Top 20 Electronic component manufacturers in India


Ranking the top electronic passive component manufacturers in India was quite a challenging task. While India continues to import 95 per cent of the components required for the electronics industry, it was interesting to discover an endless number of big, medium and small companies manufacturing components in the country. To this, we also added a long list of popular passive component brands that are only being traded in India.

By Srabani Sen & Richa Chakravarty

Thursday, July 25, 2013:At present, there are about 1600 electronic component manufacturers in India. While passive components account for about 20 per cent of the total electronic components market, wound components contribute about 80 per cent of the total passive components market. About 34 per cent of the demand for passive components is met through indigenous manufacturing and 66 per cent by imports. In India, it is primarily the small-scale industrial units that manufacture passive components.

Electronics Bazaar (EB) attempted to rank the top electronic component manufacturers in India, and conducted a survey in May 2013 to ascertain the leaders in this field.

The methodology

A) We classified the companies into two categories:
(i) Those that manufacture passive components in India, and
(ii) Those that do not manufacture in India, yet their passive component brands are popular in India.

In the second category, majority of the companies are MNCs that just conduct trading operations in India, either through distributors or direct sales offices. Hence, their India sales revenues are not available. We, therefore, chose to rank them on the basis of a survey conducted by Electronics Bazaar in May 2013. The survey was conducted among the component distributors, electronics manufacturing services (EMS) companies and end-users.

B) Most of the companies ranked are exclusively into component manufacturing in India, while some are into multiple businesses in India.

C) Many companies like PLA, Andhra Electronics, Cedicom, OEN India, etc, could not be ranked as their revenue figures were not accessible. Some companies have also refused to disclose their revenue figures.

D) We have also not included companies that manufacture connectors like FCI OEN, Amphenol Interconnect, Phoenix Contact (India), etc, as we plan to rank them separately.

E) The revenue figures have been procured from the website of the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA), Government of India, and verified by the companies; some figures were also provided by the companies themselves.

F) We chose not to include Bharat Electronics Ltd (BEL) in the ranking as it is a multi-product and multi-unit company manufacturing various products besides components. Another company we did not include for the same reason is General Industrial Controls Pvt Ltd.

Survey results
A) The survey was conducted across India to gauge the popularity of the component brands available in the country. The results of this survey have been shared in the table on page 45.

B) The survey revealed that the international brands are much more popular than the Indian brands.

While this survey is by no means comprehensive, we request our readers to share their feedback and help us make these reports more useful.

Disclaimer: While Electronics Bazaar’s editorial team has taken the utmost care to contact all possible sources to make the list comprehensive, we may have inadvertently left out a few companies from this list. Information contained in the following report has been obtained from sources deemed reliable, and Electronics Bazaar makes no claims with respect to its accuracy. Neither Electronics Bazaar nor its affiliates, officers, directors, employees, owners, representatives nor any of its data or content providers shall be liable for any errors or for any actions taken by any entity on the basis of this information.


*These companies manufacture electronic components in India. Some of these companies are MNCs as well

Rank   Company Brands

Revenue in Rs million

(India figures) FY 2011-12

Rank 1 Epcos India Pvt Ltd TDK Epcos 6210.00
Rank 2 Vishay Components India Pvt Ltd Vishay 2109.86
Rank 3 Tibrewala Electronics Ltd Tibcon Capacitors 914.48
Rank 4 Globe Capacitors Ltd GC 612.17
Rank 5 Deki Electronics Ltd Deki 587.20
Rank 6 Victor Component Systems Pvt Ltd Victor 535.89
Rank 7 Keltron Component Complex Ltd Keltron 532.37
Rank 8 BG LI-IN Electricals Ltd BG LI-IN 453.15
Rank 9 Desai Electronics Pvt Ltd DEC 442.72
Rank 10 Cosmo Ferrites Ltd Cosmo Ferrites 440.73
Rank 11 Alcon Electronics Pvt Ltd Alcon 352.15
Rank 12 Genius Electrical & Electronics Pvt Ltd Genius 296.32
Rank 13 Watts Electronics Pvt Ltd Watts 206.75
Rank 14 Incap Ltd incap 183.98
Rank 15 Solid State Systems Pvt Ltd Syscap 125.42
Rank 16 Prismatic Engineering Pvt Ltd Prismatic 113.65
Rank 17 Thakor Electronics Ltd Thakor 110.05
Rank 18 Speedofer Components Pvt Ltd Speedofer 106.13
Rank 19 Guardian Controls Ltd Guardian 97.46
Rank 20 Cermet Resistronics Pvt Ltd Cermet 94.73

Top 20 Component Brands Available in India, As per EB Survey

*The following are Indian as well as international brands. Out of these 25 brands, nine are Indian brands, that are manufactured in India.

Rank Brands

Rank 1


Rank 2

Rank 3 TDK Epcos
Rank 4 Kemet
Rank 5 Panasonic
Rank 6 Omron
Rank 7 Samwha
Rank 8 OEN India
Rank 9 AVX
Rank 9 Watts
Rank 10 DEC
Rank 11 Alcon
Rank 11 PLA
Rank 12 Murata
Rank 12 Yageo
Rank 13 Deki
Rank 14 Thakor
Rank 15 Harting
Rank 15 Harting
Rank 15 Siemens
Rank 16 CTR
Rank 16 Tyco
Rank 17 Rubycon
Rank 18 Incap
Rank 19 Rohm
Rank 20 Royal Ohm
Epcos India Pvt Ltd 
Natarajan Balakrishnan, MD and CEO

EPCOS India is a memer of TDK-EPC Corporation headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. EPCOS in India develops, manufactures and markets electronic components, modules and systems. Its factory at Kalyani in West Bengal, currently manufactures almost more than 4500 metric tons of ferrite powders and cores. About 50 per cent of EPCOS India’s AC and PFC products are sold locally to customers in India with a 45 per cent market share for both the type of capacitors in the low-voltage range.

Annual Revenue 2011-12: Rs 6210 million

Year of operations in India: 1995
Headquarters: Kalyani, West Bengal
Manufacturing facility: Nashik (Maharashtra), Kalyani (West Bengal), Bawal (Haryana)
Segments covered / applications: Industrial, infrastructure, IT, consumer, communication, automotive, etc
Components manufactured in India: LV & MV PFC capacitors and key components for reactive power compensation, AC film capacitors, DC capacitors, soft ferrite cores

Contact details: Ph: +91-80-40390640, [email protected],

Vishay Components India Pvt Ltd 

Rajan Shringarpure, MD & director operations

Vishay Components India Pvt Ltd (VCIPL) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Vishay Intertechnology Inc, a US-based Fortune 1000 multinational company which is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of discrete semiconductors and passive electronic components. Vishay Intertechnology was founded in 1962 by Dr Felix Zandman. It has manufacturing plants in the Americas, Asia, Europe, India and Israel, as well as sales offices worldwide. Vishay has two manufacturing facilities in India. VCIPL is located at Loni-Kalbhor near Pune, while Vishay Semiconductors India Pvt Ltd is located in Mumbai. Vishay manufactures both passive and active components in India.

Annual Revenue 2011-12: Rs 2109.86 million

Year of operations in India: 2003

Headquarters: Pune

Manufacturing facility: Pune and Mumbai

Components manufactured in India: Film capacitors, PFC capacitors, power electronic capacitors, trimmer capacitors, leaded fixed-film resistors, leaded wirewound resistors, medium-and high-power diodes, SCRs, medium-and low-power bridge rectifiers, and high-power modules

Segments covered/applications: Industrial, computing, automotive, consumer, telecommunications, military, aerospace, power supplies and medical

Contact details: Ph: +91-20-30516200, [email protected], [email protected], [email protected];

Tibrewala Electronics Ltd 
Jyoti P Tibrewala, chairmanTibrewala Electronics specialises in the manufacture of AC capacitors under the brand name Tibcon Capacitors. The company has recently installed a state-of-the-art metallising plant with latest and sophisticated machinery from Montena, Switzerland, and Applied Films, Germany. Its products have earned international certifications like UL 810, IEC (60252, 61048, 61049) CSA, and CE.Annual Revenue 2011-12: Rs 914.48 millionYear of operations in India: 1991

Headquarters & manufacturing facility: Hyderabad

Components manufactured in India: AC capacitors, fan capacitors, LT capacitors, and metallised polypropylene film

Segments covered/applications: Power, consumer and industrial electronics

Contact details: Ph: +91-040-23775351, [email protected],

Globe Capacitors Ltd 
Sanjay Agarwal, MD

Globe Capacitors has been manufacturing capacitors for over 31 years. The company started its operations with paper/foil-based technology and gradually adapted to new technology of manufacturing metallised polypropylene capacitors. Today, the company is equipped with a state-of-the-art fully automatic plant, with the latest machinery and testing equipment. Its production capacity has grown steadily from 1 million pieces in 1982 to 28 million pieces per annum today. The company exports 50 per cent of its production globally.

Annual Revenue 2011-12: Rs 612.17 million

Year of operations in India: 1982

Headquarters & manufacturing facility: Faridabad

Components manufactured in India: AC motor-run capacitor, electrolytic start capacitor, and metallised polypropylene film

Segments covered/applications: Home appliances and special-purpose application

Contact details: Ph: +91-129-4275500, [email protected],

Deki Electronics Ltd 
Vinod Sharma,MD

Deki was established in technical collaboration with Okaya Electric Industries Company Ltd, Japan. Deki has since been producing high-quality plastic film capacitors at its state-of-the-art automatic plant with latest and sophisticated machinery imported from Korea, Taiwan, China and Italy. The present capacity of 1.2 billion pcs/annum makes Deki the largest manufacturer of plastic film capacitors in India. Its capacitors are currently exported to Europe, Hong Kong, China, Middle East, Malaysia, Philippines and South Korea. Deki has been growing at an average annualised growth rate of 29 per cent year on year since 1989-90.

Annual Revenue 2011-12: Rs 587.2 million (Multiproduct company)

Year of operations in India: 1984

Headquarters & manufacturing facility: Noida

Components manufactured in India: Plain polyester and polypropylene film capacitors, metallised polyester film capacitors and mixed dielectric film capacitors, and other products

Segments covered/applications: Consumer electronics, telecom, lighting, medical, industrial and automotive electronics, IT hardware, fan regulators, energy meters, etc.

Contact details: Ph: +91-120-2584687/88, 2585457/58, [email protected],

Victor Component Systems Pvt Ltd 
Pawan Sharma, MD

Victor is one of the fastest growing manufacturers of wound components in India. The company has three state-of-the-art manufacturing units spread over an area of 32,000 sq m, with a dustproof floor area equipped with the latest manufacturing and testing facilities. Through a team of qualified experts, the company caters to the stringent and demanding concerns of the industry.Annual Revenue 2011-12: Rs 535.89 million

Year of operations in India: 1990

Headquarters: New Delhi

Manufacturing facility: Noida and Okhla (New Delhi)

Components manufactured in India: SMPS transformers, ferrites, filters, coils, power supplies, LED driver, with harness cables and power cords

Segments covered/applications: Consumer electronics, telecommunication, computers, electronics, energy meters, lighting, etc.

Contact details: Ph: + 91-11-26372403, 2637-2404; [email protected];

Keltron Component Complex Ltd 

PS Anandanarayan, MD

Keltron Component Complex is a government of Kerala undertaking promoted by Kerala State Electronics Development Corporation Ltd (Keltron). The company has four state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in Kannur with sophisticated automatic machines from Japan and Europe. Keltron products reach customers through a nationwide marketing and sales network, with marketing offices in Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Bengaluru, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad and Trivandrum.

Year of operations in India: 1978

Headquarters: Trivandrum, Kerala

Manufacturing facility: Kannur, Kerala

Components manufactured in India: Aluminium electrolytic capacitors, crystals and resistors

Segments covered/applications: Consumer, power and industrial electronics

Contact details: Ph: 0497-2780831-34, 2780735, 2781922, [email protected],

BG LI-IN Electricals Ltd 

Rishi Kumar Bagla, MD

BG LI-IN is a joint venture between the Bagla Group and LI-IN Electricals of Taiwan for manufacturing various types of flashers and relays. It has a state-of-the-art automatic manufacturing facility built on an area of 4000 sq m, and its overall premises is spread over an area of 7000 sq m.

Annual Revenue 2011-12: Rs 453.15 million (Multiproduct company)

Year of operations in India: 2000

Headquarters & manufacturing facility: Aurangabad

Components manufactured in India: Auto and starter relays and flashers, and car security products

Segments covered/applications: Automotive and power industry

Contact details: Ph: +91-240-3250408-12, [email protected],

Desai Electronics Pvt Ltd 
Vikram M Desai, MD

Desai Electronics, popularly known as DEC, manufactures plastic film capacitors at its state-of-the-art plant and machinery with an installed capacity of 200 million pieces per annum. DEC markets its capacitors directly to OEMs and through a network of distributors all over India. It is a market leader in India for capacitors for fan regulator application, and is the first Indian manufacturer to get UL certification for X2 capacitors

Annual Revenue 2011-12: Rs 442.72 million

Year of operations in India: 1981

Headquarters: Pune

Manufacturing facility: Khed Shivapur, Pune

Components manufactured in India: Polyester & polypropylene capacitors in metallised and plain film foil (inductive and non-inductive)

Segments covered/applications: EMI suppression, appliances, lighting (CFL and ballast), fan regulators, energy meters,automobiles, LED lamps and drivers, power electronics, etc.

Contact details: Ph: +91-20-24384254/7, [email protected],

Cosmo Ferrites Ltd 
Ambrish Jaipuria, CEO

Cosmo Ferrites manufactures and exports soft ferrites at its state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in the foothills of the Himalayas. Since inception, Cosmo has maintained its product quality and has upgraded its production capacity from 500 MT to 3000 MT per annum over the time. It has a well-equipped in-house R&D setup which ensures delivery of high-quality ferrites. Its production facility is equipped with the best German and Taiwan made equipment.Annual Revenue 2011-12: Rs 440.73 million

Year of operations in India: 1986

Headquarters: New Delhi

Manufacturing facility: Jabli, Himachal Pradesh

Components manufactured in India: MnZn ferrite components, and pre-calcined ferrite powder

Segments covered/applications: Lighting, solar, hybrid card, power electronics, conventional electronics

Contact details: Ph: +91-11-49398800, [email protected],

Alcon Electronics Pvt Ltd 
Anup R Sachdev, cmd

A leading capacitor manufacturer, Alcon, believes that quality has to be built into the entire manufacturing process, and uses finest inputs, proven technology, modern production processes and stringent quality control methods. Alcon’s USP has been its custom design capability, and responsiveness to customers’ needs is an integral part of its marketing strategy. Alcon is certified to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

Annual Revenue 2011-12: Rs 352.15 million

Year of operations in India: 1977

Headquarters & manufacturing facility: Nashik, Maharashtra

Components manufactured in India: High CV screw terminal type aluminium electrolytic capacitors and a large variety of film capacitors like IGBT snubber capacitors, power film capacitors and DC-link film capacitors

Segments covered/applications: Power electronics, green energy products, welding equipment,defence equipment and telecom equipment

Contact details: Ph: + 91-253-2350533; [email protected];

Genius Electrical & Electronics Pvt Ltd 

Satish Jain, MD

Genius Electrical & Electronics is engaged in design and manufacture of a wide range of transformers. The company operates from two ultra modern setups built on an area of about 3900 sq m, equipped with the best German machines. Starting out with a turnover of a mere Rs 1.20 million, the company has grown manifold in terms of revenue, strength, capacity and technology upgradation.Annual Revenue 2011-12: Rs 296.32 million

Year of operations in India: 1991

Headquarters: New Delhi

Manufacturing facility: New Delhi

Components manufactured in India: Torroidal and lamination transformers, SMPS and potential transformers, current transformers, chokes, line filters, degaussing coils, ISDN coils, AC/DC adaptors, impulse and stepper motor counters, sheet metal components, etc.

Segments covered/applications: Power electronics

Contact details: Ph: +91-11-8113545, 28117826, 28116013, [email protected], [email protected],

Watts Electronics Pvt Ltd 
S Ramakrishnan,director, marketing and sales

Watts manufactures a wide range of globally reliable resistors and specialises in a full range of metal film, carbon film, metal oxide, wire wound resistors, etc. It also manufactures active components. Today, the company has five production units with a total production capacity of 1000 million resistors per year. The company entered the lighting industry with compact flourescent lamps, ballast and other lighting products under ‘Watts’ brand in 2011.

Annual Revenue 2011-12: Rs 206.75 million (Multiproduct company)

Year of operations in India: 1980

Headquarters & Manufacturing facility: Cochin

Components manufactured in India: Resistors, capacitors and diodes, and CFLs and other lighting products.

Segments covered/application: Automotive, CFL, instrumentation, electronic appliances and consumer electronics.

Contact details: Ph: +91-484-2368022,2373892, [email protected]; [email protected],

Incap Ltd 

C Bhagavantha Rao, MD

Incap, also known as ICL, is a manufacturer and supplier of electronic and electrical products to the domestic and international industries. It was established in India with technical and financial collaboration from Lelon Electronics Corporation. Its state-of-the-art plant is equipped with machinery imported from Japan and Taiwan. Incap has a comprehensive in-house testing facility, with a fully equipped laboratory with testing and measuring instruments of international standards.Annual Revenue 2011-12: Rs 183.98 million (Multiproduct company)Year of operations in India: 1992Headquarters & manufacturing facility: Vijayawada

Components manufactured in India: Electrolytic capacitors, radial capacitors, snap-in type capacitors, motor start capacitors, lug type capacitors, and composite polymer insulators

Contact details: Ph: +91-866-2842479, [email protected],

Solid State Systems Pvt Ltd 

Naushaad Hasan, MD

Solid State Systems also known as Syscap, manufactures metallised polypropylene film capacitors. During the last 30 years, the company has expanded considerably in terms of both volume and range to manufacture and meet international quality standards. It has a fully equipped and automated plant, where it manufactures electrolytic capacitors and power factor correction capacitors, apart from other products. Syscap also exports a sizeable part of its production.

Annual Revenue 2011-12: Rs 125.42 million

Year of operations in India: 1972

Headquarters & manufacturing facility: Bengaluru

Components manufactured in India: Plastic film capacitors, metallised polypropylene AC capacitors, and metallised polypropylene film

Segments/applications covered: Power electronics, railways and lighting

Contact details: Ph: +91-80-27971145, [email protected],

Prismatic Engineering Pvt Ltd 

Rajiv Pandit, MD

Prismatic manufactures ferrite core-based switching power transformers, as well as common mode and differential mode input filter chokes. The company has consistently grown at 25-40 per cent annually ever since its inception. To meet the growing demands of its customers, in 2006, Prismatic set up an additional manufacturing facility at Parwanoo in Himachal Pradesh. The company moved into a 929.03 sq m facility in Bengaluru in 2007 and set up its trading division in early 2008.

Annual Revenue 2011-12: Rs 113.65 million

Year of operations in India: 1994; Headquarters: Bengaluru

Manufacturing facility: Parwanoo and Bengaluru

Components manufactured in India: Switching power transformers, and filter chokes

Segments/applications covered: Power electronics

Contact details: Ph: +91-80-27826274-76, [email protected],

Thakor Electronics Ltd 

Dilip Shah, CMD

Thakor Electronics was founded after Thermax Electronics Ltd was acquired in 2001. With its brand name Thakor, the company started its production in year 2002. Spread over 4468sqm land area, it offers products at competitive prices, along with excellent delivery schedules and post sales support.Annual Revenue 2011-12: Rs 110 millionYear of operations in India: 2001; Headquarters: Bhiwandi, Maharashtra

Manufacturing facility located in: Pune

Components manufactured in India: Resistors CFR, MFR, MOR

Contact details: Ph: 02522-280277, [email protected]; [email protected];

Speedofer Components Pvt Ltd 

BS Randhawa, MD

Speedofer Components is a hi-tech enterprise specialising in manufacturing manganese zinc soft-ferrite. It exports to Europe, UK and the Far East, and is a leading supplier of ferrite material in the domestic market with a capacity of grinding up to 40 million pieces per month. Speedofer believes in investing in R&D in order to ensure technical renovation.

Annual Revenue 2011-12: Rs 106.13 million

Headquarters: Noida

Manufacturing facility: Greater Noida

Components manufactured in India: Ferrites, EE cores, ETD cores, drum cores, etc

Segments covered/applications: Telecommunications, computing and consumer electronics

Contact details: Ph: +91-120-4278911-16; [email protected];

Guardian Controls Ltd 
PK Koshy, MDMangayil Ramachandran, director

Guardian Controls manufactures electromechanical relays at its facility spread over 2787 sq m, with an environmentally-controlled assembly area. It has its own R&D facility, which is recognised by the Ministry of Science and Technology, Government of India. Its tool room and fabrication shop are equipped with state-of-the-art machinery.

Annual Revenue 2011-12: 97.46 million

Year of operations in India: 1985

Headquarters: Cochin, Kerala

Manufacturing facility located in: Thodupuzha, Cochin

Components manufactured in India: Automotive relays, industrial relays, telecom relays, and auxiliary relays

Segments covered/applications: Automotive, test equipment, power electronics, and industrial controls

Contact details: Ph: +91-484-2316606/2317031/2317040, [email protected],

Resistronics Pvt Ltd 
Pradeep Khadilkar, chairman and MD

Cermet is a leading manufacturer of electronics and electrical resistors in India, with rich experience of 42 years in R&D. It is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company with an annual growth rate of 40 per cent. Its exports form 20 per cent of its turnover. Cermet has maintained its high-quality standards and is well known for the custom-built solutions that it has developed for clients in various industries. The company has a large network of dealers all over India. It is all set to diversify and start production of specialised plastic film or film foil capacitors.

Annual Revenue 2011-12: Rs 94.73 million

Headquarters & manufacturing facility: Pune

Components manufactured in India: Film resistors, wire wound resistors, and thick film/high voltage resistors

Segments covered/applications: Auto electronics, industrial electronics, the telecom industry, defence, etc.

Contact details: Ph: 09975596459/60, [email protected],

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