Top 12 Component Manufacturers in India


Components manufacturing industry in India has not yet taken off in a big way. India still imports a significant amount of components, even though many multinational companies have set up manufacturing units for electronics products in the country. Today, the country imports about 95 per cent of its components for the electronics industry, pushing the cost of manufacturing to a higher level, and ultimately raising the cost of the end products. Also, since there is no duty on importing components, there are more traders than manufacturers in India.

However, with the rise in demand for components coming mainly from telecom, industrial, lighting, medical and defence sectors, local manufacturing of electronic components is likely to attract huge investments. And with the soon to be announced national manufacturing policy, this sector will certainly get the much needed boost to the manufacturing sector, whose contribution in the industry has remained stagnant so far.

By Rebika Singam

Friday, August 12, 2011: Electronics Bazaar attempts to rank the leading component manufacturing companies based on their revenue, which were then verified from the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA), Government of India, website.

Some top companies like Vishay, Murata, AVX Corporation, Keltron, etc, could not be included in the ranking as their revenues are not available.

Therefore, this Top 12 list of component manufacturers may not be comprehensive. However, it does provide a glimpse into the leading component manufacturers of India.

 Company name

  1. Epcos India Pvt Ltd
  2. FCI OEN Connectors Ltd
  3. Amphenol Interconnect India Pvt Ltd
  4. Phoenix Contact (India) Pvt Ltd
  5. Continental Device India Ltd
  6. Deki Electronics Ltd
  7. Desai Electronics Pvt Ltd
  8. Alcon Electronics Pvt Ltd
  9. Watts Electronics Pvt Ltd
  10. Incap Limited
  11. Harting India Pvt Ltd
  12. Thakor Electronics
EPCOS India Pvt Ltd 

Annual Revenue (2009-10) – Rs 4537.20 million

EPCOS develops, manufactures and markets electronics components, modules and systems, focusing on fast growing leading edge technology markets, which include information and communications technology, automotive electronics, industrial electronics and consumer electronics. In SAW (surface acoustic wave) components, ceramic components, capacitors and inductors alike, EPCOS consistently stands for superlative electronics performance. Approximately 23,400 employees at over 20 design and production locations and a tightly meshed sales network give the company a genuine global footprint. More than half of its sales professionals are engineers and technical experts. In the fiscal year of 2010, EPCOS posted sales of about EUR 700 million.

Major products: Capacitors, inductors, ceramic components, SAW components, etc.

Contact details: Ph: +91-11-23704143, +91-11-23704144; Fax: +91-11-23704146; [email protected];
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FCI OEN Connectors Ltd 

Annual Revenue (Dec 31, 2009) RS 2785.43 million

SN Talwar, chairman

FCI OEN Connectors is one of the prime suppliers of professional grade connectors. The company is a joint venture with FCI France (earlier called Framatome Connectors France). Enriched by the technical backing of the joint venture partner, M/s FCI France and its subsidiaries, also catalysed by the company’s ever continuing quest for excellence and completeness, the accretion of the company has been prodigious. The result, FCI OEN Connectors is today magniloquent of a wide gamut of connectors. FCI OEN has four manufacturing units, three of them are at Mulanthuruthy, Cochin, and one in Bengaluru. FCI OEN Connectors is the first connector manufacturer in India to receive ISO 9002 certification. With a central marketing office in Cochin, the company has regional offices in all major cities.

Major products: Wide gamut of connectors like rack and panel connectors, terminal connectors, flat cable connectors, circular connectors, PCB connectors, heavy duty connectors and IC sockets.

Contact details: 29/2089, Tripunithura Road, Thykoodam, Vyttila, Cochin 682 019, Kerala;
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Amphenol Interconnect India Pvt Ltd 

Annual Revenue (2009-10) RS 1722.92 million

Amphenol is one of the largest manufacturers of interconnect products in the world. The company designs, manufactures and markets electrical, electronic and fibre optic connectors, coaxial and flat ribbon cables, and interconnect systems. With its connectors conforming to almost all military and industrial standards in the US, Europe and Asia, Amphenol assumes a leadership position in meeting the interconnect needs of military, aerospace, industrial and telecom market segments. It has three factories in India—two in Pune and one in Bengaluru. It has had ISO 9000 accreditation from BVQI since 1995, apart from QPL and VG qualifications since 2006.

Major products: Circular connectors, audio connectors, PCB connectors, rack and panel connectors, back shells, RF connectors, antennae, etc.

Contact details: Ph: +91-20-27120481/30688304; Fax: +91-20-27120581; [email protected], [email protected];

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Phoenix Contact (India) Pvt Ltd 

Annual Revenue (2009-10) Rs 1141.48 million

Headquartered in East Westphalia-Lippe, Germany, Phoenix has developed into a global player with four German production sites and five international manufacturing facilities. Satisfaction of its customers is the focus of the company’s activities. The company strives its customers the latest state of the art products that fulfill their exacting requirements and thus set example for its competitors to follow.

Major products: Industrial connection technology Clipline, fast plug connectors for rational machine installation, green standard connector for PCBs in industrial electronics, comprehensive solutions for high power and signal quality for interference free work processes in all sectors, electronic signal converters for industrial control engineering.

Contact details: Ph: +91.11.30262800; [email protected],
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Continental Device India Ltd 

Annual Revenue (2009-10) Rs 811.79 million

Continental Device India Ltd (CDIL) has been a world class manufacturer of silicon semiconductor devices since 1964. CDIL’s product profile includes a comprehensive range of discrete semiconductor devices, in a wide variety of conventional leaded insertion mount packages—transistors, diodes, TVS, rectifiers, SCRs, TRIACs, voltage regulators and LED lighting products like tubelights, bulbs, etc; and LED display boards for text, graphics, animation and video displays, hirel/special grade devices for space and defence applications, and wound components, etc. The company uses state of the art EMS capabilities in SMT and conventional leaded insertion mounts. In line with the industry’s requirements, all CDIL semiconductor devices are lead free, RoHS compliant and use green compound products.

Major products: Transistors, switching diodes, rectifiers, zener diodes, TVS, thyristors, voltage, etc.

Sectors it caters to: Telecom, automotive, power electronics, defence and space, LED lighting, etc.

Contact details: Ph: + 91-11-25796150, 41411112; Fax: +91-11-25795290, 41411119; [email protected];

Deki Electronics Ltd 

Annual Revenue (2009-10) Rs 490.94 million

Established in technical collaboration with Okaya Electric Industries Company Ltd, Japan, in 1984, Deki has since been producing high quality plastic film capacitors at its state of the art, automatic plant comprising equipment imported from Japan, Korea and Italy. The present installed capacity of 745 million pcs/annum makes Deki the largest manufacturer of plastic film capacitors in India. Deki’s capacitors are currently exported to Europe, Hong Kong, China, the Middle East, Malaysia, Philippines and South Korea.

The company’s quality system is ISO 9001: 2008 certified by the Bureau of Indian Standards (since 1994). The company has also received ISO 14001: 2004 from BIS. In addition to this, Deki’s whole range is RoHS compliant. The capacitors are tested by ERTL to IEC standards and approved by CACT for telecom applications.

Major products: Complete range of film capacitors—plain polyester/metallised polyester, plain polypropylplain polypropylene/metallised polypropylene, plain and metallised polypropylene mixed, CDI, X2 and Y2.

Sectors it caters to: Consumer electronics, telecom, lighting (HF, CFL and LED), medical electronics, industrial and auto electronics, IT hardware, fan regulators, energy meters, etc.

Contact details: Ph: +91-120-2584687/88, 2585457/58; Fax: +91-120-2585289; [email protected];

Desai Electronics Pvt Ltd 

Annual Revenue (2009-10) Rs 274.12 million

Desai Electronics Pvt Ltd (DEC) has been one of the leading manufacturers of plastic film capacitors in India, since 1981. DEC’s state of the art plant has an installed capacity of 200 million per annum. DEC is the first Indian manufacturer to get UL certification for X2 capacitors. The quality management systems are certified under ISO 9001:2008, and all its capacitors conform to IEC 384 and are RoHS compliant. The company is the market leader in India of fan regulator capacitors with safety features. DEC exports fan regulators capacitors. DEC markets capacitors directly to OEMs and through a network of dealers all over India.

Major products: Metallised polyester and polypropylene capacitors (0.001 to 22 mfd, 63 to 3000 VDC, 250 VAC to 440 VAC) in box, dip, round and flat type; plain film foil (inductive and non-inductive polyester and polypropylene capacitors (0.001 to 0.1 mfd, 100 to 1600 V).

Sectors it caters to: EMI/RFI (X2, Y2), appliances, lighting (CFL and ballast), fan regulators and dimmers, energy meters, automobiles, instrumentation, LED lamps and drivers, power electronics, telecom, etc.

Contact details: Ph: +91-20-24384254/7; Fax: +91-20-24384523; [email protected];

Alcon Electronics Pvt Ltd 

Annual Revenue (2009-10) Rs 260 million

Alcon started manufacturing aluminium electrolytic capacitors for the Indian entertainment electronics industry in 1977. Over the years, the company’s focus has shifted away from entertainment electronics to a range of high CV screw terminal type aluminium electrolytic capacitors for a large variety of film capacitors. Alcon has been able to meet the exacting quality criteria and standards of discerning customers from India as well as the USA, Germany, Italy, UK, Spain, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, South Africa, Egypt, Turkey and price-conscious customers in China. The finest end products from Alcon are assured by using the finest inputs, proven technology, modern production processes and stringent quality control. Alcon is registered to ISO 9001 by Underwriters Laboratories Inc and ISO 1400.

Major products: Aluminium electrolytic capacitors—radials, snap-in and screw terminal types; snubber capacitors—direct mounting and axial leaded types; DC-link capacitors, general purpose film capacitors, etc.

Sectors it caters to: EMI/RFI (X2, Y2), appliances, lighting (CFL and ballast), fan regulators and dimmers, energy meters, automobiles, instrumentation, LED lamps and drivers, power electronics, telecom, etc.

Contact details: Ph: +91-253-2350533; +91-253-2350237, +91-9822914164; Fax: +91-253-2351682;[email protected][email protected];

Watts Electronics Pvt Ltd 

Annual Revenue (2009-10) Rs 156.20 million

Watts Electronics is one of India’s leading manufacturers of carbon film, metal film, metal oxide and wirewound resistors. As the technology explosion is revolutionising every facet of human endeavour, Watts is fully geared to take on the future in its own way, making the impossible possible, in hi-tech electronics.

Major products: Thick film chip resistors, carbon film resistors, metal oxide film flame-proof resistors, metal film resistors and wire wound resistors.

Sectors it caters to: Precision weighing scales, temperature and chart recorders, calibration equipment, testing and measuring equipment, high precision amplifiers, and current sensing, high end audio equipment.

Contact details: Ph: +91-484-2373892, 2368022; Fax: +91-484-2371008; [email protected];

Incap Limited 

Annual Revenue (2009-10) Rs 131.23 million

Incap Limited is a public limited company with ISO 9001:2000 accreditation, managed by professionally qualified people. The company is financially sound. Its registered office and manufacturing facility is located at Nidamanur village which is 12 km away from Vijayawada on NH-5, and is accessible by road and rail from different parts of the country. The company, which was established in 1992, has an installed capacity of 100 million pcs per annum. It has a technical and financial collaboration with Lelon Electronics Corporation.

All its products are manufactured in a controlled and dust free environment where temperature, relative humidity and human comfort are maintained at the optimum level. The operators are provided with uniforms and it is mandatory that they use chlorine free gloves while handling the products till they are hermetically sealed. Air curtains are provided at the entry to the plant to keep a barrier from the outside atmosphere and also to prevent dust coming inside the plant. Operators are trained specific to the nature of their work, including the settings precautions and the quality norms so that production is never derailed. Besides, a petrol inspector collects samples at regular intervals from all stages of production to see that it conforms with the set quality norms. Incap has received systems approval from ISO 9001:2000 and product approval from LCSO, CACT and C-DOT.

Major products: Radial capacitors—low voltage (850 ºC and 1050 ºC), medium and high voltage (850 ºC and 1050 º C), low ESR (850 º C and 1050 º C); motor start capacitors, LUG terminal capacitors, professional screw terminal capacitors, etc.

Contact details: Ph: +91-866-2842479/2842571/2841147; Fax: +91-866-2842572; [email protected], [email protected];
(Profile as per company website)

Harting India Pvt Ltd 

Annual Revenue (2009-10) Rs 115.51 million

Harting develops, manufactures and sells electrical and electronic connectors, device terminations, network components as well as cable harnesses for networks or machinery, or for power and data application in factories. The Harting Technology Group also develops customised solutions and products such as connectors for energy and data transmission applications including, for example, mechanical engineering, rail technology, wind energy plants, factory automation and the telecommunications sector. It also produces electromagnetic components for the automotive industry, and is a specialist in industrial applications in the form of enclosures, housings, cabling and/or the assembly of individual or complete systems, as well as automated vending systems.

Sectors it caters to: Its products are used in mechanical and plant engineering, factory automation, power generation and distribution as well as industrial electronics and telecommunication.

Major products: Industrial connectors, connectors for TCA, metric connectors, multi-coaxial connectors, interface connectors, etc.

Contact details: Ph: 91 44 4356 0415-16 ; Fax: 91 44 4356 0417,
(Profile as per company website)

Thakor Electronics 

Annual Revenue (2009-10) Rs 99.40 million

Thakor Electronics was founded in 2001, when it took over a running plant from Thermax Electronics Ltd, Pune. The company has one of the most specialised manufacturing plants in India, and is committed to perfect quality along with competitive prices and excellent deliveries on a continuous basis. It is also committed to providing prompt post-sales support to its customers. Within two years of being set up, the ‘Thakor’ brand name was established in India.

It is one of the market leaders in the manufacture of electronic resistors and aluminum electrolytic capacitors, and enjoys a substantial share of the market.

Major products: Resistors—thin film, thick film and thick film chip resistors (SMD).

Sectors it caters to: Automotive, power electronics and telecommunications, etc.

Contact details: Ph: 020-27120234 /27120235; Fax: 020-27120042; [email protected], [email protected];
(Profile as per company website)

Other popular component manufacturers

Ace Components & Electronics Pvt Ltd 

Ace Components was set up in 1983 by a technocrat and entrepreneur who had rich work experience in medium and large companies, apart from technical training and work experience in Japan. Right from its inception, the company established a full line to produce carbon and metal film resistors—right from film deposition to finished resistors —thereby gaining complete control on the quality of the products. Higher wattage lines and metal oxide lines were added to provide the customer with the full range of requirements in leaded film resistors.
The production facilities have been continuously updated to provide customers with the best of quality, cost, delivery and service. Ace resistors are tested for application requirements and the relevant international material standards. All procedures, from order processing to delivery, are fully automated to ensure error-free and efficient handling of all orders. The company is ISO 9001: 2008 certified.

Major products: High stability carbon film resistors, high stability metal film resistors, metal oxide film resistors, zero ohm resistors and flame-proof resistors.

Sectors it caters to: EMS, defence, telecommunications, instrumentation, electrical applications, high end UPS systems, energy metering, electronic modules for branded consumer durables, control systems, precision electronic weighing systems, medical electronics and machine tools.

Contact details: Ph: +91-821-428 8364, 2402394; Fax: +91-821-2402364; [email protected], [email protected],eb;

Elcon India 

Established in 1981, Elcon India has dedicated itself to the development and production of high quality electronic components by providing a wide range of potentiometers and switches, meeting the customer’s varied demands for miniature, light weight and high precision new generation devices. Raw material from carefully selected suppliers is procured and processed and intensive inspection at every stage of manufacturing, from receipt of incoming material to packaging of the finished product is carried out by quality assurance team, assuring high quality and reliability.

Major products: Rotary potentiometers, slide potentiometers, trimmer potentiometers, tact switches, push switches, micro switches, band selector switches, etc

Contact details: Ph: +91-11-26813898, 26813898/3897, +91-9810466663, [email protected] , [email protected],
(Profile as per company website)

Integrated Electronics Technology Pvt Ltd (INTRON) 

INTRON is known for reliable precision resistor products that are used in demanding applications throughout the electronics industry. The radial resistors manufactured by INTRON have an inbuilt precision, low tolerance, and TCR is obtained by process capability rather than a reliance on a selection process. A high tech manufacturing unit founded by the late Dr Wasudeo Jirafe, the company is a pioneer in the field of microelectronics. The INTRON is a unique company engaged in the development and manufacturing of low TCR precision thin film resistors and resistor networks, including hybrid networks.

Major products: Resistors—EPOXY coated and encapsulated; resistor networks—thin film & hybrid; SMD & specials—thin film SMD, current sensing, foil resistors, etc.

Sectors it caters to: Precision weighing scales, temperature and chart recorders, T&M equipment, high precision amplifiers etc.
Contact details: Ph: 022-25821053; Fax: 022-25822162; [email protected];

Cermet Resistronics Pvt Ltd 

Established in 1990, Cermet Resistronics has emerged as one of the leading manufacturers of electronics and electrical resistors in India with 42 years of experience in R&D. The company is ISO 9001:2000 certified with a growth rate of 40 per cent every year, and an annual turnover of US$ 3 million with exports accounting for 20 per cent of this figure. Cermet has achieved success in the field of resistor manufacturing by maintaining its high quality standard and is well known for its custom built solutions for various industries.

Cermet is eco-conscious, its products being RoHS compliant. It manufactures thick film/metal glaze/high voltage/hybrid/flat resistors in India. It has the widest range of carbon film/metal film/wire wound, metal oxide resistors, wire wound power resistors up to 1200 W, neutral ground resistors (NGR), dynamic breaking resistors (DBR) and zero Ohms resistors (tape jumper). Cermet also manufactures customised resistors.

Major products: Fusible film, fusible wire wound resistors, high precision metal film resistors, current sense resistors, spark suppressor resistors, pure non-inductive resistors, thick film high voltage resistors, networks, arrays and dividers, surge protection metal glaze resistors, silicon, axial, metal oxide high voltage high meg resistors, aluminium-housed dynamic breaking resistors and load banks.

Sectors it caters to: Automobile and industrial electronics, the telecom industry, LT and HT switchgears, low voltage and high voltage power supplies, entertainment electronics, instrumentation, lasers, X-rays and other special medical electronics applications.

Contact details: Ph: 9975596451/52/53; [email protected];

Hi-Tech Resistors Pvt Ltd 

Since inception in 1988, Hi-Tech Resistors Pvt Ltd, also known as HTR in the electronics industry worldwide, has grown to become one of the leading resistor manufacturers in the world with a presence in 35 countries through a network of representatives and distributors. HTR’s state of the art manufacturing facility at Nagpur produces over 100,000 wire wound and low ohm current sense resistors every day in a wide variety of mounting and housing configurations. HTR’s research and application facility provides techno-economical solutions for customised resistive devices at optimal costs. HTR is an ISO/TS 16949:2009 manufacturing facility.

Major products: Resistive devices in the wire wound and low ohm current sense categories, HVAC resistive devices, customised resistive device solutions, etc.

Sectors it caters to: Industrial electronics, avionics, automotive, consumer electronics and power supplies.
Contact details: 712-2531134, 712-2528334; [email protected];

MFR Electronic Components Pvt Ltd 

MFR Electronic Components Pvt Ltd is an ISO 9001-2000 certified company with over two decades of experience in the manufacture of a wide range of resistors. The coveted approvals from the defence, aviation, space, telecommunications and railway authorities have established, beyond any doubt, the reliability and stability of its products.

Major products: Precision metal film resistors, metal film resistors, moulded resistors, metal oxide resistors, fusible resistors, high precision and stability moulded radial resistors, power radial-type wire wound resistors, silicon coated axial wire wound resistors, ceramic encased axial wire wound resistors and metal glaze resistors.

Contact details: Ph: +91-22-28291316/28290232/28290353; Fax: 91-22-28290821; [email protected];

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