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SMT soldering machines constitute a crucial part of the manufacturing process as they help in evaluating the consistent sol­dering quality of a product. SMT soldering machines cover an array of equipment including SMT reflow soldering (reflow ovens); SMT/BGA soldering stations (used for single component placement/removal), also known as SMT/BGA rework stations; and SMT discrete soldering equipment, that is, soldering station, hot tweezer, infra red gun, (predominantly used is low volume/prototype development), etc.

By Srabani Sen

Thursday, November 1, 2013: By using SMT soldering machines, manufacturers can improve the thermal conductivity and lower the assembly cost, with less labour and less solder paste used. Today, these machines are more technologically advanced and use the latest soldering technology, which can reliably solder surface mount components, particularly those with very fine pitch leads. In BGA, the pads are under the device and are not visible. Today, BGA solder techniques are tried and tested and have been proved and trusted to be very reliable.

Key features


Offline IS-B-335S/460S/D/P: Completely automated; Batch system with a unique manual handloaded sliding system to handle boards up to 460 mm x 460 mm; Needs only 1 sq m footprint

Inline IS-I-460S & Modular Selective Soldering System: Completely automated inline and modular version; Can handle boards up to 460 mm x 460 mm; Has a SMEMA pass through conveyor that features automatic conveyor width adjustment; It couples high throughput with precise process controls

Contact details: Wim Van Riet, Ph: +6568487818, [email protected],,

India distributor: Maxim SMT Technologies Pvt Ltd


Model: MX-5200, Brand: Metcal, Company: OK International, USA

Launched in September 2012, this soldering, desoldering and rework series offers increased productivity and process control, with dual simultaneous operation. MX-5200 can be used by two operators at the same time adding even more application flexibility with a choice of four hand pieces. MX-5200 series also offers a speciality tool for soldering and touch up of very small components, restricted access or high density component packaging on a PCB.

Key features

Dual simultaneous ports; Two hand pieces operate dynamically sharing the 80 watts output power based on demand adding even more application flexibility and speed; configured with Metcal Advanced Cartridge hand piece; Microprocessor controlled power supply providing more power for challenges such as high mass components; multi-layered boards and lead free solders; Improved ergonomics with lightweight hand pieces; Greater process control with SmartHeat technology, ESD safe with incoming AC ground monitoring circuitry; Built-in power indication meter with digital display and bar graph that dynamically provides the operator with feedback on the status of the soldering operation.

Contact details: Jerry Simmons, marketing manager, Ph: 714-230-2366, 714-230-2366, [email protected],

India distributor: Accurex Solutions Pvt Ltd, Anvin Electronics Pvt Ltd, Maxim SMT Technologies Pvt Ltd, Mectronics Marketing Services, Mel Systems and Services Ltd


Model: PowerWave N2, Brand: SEHO, Company: SEHO Systems GmbH

Launched in May 2012, this wave soldering system is designed for medium and large sized production volumes and is ideally suitable for both, lead containing as well as lead free processes. It is compact with full nitrogen tunnel, improved wetting, and reduced consumption of flux and solder alloy, reducing manufacturing costs. It has an ideal nitrogen atmosphere at low nitrogen consumption, and maximum process stability because of permanent monitoring and control of all relevant functions.

Key features

Ideal accessibility to all modules–fold-away switch cabinet; Low maintenance requirement; Preheat length: 1800 mm; 6 individually programmable and controlled heating zones; Quickly exchangeable preheat cassettes; Hot nitrogen convection directly in front of the soldering area: Stainless steel tunnel for ideal nitrogen atmosphere; ATS spray fluxer for precise and economical flux application; Flexible preheat area; High quality

Contact details: Mark Birl, sales manager, Ph: +49 (0) 93 42 / 889-295, [email protected],

India distributor: Bergen Systems Pvt Ltd


Model: IR-E3 Evolution, Brand: PDR, Company: PDR, UK

Launched in January 2012, IR-E3 SMT/BGA rework system, using PDR’s patented ‘Focused IR’ technology, has been specifically designed to cope with the challenges of repairing PCB assemblies. The system is tool free, gas free, modular, and upgradeable, which produces 100 per cent yield BGA rework. It provides extremely high levels of profiling and process control necessary for effective rework of even the most advanced packages, including SMDs, BGAs, CSPs, QFNs, Flipchips and is ready for 0201 and lead free applications.

Key features

Focused IR component heating; Low cost of ownership; No nozzles; Focus hoods or shields; Excellent control software; Modular and upgradeable systems; Easy to set up and safe to use; Advanced precision component pick and place system—lifts from component nest plus low force landing and rotation; BGA/BGA alignment high magnification, CCTV/prism based system; Non-contact component temperature sensing—real time measurement of component temperatures; Precision PCB temperature sensing—contact or non-contact temperature sensors

Contact details: Frederic Renard, international sales manager, Ph: +44 (0)1293 614 000, [email protected],

India distributor: DVS India Pvt Ltd


Model: Scorpion Rework System, Brand: Metcal, Company: OK International, USA

Launched in November 2011, Scorpion rework system was upgraded in September 2012. It ensures both accurate component placement and custom tailored reflow profiles in one user friendly, single platform rework system. The challenges of array package rework, and the inability to easily inspect placement accuracy, call for a solution that allows for simultaneous viewing of PCB pads and component balls for accurate placement. Scorpion rework system fills this need with quick, accurate placement through the use of an all new vision system employing dual image overlay technology. This new vision system features LED lighting both at the top and bottom for shadow free component visualisation and component alignment.

Key features

Desktop sized 2800 W dual zone preheater with 550 W top heater 208-240VAC, 50/60Hz, 15A-13A, single phase modular design allowing the customer to customise the unit to meet their needs; A 343 mm x open ended PCB holder with micrometer adjustment mechanical X and Z axis movement on linear bearings for long life and minimal maintenance; Component is retracted automatically at the end of reflow when removing parts; Has SmartPlace technology vision system features; Dual, full colour HD camera

Contact details: Jerry Simmons, marketing manager, Ph: 714-230-2366, 714-230-2366, [email protected],

India distributor: Accurex Solutions Pvt Ltd, Anvin Electronics Pvt Ltd, Maxim SMT Technologies Pvt Ltd, Mectronics Marketing Services, Mel Systems and Services Ltd


Model: Konark 257 and Konark 145, Brand: EMST, Company: EMS Technologies Pvt Ltd, India

Konark range was first launched in 2010 and was updated in March, 2012. The reflow oven Konark 257 is a seven zone machine and Konark 145 is a five zone machine.

Key features

Konark 257: Independent PID control for each zone; Suitable for lead free soldering; One cooling zone inside process chamber; Mesh/pin edge/pin edge over mesh conveyor options; VFD control for blowers for air flow control through frequency; Electrically operated hood opening;

4 channel profiler; Flux management system; PC with flat screen monitor; Powerful software for both operation and maintenenace; MIS recording; 30KW switch on power; Around 10 Kw steady state power, Max. PCB width of 450 mm, 2250 mm process length

Konark 145: Independent PID control for each zone; Suitable for lead free soldering; machine can be configured with top zones only or both top and bottom; One cooling zone outside; Mesh/pin edge/pin edge over mesh conveyor options; Mecahnically operated hood opening, 4 channel profiler; Touch screen monitor; powerful software for both operation and maintenenace, MIS recording; 24 KW switch on power; Around 7 KW steady state power; Max. PCB width 300 mm, 1200 mm heating tunnel.

Contact details: L.Sampath, CEO, Ph: +91 93710 77917, [email protected],

India distributor: EMS Technologies Pvt Ltd


Model: Hotflow 3/20, Powerflow N2, Versaflow 3/45, Brand: ERSA, Company: Kurtz Ersa GmbH, Germany


Reflow soldering Hotflow 3/20 consists of various machine types based on the same design. They are only set apart by the number of heating zones and the process length. Hotflow 2/20 offers up to 3.8 m heating length and up to 1.2 m cooling length at a total process length of about 5 m. Subject to the process specifications, it can be equipped with up to 20 seperately controlled heating and six cooling zones giving maximum flexibility with regard to profile setup.

Wave soldering Powerflow N2 is designed to meet the challenges of lead free. It can reduce lead free wave solder running costs by about 90 per cent.

The company claims that selective soldering Versaflow 3/45 is the world’s first inline selective soldering machine with dual track transport and Eras’s proven single wave solder nozzle technology for highest flexibility and volume throughput for two each PCBs sized up to 508 mm x 204 mm.

These machines were launched in 2010, but upgraded in 2012

Key features

Hotflow 3/20: Best heat transfer; highest throughput; Smallest cross-sectional T; Maximum machine availability; Best energy balance; Lowest energy consumption; Excellence serviceability; Process length 5150 mm

Powerflow N2: Integrated; lead free capability and reliability while using VOC free; water based flux; Spray fluxers with 2 head capability; Modular expandable housing concept; Option of exchangeable solder pot system; Finger/frame conveyor; Multilevel gas cleaning system; Solder volume appx 600 kg; solder temp. max. 300 deg C; 3 preheating module length 5700 mm; 4 preheating module length 6450 mm

Versaflow 3/45: High flexibility due to modular design; Solder modules with single nozzles and multijet solder nozzle plates; Dual pot system; Dual track conveyor for increased throughput; Faster cycle times compared to hand and multi-axis robotic soldering; Solder volume11 kg; 10 kg lead free; Solder temp. max 330 degC; PCB length 120-500 mm; PCB width (single track) 60-400 mm; PCB width (dual track) 2 X 60-208 mm

Contact details: Tobias van Rossem, area sales manager, [email protected],

India distributor: Bergen Associates Pvt. Ltd


Model: VS 500, Brand: Exmore, Company: Exmore, Belgium


This Vapor Phase soldering machine, is a compact yet versatile and powerful offline vapour soldering system, capable of soldering the most complex SMT boards up to 500 x 500 mm. It has been last upgraded in January 2012, from VS 500 to VS 500 II a vapour recovery of 75 per cent of medium consumption. It is capable of soldering every PCB with the highest achievable quality due to the inert atmosphere created from the used medium. This machine can be used by the PCB manufacturers for prototyping, producing large electronic boards with sensitive components, and also in manufacturing products for defence and aerospace segments.

Key features

Completely different boards can be soldered in the same batch; Both Pb free and Pb containing boards can be soldered in the batch; Inert atmosphere without using nitrogen; All components on the PCB will be heated up till the same t°, No temperature differences across the entire PCB; Void reduction by 90 per cent; No overheating possible due to the characteristics of the medium; No operator errors possible, first pass guaranteed; vapour recovery of 75 per cent; Consumption reduced to 3 gr./soldering cycle; Very low energy consumption; Nominal: 3.5 kW/h, in standby: 1.15 kW/h; Mixed boards (on solder paste and on sizes); Max board dimensions 500 x 500 x 60

Contact details: Eric Van Rooy, senior account manager, Ph: +32 (0)14618666, Mob: +32 (0)498906491, Vaporphase Soldering, [email protected],

India distributor: Accurex Solutions Pvt Ltd


Model: Quttro Peak Series, Brand: Quattro Peak, Company: SMT Wertheim, Germany 

Upgraded last in 2012, these machines are designed for high volume production of SMT PCBs and ceramic substrates. With the time tested Quattro-Peak technology, these machines are ideal for highest demands on quality and efficiency for medium throughput.

Key features

Power nozzle system for efficient and optimum heat transfer; ABS process gas cleaning system; Intelligent nitrogen control; Tunnel designed with bulk heads to reduce the openings to minimum, thereby saving power and clear temperature separation between zones; Vacuum soldering to avoid voids

Contact details: Daniel Schneider, branch manager, SMT Asia Pacific, Singapore, [email protected],

India distributor: EMST Marketing Pvt Ltd


Model: HT-800 series & HT-1000 series, Brand: ATS, Company: American Tec Co Ltd, Hong Kong

Launched in August 2011 and last updated in April 2012, HT series provides maximum heat capacity to rapidly reach temperature set point at low rates of power consumption within a short period of time. The profile spikes per zone is eliminated with better zone segregation and decrease cross flow. The design allows to cover the board with hot air in all directions for good uniformity. With dual lane, production becomes simpler and faster with top and bottom run in a single oven. It also provides more production space, less assets and operational cost savings.

Other features

Cooling is achieved with 2 or 3 top/bottom zones allowing adjustable convection speed for desired cooling slope; Maintains rail width distance at high temperature with +/- 1 mm keeping the boards within the rail even in a long heating length; Restrict board drop and misalignment; Assembled with branded parts; Monitors consistent belt transport ensuring the right profile is achieved over the desired curing time; Mesh, pin belt and central board support (CBS) conveyor; Easy maintenance; Energy saving as it supports non-continuous production with pre-set timer for oven startup without operator assistance from shutdown condition.

Contact details: Vivien, marketing manager, Ph: 0852-26280288, [email protected]

India distributor: American Tec Electronic India Pvt Ltd


Model: OmniES 7, Brand: Electrovert, Company: Speedline Technologies, USA

Launched in March 2012, this reflow soldering system is a combination of innovation with industry proven technologies. It is easy to use, reliable and incorporates an advanced, efficient, IsoThermal Chamber Technology (ICT) designed for maximum performance. The consistent thermal performance of OmniES minimises cross board ∆T’s and allows for tight control of time above liquidus (TAL). In addition, independent closed loop blower speed control promotes thermal performance stability. OmniES utilises a single IsoThermal chamber design producing a hybrid approach to consistent thermal capability and control.

Key features

Heavy duty and reliable machine; Energy efficient by upto 35 per cent against any of its competitors, with Innovative Passive Bottom heating technology; Available in air or inert atmosphere configurations; 7 heating and 2 cooling zones; Closed loop blower speed control heating and cooling; Independent power lifts heat and cooling chambers; Flux filters for exhaust ducts; Lead free process ready; Output photocell; Dripless air cooling (2 zones).

Contact details: Ching How, Accel and Electrovert product manager, Ph:+6012 903 3848, [email protected],

India distributor: NMTronics India Pvt Ltd


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