Feature-laden pick-and-place mounters: low to mid-volume


ysm20_mainMay 15, 2015: The SMT market in India is growing in leaps and bounds, given the massive investments being made of late in the Indian electronics segment. The latest pick-and-place mounters are loaded with features, have become smarter and offer value for money. Featured here are the recently launched low to mid-volume pick-and-place mounters.

Model: Quadra DVC, Brand: TWS, Manufacturer: TWS Automation, Italy

The Quadra DVC pick-and-place machine runs on the Linux operating system and has USB support. User data and software can be easily and quickly saved or loaded using USB Flash memory sticks or other mass storage devices. The innovative dynamic vision centring (DVC) feature replaces the laser centring apparatus with a double telecentric bi-dimensional video camera system offering increased accuracy and control over the position of even the smaller components. The Quadra DVC has an offline camera with an improved lens system and vision algorithms to centre larger components, BGAs and very fine-pitch ICs.

Key features

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    Can handle through-hole LED insertion

  • Components range: Chip, melf, mini-melf, cylindrical components, transistors, etc

  • Components size: From 0402 to 35sqmm (up to 10sqmm using on-board camera); maximum height of 10.5mm; minimum lead pitch of 0.5mm

  • Accuracy: ±0.10mm on X and Y axes; 0.16° on Theta axis rotation

  • Productivity: 3300 components per hour

Contact details: Ashutosh Agate, managing director, 91 – 9325544783, [email protected], www.tws-automation.com, www.smt-india.com

India distributor: Agate & Agate Marketing Resources (I) Pvt Ltd


Model: ProtoPlace S, Brand: ProtoPlace S, Manufacturer: LPKF, Germany

The LPKF ProtoPlace S is a semi-automatic pick-and-place system for the professional assembly of complex SMD printed circuit board prototypes and small-batch projects. Its quick working mechanism, and its micro table and automated placement enable placing of fine-pitch components while the multi-functional dispenser increases this equipment’s versatility.

Key features

  • X/Y/Z locking mechanism

  • Micro table fine adjustment

  • Automated placing

  • Maximum circuit board size: 297mm×420mm

  • Minimum size of components: 0201 chip components

  • Power supply: 115/230V, 50-60Hz, 10W

  • Colour LCD monitor: 43.18cm, AV input

Contact details: Rohit Sikka, 011-25920283-86, [email protected], www.lpkf.com

India distributor: Bergen Associates Pvt Ltd


Model: Z:LEX YSM20 (single beam), Brand: Yamaha, Manufacturer: Yamaha, Japan

The Z:LEX YSM20 combines the features found in four of its current models—the YS24, which is a two-beam, two-head compact super-high-speed modular mounter; the YS24X, which is a compact high-speed flexible modular mounter; the YS100, a single-head, single-beam high-speed general-purpose modular mounter and the YS88, a multi-functional wide-range modular mounter. The concept of a ‘one-head solution’ enables compatibility with a wide range of components. This new model achieves efficiency by providing high productivity.

Key features

  • Linear motor driven (Y-axis)

  • Dual fiducial camera

  • Touch screen panel

  • Compact size of 1335mm

  • Rated CPH – 45,000

  • Long PCB size – 810mm×490mm, (8mm feeder slots)

Contact details: Chris Kimble, director of sales, +66-2-973-3922, [email protected], global.yamaha-motor.com/business/smt

India distributor: Trans-Technology India Pvt Ltd