Shuttl And BRPL To Join The Electric Vehicle Bandwagon


Shuttl and BSES Rajdhani Power Limited (BRPL) have become the latest Indian business giants to join The Climate Group’s EV100 initiative.

Shuttl, a leading mobility services company and BRPL, a leading utility company, have pledged to switch their fleets to electric and install charging infrastructure where they have operations – accelerating the electric mobility transition in India.

Amit Singh, Founder, Shuttl India, said that Shuttl is pioneering urban mobility space by offering ridesharing in buses. Shuttl has succeeded in moving people away from cars as it provides assured seats in AC buses and thereby reduces congestion and pollution in our cities, opined Singh.


He further commented that EVs are the future of mobility and Shuttl is keen to play a key role in the adoption of electric buses in India which will help further reduce emissions.

Amal Sinha, CEO, BRPL said that BRPL is committed towards green and sustainable initiatives that are beneficial both to their consumers, as well as the Indian public. He further stated that promoting e-mobility and renewables are the two main drivers to reach India’s climate action goals. Therefore as part of this resolve, BRPL has started inducting a fleet of electric cars and partnering with organizations to set-up a network of e­-charging stations for BRPL’s consumers, informed Sinha.

A greener and cleaner future
As part of EV100, Shuttl will add 300 electric buses to their fleet by 2020 and install more than 50 charging points in prime locations to power their EVs on established routes.

Through EV100, BRPL will convert its entire service delivery fleet to electric by 2030. BRPL is also investing in testing models for its facilities to support stabilizing the electricity grid for EV charging, as well as pilots for how to effectively integrate renewable electricity (RE) into its grid network.




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