Top LED players – 2009


Today, usage of light emitting diode (LED) is becoming increasingly prominent—be it in lighting, displays or other devices. The fact that LED has a good shelf life has encouraged manufacturers to use it despite the fact that it is priced higher than other alternatives available. Acknowledging the trend that aspires for new technology, Electronics Bazaar highlights some of the top LED manufacturers and distributors in India in an effort to help buyers and sellers identify the best available LED sources in the country.

Friday, June 19, 2009: We interacted with more than 60-70 reputed stakeholders of the LED realm and came up with a list of 15 top players in the sector. Some players were averse to disclosing their revenues, so this time, players will not be rated, but will simply be enlisted in alphabetical order. The revenues which were shared with us, however, have been displayed.

We hope that our readers find this article useful and that more players will participate in future ‘EB Top’ ventures.

Alfa Electronic Components, Annual Revenue (2008-09): Rs 10 mn
Ashish Mehta, CEO, Alfa Electronic

Alfa Electronic Components is in the arena of electronic components since the last 20 years and has been of­fering products exclusively to LED application-based industries for about 15 years. It has been an authorised distributor of Twilight Opto-Electronics Co Ltd, Taiwan R O C, since the time of its inception.


Due to its regular contact with OEMs and its technical expertise, OEMs discuss new applications with Alfa, encouraging it to provide customised LEDs and displays.
Alfa Electronic also provides technical specifications and data sheets to its customers. The company has  lunched special LEDs for lighting as well as other industrial and commercial applications.It plans to introduce energy efficient white LEDs, which give more lumens per watt at a lower driving current and will increase the enterprise’s product range for lighting applications.

Contact details:
 9/13, Varma Nagar, Azad Road, Andheri (East), Mumbai 400069; Phone: 022-26840075/9223239790; Fax: 26837807; Email: [email protected]

Altos Electronics, Annual Revenue (2008-09): Rs 45 mn 
Anirudha Thete, proprietor

Established in 1995, Altos Electronics deals in coloured LEDs like red, yellow, green, blue, white, etc. These LEDs are used in manufacturing indicating and warning lamps, aviation lighting, traffic signals and blinkers. The company also manufactures architectural lighting, such as garden, focus and town lights.

Altos’ products offer different wattage and colour. The firm supplies these products to Tata Motors, Ford Motors, National Thermal Power Corporation, Nuclear Power Corporation and the department of atomic knowledge. The company aims to create more innovative products in the coming years.

Contact details: 8, State Bank Colony, Shahu College Road, Pune 411009; Phone: 020-24449144; Fax: 24440573; Email: [email protected]; Website:

Amptek LED Lighting, Kapil Sood, proprietor 
Kapil Sood, proprietor, Amptek

Amptek LED Lighting, whose motto is ‘speedy production and timely delivery’, is one of the fastest growing companies in India. It manufactures innovative LED products like LED spot lamps, LED ceiling lights, LED wall washers, LED ground and underwater lights, etc. Amptek gives utmost priority to engendering unique designs and ensures that its products meet clients’ requirements.

The company’s manufacturing facility and high volume production keep the prices of its products at a competitive level. The enterprise aspires to become a leading player in the lighting industry and to continue providing the latest technology available in the LED lighting domain to Indian customers

Contact details: A-230, Street No. 7, Road No. 4, Mahipalpur Extn, New Delhi 110037; Phone: +91-11-26782717; Fax: 26782718; Email:[email protected]; Website:

Asian Electronics Annual Revenue (2008-09): Rs 4 mn
Niraj Ajmera, chief executive, Asian Electronics

Asian Electronics is of the opinion that there is no substitute to quality and follows internationally recognised quality norm stoen sure that its component sare impeccable, quality-wise.The firms tresses on quality management in each stage of the product manufacturing cycle. The company has in house testing facilities, via which, it conducts various quality inspections of its products before dispatching them to clients.

Asian Electronics also provides onside support to clients and specialists in all types of customized LED, like surface mount device LED, high watt LED, 3mm LED and 5mm LED. It also has expertise in seven -segment and dot matrix LED displays.

Contact details: 9, Ramakrishna Building, Laming ton Road, Chunky Lane, Mumbai 400007; Phone: +91-22-23826807; Fax: 23883778; Email: [email protected]; Website: microelectronics

Binay Opto Electronics Pvt Ltd, Rajeev K Rohtagi, Vineet k Rohtagi, directors 

Binay Opto Electronics Private Ltd claims to be the first to develop and manufacture the Indian substitute for filament indication lamps, used in electrical control panels. Following the filament indication lamp substitution, the company developed neon indication lamps, also supposedly for the first time in the country. More products followed through development and manufacture of miniature fluorescent tubes, commonly used in emergency lights.

Binay has recently developed solid state electronic pilot indicating lights used in electrical control panels as a replacement for conventional failure-prone filament lamps. The company claims that this product is a first of its kind in the world. The company holds patents for development of the same. The product utilises highly reliable LEDs and has a lifespan exceeding 100,000 hours (11 years) and consumes 96 per cent less energy.

The company is now focusing on non-conventional sources of light, which last longer and reduce energy consumption, like long life LED products for standard area illumination applications. Binay Opto believes that these are the technologies of the future and will be much in demand. The firm strives to be on the cutting edge of lighting technology—in conventional as well as solid state lights and is proud to offer a reliable LED replacement for conventional light sources.

Contact details: 44 Armenian Street, Kolkata 700001; Phone: 033-22429082, 22103807, 22102039; Fax: 22421493; Email: [email protected]; Website:

Continental Device India Ltd, Pankaj Gulati, executive VP&COO 

Continental Device India Ltd (CDIL) is a manufacturer of silicon semiconductor chips and devices since 1964. The company has a comprehensive product profile of transistors, diodes, LEDs, schottky barrier diodes, rectifiers, SCRs, diacs, triacs, transient voltage suppressors and linear voltage regulators, in a sweeping variety of surface mount packages and conventional leaded insertion mount packages. CDIL expanded its product profile in line with established global practices of outsourcing after careful evaluation. It has selected manufacturers to source and supply a range of LEDs, seven-segment displays and LED display panels.

LED segments ad­dressed by CDIL are of high end applications, such as, railway signalling, traffic lights, display boards and other industrial applications. Armed with its quality products, CDIL intends to capture the LED market in the coming years.

Contact details: C-120, Naraina Industrial Area, New Delhi 110028; Phone: 011-41411112, 9811055908; Fax: 25795290, 41411119; Email: [email protected]; Website:

Componix India, Chetan Ajmera, director 
Componix India is a new entity, formed in 2004. The main aim of forming Componix India was to engage in specialised distribution agency sales of leading active discrete component manufacturers and to expand Componix’s product portfolio to serve its existing customers, increase its market share and form strategic ties with renowned international distributors.

The company supports a wide range of electronic components and supplies at competitive prices. It also offers consolidated services to various different manufacturers. One of its biggest strengths is its large stock inventory. Componix supplies high power LEDs, LED modules, infrared (IR) LEDs, etc.

Contact details: A-8, Ahmed Chambers, 386 Lamington Road, Mumbai 400004; Phone: 022-23808762; Fax: 66370605; Email: [email protected]; Website:
Filtronics Components Pvt Ltd, Mohan Dayal, MD 
Filtronics Components Pvt Ltd (FCPL) is an ISO 9001:2000 certified company. Established in 1970, FCPL is located in the industrial belt of Pune and has the capacity to expand further. The company manufactures high wattage LEDs and most of its goods are custom made, as per customers’ requests and requirements.

FCPL produces 7W LED strip lights, 5W, 10W, 15W, LED down lights in various focusing angles and in warm white and cool colours and wall washers.The firm is also developing LED lighting systems with high wattage LEDs,which render superior illumination and are more compact than low wattage LED modules. FCPL aims to cover at least six major LED applications.

Contact details: T-170, Bhosari Industrial Estate, MIDC, Pune 411026; Phone: 020-27120651, 27120134; Fax: 27120329; Email: [email protected]; Website:
Finetune Electronic Industries, Ajay Gupta, proprietor 

Finetune Electronic Industries offers products which use super high flux (5mm/8mm/10mm) and power LEDs (1watt/3watt) in surface/pop, etc. It has a product range comprising 30 products and provides LED lighting solutions for every application—in homes, offices, indoors and outdoors. Finetune’s energy saving products directly replace compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs), tubes, etc, and can save upto 95 per cent of light energy bills.

According to the company, the main impediments in popularising LEDs are the cost and the mindset of consumers, who are not open to new technologies. Finetune wants to prove that LED products can last long and do not fail easily. Also, the company wants customers to realise and acknowledge that the money invested in LEDs is fully recovered within a year of purchase by saving on electricity and paying less.

Contact details: 7, JK Market, Tapkir Lane, Budhwar Peth, Pune 411002; Phone: 020-66203868; Fax: 24485023; Email: [email protected]

Flexitron, Annual Revenue (2008-09): Rs 30 mn, RS Hiremath, CEO 
Flexitron is dedicated to customised LEDs and packaging. It currently offers lighting solutions ranging from simple, rural ones to complex, urban ones. The company claims to design products exactly as per customers’ needs and supply them at lesser prices than even the rates of Chinese models. Flexitron offers all types of lighting solutions, along with excellent quality products from top LED firms, such as, Nichia. In the future, the company plans to foray into all levels of the LED market.

Contact details: 1234, 22A Main, 11A Cross, Sector-1, HSR Layout, Bengaluru 560102; Phone: 080-65312559, Fax: 25721284; Email: [email protected]; Website:
Gautam Polymers, Annual Revenue (2008-09): Rs 120 mn,  B K Mohanka Proprietor 
Gautam Polymers is among the chief solar and LED component brands of India and offers a vast range of components, used by 80 per cent of solar OEMs across India. The firm does not stipulate a minimum order quantity for its LED casings. It also offers eye safe LED lenses and components for LED lights and deals in high power LEDs. Gautam markets ‘zero fade’ LED luminaries under its brand name, ‘Solid Solar’. Gautam also has product and design patents filed under its name for LED lights and lenses. The company also has enclosures for LED lanterns, LED home lights, LED home light boxes and LED street lights. The enterprise plans to add new products to its range of LED casings and luminaries in the coming years..

Contact details: E-245, Greater Kailash II, New Delhi; Phone: 011-41638505, 29222724; Fax: 29221196; Email: [email protected]; Website:
Kwality Photonics Pvt Ltd Annual Revenue (2008-09): Rs 105 mn 
K Vijay Kumar Gupta, MD, Kwality Photonics

The Kwality Group started its journey as a producer of small lamps in 1966 and became the first vertically integrated smallscale industry in 1990, with hotwire drawing of filament wire and filament coiling.

The company’s LED production started in 1987. In 1993, Kwality commenced the production of digital displays, whereas it started manufacturing white LEDs in 2004. The firm’s 20-year relationship with its overseas raw material vendors has yielded excellent results in the form of instant upgradation of specifications and parts per million level failure rates.

Kwality is respected for quality and high end performance specifications. It will help customers to design systems with energy saving of 50 per cent at least, to make them appeal to the green technology fraternity. It expects the power LED segment to propel its growth by 50-100 per cent compound annual growth rate over the next four years.

Contact details: 29, A&B, Electronic Complex, Kushaiguda, Hyderabad 50062; Phone: 040-27123555; Fax: 27124762; Email: [email protected]

LED House Annual Revenue (2008-09): Rs 3 mn, Bharath Rambhia & Bhavesh D Karani, partners 

LED house was established in 1996. It stocks more than 250 different types of LED lights, which can be used in different applica­tions and provides efficient solution to its customers, like installation, etc. The company also has an entire range of ready-to-use LED products.

LED House is a distributor of LEDs, LED light fitting components (like LED lens, metal core printed circuit boards, LED drivers, aluminium base fittings, etc) and ready light fittings with LEDs. Its future strategy is to educate people about the benefits of LEDs. It also wants to stock a full range of LED lights that can be used indoor, outdoor, underwater, in street lights, stage lights, work lights, emergency lights and bulbs for auto mobiles.

Contact details: 1,Saraswati Bhavan,10 Shamrao Vithal Lane, Lamington Road, Grant Road (East), Mumbai 400007; Phone: 022-23800222; Fax: 23890222; Email: [email protected]; Website:,  

Osram Opto Semiconductors Asia Ltd Annual Revenue (2008-09): Rs 25,185 mn
Dr Alfred Felder, CEO, Osram Opto

Osram Opto Semiconductors offers semiconductor components and support for system solutions, based on innovative semiconductor light sources. This comprises innovative solutions in the lighting, visualisation and sensor sectors—from IR LEDs and detectors to blue lasers; from individual components to complete sensor modules, production of LED colour on demand and organic LEDs (OLEDs). High power LEDs, semiconductor lasers, infrared diodes, detectors and OLEDs are among Osram’s most well known products.

The enterprise synthesises intelligent lighting solutions and is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of opto electronic semiconductor components. Due to its spirit of innovation,patented technologies and established sales structures, Os ram is well equipped to lead the LED market.

Contact details: Room 3006-10, China Resources Building, 26 Harbour Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong; Phone: +91124 4675 026; Fax: +91124 4675 034; Email: [email protected]; Website:

Ruchi Telecom Pvt Ltd

Raj Prakash Mittal, director, Ruchi Telecom

Ruchi Telecom, which has started a new division to manufacture solid state LEDs, is employing indigenous technology. This technology has been forged through the company’s vast telecom experience in Indian power and environment conditions. The company is providing AC operated, DC operated and solar specific solutions as well as LEDs for architectural applications, signage lights, specific display light products, etc.

Ruchi has highpower LEDs for generallighting solutions, such as offices, hotels, public places, solar based lightings, etc. The firm looks forward to the proliferation of LED lights in different segments of lighting ap­plications like CFL, sodium vapour lamps, halogen lamps, arc lamps and tube lights.

Contact details: F-81, Khanpur Extension, New Delhi 110062; Phone: 011-2996895, 9810131125; Fax: 29968965; Email: [email protected]; Website:

Luke Electronic Devices Pvt Ltd, P Ramachandran, MD 
P Ramachandran, MD, Luke Electronic

Luke Electronic Devices Pvt Ltd was founded by a team of technocrats and professionals to manufacture LED lamp displays and other optoelectronic components. The company has a fullfledged manufacturing plant in Bengaluru, which is equipped with the latest machinery and cutting edge testing equipment. 

Luke specialises in making automobile LEDs for the automobile sector and has esteemed clients like Kinetic Communications, Bajaj Automobiles, Telco, M&M and Force Motors. It develops these LEDs with wedge and flange connectors in T5 and T10 modules. The company will release several new products in the automobile sector shortly, currently in the final stages of R&D. The company aspires to create lightings which will save energy and prevent global warming.

Contact details: 728/A, Shri Lakshmi Complex, Sarjapura Road, Attibele, Bengaluru 562107, Karnataka; Phone: +91 80 27821980; Mobile: +91 9986999403

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