New Plasma Treatment System introduced for Large PCB Panels

Image Credit: Plasma Treat

The global leader in plasma processing technology, Nordson Electronics Solutions, today announced the launch of plasma treatment system ‘March MegaVIA’ for large printed circuit board panels. It is said to increase manufacturing capacity over 54 per cent with higher uniformity for besmear and etch back applications. 

The new system is equipped with a 15-cell configuration for panel sizes up to 30 x 52 inches in PCB manufacturing. “The new MegaVIA plasma system builds on the success of earlier platforms with increased process capacity for large panels and minimum use of valuable production floor space. As with other VIA series products, the system provides uniform plasma treatment results to meet rigorous PCB manufacturing requirements,” said Al Bousetta, director of marketing, March products. 

According to Nordson, the system provides plasma treatment at 40KHz with high prices reproducibility and uniformity. An EPC controller with intuitive Windows 10 PC based touch screen HMI allows data collection and control capabilities.

Noting that plasma treatment uniformity is critical for large chamber system, the company said MegaVIA’s electrode configuration, balance vacuum, gas flow and temperature management technologies were designed to achieve higher than 80 per cent uniformity for besmear and etch back applications. 


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