TOP 10 SMT players in India (March 2009)


Surface mount technology (SMT) has started creating waves in the country, which has been made conspicuous by the kind of amplification SMT play­ers are experiencing in the Indian market. For the second time since our inception, we are conducting this study (last year, we carried it in the February 2008 issue) and are pleased that we have received a robust response this year as well. This is the second anniversary issue of Electronics Bazaar and we would like to extend our gratitude to all our readers for be­ing appreciative of the ‘EB Top’ banner.

Friday, March 20, 2009: Find list of Top EMS Players

Rank Company name Revenue (in Rs million)
1 Bergen Associates Pvt Ltd 6,615
2 NMTronics India Pvt Ltd 1,617
3 DVS Group 300
4 Prosem Technology India (P) Ltd 250
5 TransTechnology India Pvt Ltd 250
6 Leaptech Corporation 220
7 Juki Corporation 196
8 EMST Marketing Pvt Ltd 120
9 SS International Services 100
10 Sumitron Exports Pvt Ltd 86

The game has changed marginally since last year, but the cardinal rule remains the same—survival of the fittest! Fresh players have ventured into the market, intensifying competition. Recession has injured some and turned a blind eye to others. The colours of the un­predictable Indian market are forever changing.

Bergen Associates Pvt Ltd  
Rajinder Kumar, CMD

Annual Revenue (2007-2008): Rs 6615 M


Established in 1983, Bergen Associates is an ISO 9001:2000 certified company. It is catering for electronics’ manufacturing companies with the products of their foreign principles. Bergen provides top of the line equipment, enmeshed with personalised services. The specialised machines and instruments offered for PCB assemblies and rework are wave soldering, reflow soldering, selective soldering, screen printing, cleaning machinery, solder paste height measuring machinery, X-ray and AO inspection machinery, BGA/SMT rework, soldering and desoldering stations for SMD as well as PTH components.

Contact details: 305-306, Magnum House 1, Commercial Complex, Karampura, New Delhi 110015; Phone: +91-11-25920283-86; Fax: 25920289; E-mail: [email protected]; Website:

NMTronics India Pvt Ltd 
Soni Saran Singh, Executive Director

Annual Revenue (2007-2008):Rs 1617 M

NMTronics India is one of India’s chief service providers to the SMT industry. It represents more than 17 principles through their different products and solutions to the Indian customer and has been doing so since the past 17 years. It offers solutions such as solder paste mixers, screen printers, glue dispensers, pick and place, reflow ovens, wave soldering, board handling equipment, 3D solder paste inspection systems, traceability solutions, manual inspection, rework stations, temperature profilers,

selective soldering, semiconductor assemblies, plasma surface treatment and fume extractors.

Customers look to NMTronics for the latest and finest in class products and support. It has expertise and experience in the different facets of the electronics industry (automotive, consumer electronics, computer hardware, energy metres, EMS, etc). The company has established its technical centre at Noida for equipment display and demonstration. The facility is also used for providing training to engineers who intend to build their careers in the SMT industry. In an attempt to keep up with market requirements, NMTronics has added new products to its portfolio such as semiconductor assemblies,

selective soldering, plasma surface treatment equipment and factory automation solutions.

NMTronics India offers a single window solution to the SMT industry with its associate company iNETest Technologies India Pvt Ltd. It can fulfill any equipment or technology requirement that the customers might have, ranging from solder paste mixers, PCB assembly equipment (screen printers, pick and place, and reflow), manual inspection systems for testing and inspection systems from associate companies like AOI, ICT, X-ray, environment chambers, etc. Lately NMTronics has started providing services for semiconductor assemblies and factory automation solutions as well.

Contact Details: E-17, SDF Block, Noida Special Economic Zone Noida 201305; Phone: 0120-4603500; Fax: 4603535; E-mail: [email protected];Website:

DVS Group  
Rajeev Mody, Division Head

Annual Revenue (2007-2008): Rs 300 M

DVS India is one of the leading distribution companies in the Indian market. It offers sale and support of highly sophisticated electronic equipment required for assembling and testing the latest state-of-the-art printed circuit boards, integrated circuit devices and wafer and hybrid products for the Indian market. The company is regarded as a complete solution provider across the industry. With its three verticals—PCBA, Test and Semicon—it covers the entire gamut of consultancy, equipment and services for the electronic industry at large.

It offers the finest quality of equipment in the Indian subcontinent, which includes SMT/BGA rework stations and automated optical inspection systems, besides general SMT equipment. DVS believes in providing innovative products that are constantly responsive to the market needs and trends and extends its process knowledge, training and support to all its customers in India.

Contact details: S-131 Panchsheel Park New Delhi 110017; Phone: 011-40502050; Fax: 41882294; E-mail:[email protected]; Website:

Prosem Technology India 
Vinit Verma, Director

Prosem Technology India Pvt Ltd is a one-stop, fully integrated supplier of electronic manufacturing equipment and services to the SMT-based PCB assembly industry. It was formed by a team of individuals with experience in the SMT PCBA industry. The company’s mission is to enable their customers to be more cost efficient and competitive in accordance with their long-term business objectives and the market scenario. Prosem is also the representative of the universal insertion mounter division in India.

The company provides its own SW such as scan2place and scan2inspect, which are used as helping tools in SMT line assemblies. The company offers complete support in terms of machine installation, commissioning, training, etc. It also stocks spares locally in order to provide world class support to its various clients. Its offices are located in New Delhi, Bengaluru and Chennai. The company plans to add more products to its portfolio and diversify into other related manufacturing sectors. It also plans to spread geographically.

Contact Details: 221, F.I.E. Patparganj, New Delhi 110092; Phone: 011-43012154; Fax: 43012150; E-mail: [email protected]; Website:

TransTechnology India Pvt Ltd  
Christopher J Fussner, President

Annual Revenue (2007-2008):Rs 250 M

Transtec India is a fully-owned subsidiary of Transtechnology Pvt Ltd, Singapore. As a group, the company has 20 years of experience of working with Heller Industries since the time of its inception. It has been active in India since 2001 and has had a fair degree of success here. It comprises 170 people, spread across SE Asia, including India. About 70 per cent of its total manpower constitutes service engineers and about 12 of them are deployed across India. Transtec is equipped to supply the entire line—from loaders to unloaders, including inspection and test equipment. The company’s key strength lies in its relationship with its customers. Transtec India has had associations with some of its key principles like Yamaha and Heller, since the time of its inception. To bolster its position, the company has set up regional demo-cum­training laboratories across SE Asia including one in Gurgaon, India. It houses in-house SMT equipment such as a Yamaha pick and place machine, a Heller lead-free ready reflow and an Asymtek selective conformal coating machine for training and demonstrative purposes.

It also stocks advanced level spare parts in its Gurgaon facility, including training head assemblies for maintenance level training. The company takes keen participation in most of the significant Nepcon and Electronic India exhibitions in India and also conducts road shows.

Contact Details: Gound Floor, Plot 429, Sector 37, Pace City II, Gurgaon, Haryana; Phone: 0124-4066919; Fax: 4275448; E-mail: [email protected]; Website: Christopher J Fussner President

Leaptech Corporation 
V P Sreejeev, Director

Annual Revenue (2007-2008):Rs 220 M

Leaptech Corporation is the main supplier for assembly automation solu­tions in the SMT sector as well as the through-hole technology sector of the PCB assembly industry. With its head office in Mumbai and branch offices in Bengaluru, Chennai and Delhi, it is the authorised representative for leading manufacturers like I-Pulse-Japan, Speedprint-UK, Tangtek-Taiwan, Solbot-Taiwan, Deprag-Germany, Tecnicon-UK, Fonton-Taiwan, Artos-USA and Schafer-Swiss. It is an active player in the SMT sector, offering products and solutions for all SMT related assembly automations. Its future growth stratagem involves focused concentration on customer support as well as process support for all its customers. It also plans to aggressively promote its products in the Indian market.

Contact details: 812 Cosmos Sector-11, CBO Belapur, Navi Mumbai 400706; Phone: 022-27562822/27562849; Fax: 27562881/27720637; E-mail: [email protected]; Website:

Juki Corporation  

Annual Revenue (2007-2008): Rs 196 M

Kazuhiro Nagashima, Managing Direcotor Juki India

Juki is in the field of SMT mounters since 1987. Even though it happens to be one of the last to enter this field, it has over 20,000 installations around the world. Its customer base includes some of the top users like Sony, Mitsubishi, Mitsumi, Pioneer, ECS, etc. Juki mounters are known for their economy, expandability, reliability and durable design. The growth strategy adopted by Juki is customer-oriented. It offers innovative products that are in synchronization with the market requirements and trends and extends its process knowledge, training and support to customers around the globe. Juki has offices and distributors all over the world.

Contact details: 305, Acropolis, Military Road, Marol, Andheri East, Mumbai 400059; Phone: 022-66681925; Fax: 66681926; E-mail: [email protected]; Website:

EMST Marketing Pvt Ltd 
L Sampath CEO

Annual Revenue (2007-2008): Rs 120 M

EMST Marketing was the first to start manufacturing SMT equipment in India way back in 1994. It started with manual printers and batch type reflow ovens. The company also brought in high speed automatic SMT lines through representation of world class brands. EMST has vast experience in SMT and played an important role in propagating its growth in the Indian market through low cost entry level indigenous machinery. The EMST customer base includes smallscale manufacturers with small entry level machines as well as high end manufacturers like Cahokia and Siemens.

EMST, with its considerable manufacturing experience, plans to develop high-end products in SMT and is in the process of developing new machines. The company continues to add niche products to the Indian market that are brought from abroad through representation. It has a wide variety of machines and can cater for all levels of production volumes and complexities.

Contact details: S No. 43/3 Gate No. 322, Plot 1, Orangutan, Pune; Phone: 020-32501000; Fax: 20291131; E-mail: [email protected]; Website:

S S International Services  
Mohan Thandhani, CEO

Annual Revenue (2007-2008): Rs 100 M

S S International aims to provide excellence in equipment and services to its customers. It pro­vides Mechatronics Gmbh equipment, which is required for SMT assembly. The Mechatronics range serves small to mid-level SMT assemblies. The company provides the Zevac Onyx range of rework for SMT, which covers the entire spectrum of components. They also provide desiccators for storage of SMT components and semiconductors from the Terra Universal USA range. Terra Universal USA is an important name in clean room equipment. With respect to its future growth and strategy plans, S S International plans to offer innovative products, quality services and support to customers in India.

Contact details: 15 Birbal Road, Jangpura Extension, New Delhi 110014; Phone: 011-41823119/120; Fax: 24317369; E-mail: [email protected]; Website:

Sumitron Exports Pvt Ltd  
S K Jain, MD

Annual Revenue (2007-2008): Rs 86 M

Sumitron Exports Pvt Ltd was founded in December 1990 to facilitate direct imports by the company from its principle so as to enable availability of quality world-renowned brands against rupee payments. In the electronic components business Sumitron is supported by various foreign brands in India. Some of them are NIC Components (USA, Canada, UK, Singapore) for capacitors, resistors, inductors, ferrites, thermistors, varistors, diodes; RCD Components (USA) for precision resistors, capacitors, coils and delay lines; Rara Electronics Corporation (Korea) for high power/high voltage resistors; Winchester Electronics (USA) for various types of connectors and connector systems; MegaPhase LLC (USA) for cable assemblies for RF and microwave applications;

Fischer Electronik GmbH (Germany) for heatsinks and related components. Some of the SMT vendors of Sumitron are Hakko Corporation, Japan for soldering and desoldering stations; Koki Tec Corp, Japan for wave and reflow soldering machines, electronic moisture-proof storage cabinets, etc.

Contact details: 27, Community Centre, Naraina, Phase-I, P.O. Box: 10227, New Delhi 110 028; Phone: 011-41410631/32/33/34/35; Fax: 41410494/25891761; E-mail: [email protected]; [email protected]; Website:

And the Runners-up are…

Mectronics Marketing Services

Manish Agarwal, Partner

Annual Revenue (2007-2008)Rs 40 M

Mectronics has been a leading supplier of SMT consumables and support equipment since the last 15 years. Through its three offices it serves all the major geographic locations in India with SMT assembly solutions. Its product range includes SMT adhesives, solder paste, cleaning chemicals, reflow and wave soldering profilers, conformal coating, replacement nozzles and needles for pick and place machines and dispensers, USC rolls, splice tapes, bench top soldering and desoldering tools, array package rework equipment, dispensing systems, fume extraction systems, array package rework equipment and consumables required for PCB assembly. Mectronics provides ex-stock deliveries of the top brands of SMT consumables and support equipment like Heraeus, Zestron, ESE, KIC, Peters and OK International. Its future growth strategy includes offering a new range of products to customers all over India.

Contact details: 

406, Ashish Corporate Tower, Karkardooma Community Centre, New Delhi; Phone: 011-223758108; Fax: 22375108; E-mail: [email protected]; Website:

Agate & Agate Marketing Resources (I) Pvt Ltd

Ashutosh Agate, Director

Annual Revenue (2007-2008): Rs 35 M

Agate & Agate Marketing Resources (I) Pvt Ltd, since its inception, has been devoted to providing surface mount technology products and services. It represents leading manufacturers of SMT production equipment, SMT solder material and range of SMT accessories and consumables. To support its customers further it also offers SMT training and much required SMT process support. A&A Marketing Resources offers a broad choice of SMT production equipment to suit customer requirements, right from prototyping to low volume production to high volume production. Major products offered by it are entry level and mid-range SMT pick and place machines, high speed pick and place machines, stencil printers, reflow ovens, lead-free wave solder machines, insertion conveyors, AOI, SMD adhesives, solder pallets, etc.

Agate & Agate’s factory-trained engineers offer prompt and efficient after-sales services on all SMT equipment sold by the company. Its SMT product mix enables it to address the needs of new entrants in the SMT manufacturing arena and those customers who wish to expand their existing production capacities. All SMT products sold by A&A Marketing Resources are proven in the field and have several installations worldwide. With sound backing from its respective principles, the company wants to further leverage its presence in each segment of the electronics industry. 

Contact details: 

Office No. 327, 3rd Floor, Building No. 1, “Siddarth Towers”, S NO 12/3B, Kothrud, Pune 411038; Phone: 020–25469864, 25469865; Fax: 25469866; E-mail: [email protected], [email protected]; Website:

American Tec Electronic India Pvt Ltd

Wilson Chia, Country Manager

Annual Revenue (2007-2008): Rs 28.5 M

American Tec, which was established in 1983, is a major player in Asia for sales, integration and after-sales support in the field of SMT assembly and testing equipment. Since the commencement of its operations, it has crossed several milestones and is among the largest and most technologically advanced distributors of SMT equipment today. American Tec has been providing total production solutions to customers belonging to the electronics industry and the markets of Asia through its vast experience and understanding for over 20 years.

The company has operations scattered across 25 locations and three countries. Its distribution network in northeast Asia is covered by Hong Kong, which caters for China and Hong Kong; in Taiwan, which caters mainly for Malaysia and Indonesia; and India, as an individual category. American Tec has earned a good reputation in the industry by contributing its support and encouragement to local industries for building qualified service teams in order to compete with international electronics manufacturers. The company aims to provide customers with one-stop value added solutions.

Contact details:

1010 10th Floor, Mercantile House, 15 KG Marg, New Delhi 1100001; Phone: 011-23706055, 66307418, 66307418; Fax: 23706054 ; E-mail: [email protected]; Website:

Drive Technologies

Annual Revenue (2007-2008): Rs 25 M

Drive Technologies engages in sales and services of capital goods for PCB assembly and claims to thrive on the foundation of good personal relations with its customers. The company specialises in small entry level setups. It offers the most value for money and dependable conveyorised reflow ovens. These can be used for solder paste reflow in smaller setups and effective glue curing in large setups. In the pick and place space, it offers a wide range of solutions from semi-automatic to fully automatic, in various speed configurations.

The company, in terms of its future growth strategy, plans to offer a complete range of solutions in PCB assembly, testing, coating and solder recovery by 2010 end. It also intends to offer end-to-end solutions, ranging from PCB to conformal coating and aims to succour its customers by proffering effective guidance, timely support and upgradeable solutions.

Contact details: 27, Community Centre, Naraina, Phase-I, P.O. Box: 10227, New Delhi 110 028; Phone: 011-41410631/32/33/34/35; Fax: 41410494/25891761; E-mail: [email protected]; [email protected]; Website:

Siemens Electronics Assembly Systems Pte Ltd

Siegfried Neubauer, CEO

Siplace (part of Siemens Electronics Assembly Systems Pte Ltd) is one of the leading suppliers for production of surface mount technology (SMT) placement machines and solutions. Since 1985 about 22,000 Siplace machines have been installed with over 2,200 customers worldwide–in all industries such as telecommunications, automotive, IT, consumer electronics and automation (EMS). The Siplace organisation is steadily expanding its unparalleled global presence with 98 service centres, 19 training centres, five technical support centres, three research and development (R&D) centres, assembly centres and Siplace factories in Germany and Singapore. Siplace has approximately 2,000 employees worldwide. Siplace had started off with the modular concept since the development of its first machine in the early 80s and is recognised in the industry as a technological leader. With continuous innovation, now customers can see the latest innovations such as “Siplace MultiStar” and “Siplace Quad Lane”, which have been developed to increase performance and flexibility. The new products will especially delight all customers, who may have high mix or high volume requirements, notwithstanding the industry.

Contact details: 

Siemens Electronics Assembly Systems Pte Ltd, 2 Corporation Road, #04-12, Corporation Place, Singapore 618494; E-mail: [email protected]; Website:

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