; 46,000 CPH; IPC 9850 standard CPH: 42,000 CPH; 6 module + 6 module/heads; Board size: 410 x 460 x 5.0 mm (single place), 410 x 250 x 5.0 mm (dual place); Component range: 0603 mm to 24 mm x 18 mm

Contact details: Colin Oh, Ph: 82 41-529-1013, [email protected],

India distributor: Bergen Systems Pvt Ltd


Model: iFlex, Brand: Assembleon, Manufacturer: Assembleon, The Netherlands

Launched in November 2011, iFlex is an intelligent and flexible SMT solution for electronics manufacturers. It is especially designed to increase productivity in high product mix environment by more than 30 per cent. It produces the highest board quality since it uses Assembléon’s proven and unique single-pick/single-place technology, giving the industry’s highest ‘first pass yield’ production levels with defect levels of less than 1 DPM. The flexibility built into iFlex allows manufacturers to assemble high quality PCBs.

The modular iFlex is not only easy to install, but supported by smart software tools also easy to program without hardware reconfiguration. Featuring dual transport lanes, dual sided feeding, internal buffer positions and feeder and trolley exchanges during production, iFlex has been designed for highest throughput.

Key features

iFlex can be configured to tailor assembly lines—from 1 to more than 8 modules; iFlex T4 suits chip and IC shooting (4 placement robots, placement speed of 51,000 CPH, 128 twin tape feeder positions)—component range is 0.4 x 0.2 mm (01005) up to 17.5 x 17.5 mm and 15 mm in height; iFlex T2 is aimed at flexible placements (2 placement robots, placement speeds of 24,000 CPH, 128 twin tape feeder positions)—component range is 0.4 x 0.2 mm (01005) up to 45 x 45 mm and 15 mm in height

Contact details: Eric Klaver, Ph: +31 40 27 23351, [email protected],

India distributor: Prosem Technology India Pvt Ltd


Model: LED 640 Automatic Chip Mounter, Brand: Termway, Manufacturer: Termway, Germany

Launched in September 2011, LED 640 is an LED pick and place machine, with high speed and high accuracy. It is suitable for LED circuit board high volume assembly.

Key features

Uses high precision ball screw transmission; Can mount less than 20 mm SOP, columnar diode, transistor, SOT and 0402; Can realise program and mount PCB puzzle; Meets the need of any format of PCB; Mounts 0402 stabily; Effectively protects the operator and prevents the machine from dust; Suitable for five types of nozzles and software automatically prompts replacement of nozzle type; Accuracy speed is 10,000-14000 CPH; Max. circuit board size is 1200 x 350 mm; Typical mounting speed is 8000-9600 CPH; Mount accuracy is +/-0.1mm; Programme method: Automatic data import/ video study/ keyboard input; Smart feeder: 8 mm, 12 mm, 16 mm and 24 mm; Feeder number 8 pcs of GF series feeder can be set; Operation system: Windows XP

Contact details: Catherine Yin, Mob: +86-13426362389, Ph: +86-10-84335963-890, [email protected];

India distributor: Mectronics Marketing Services


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