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Using machines instead of people to move PCBs during the assembly process not only results in increased production yields, but can also add up to significant cost reductions. With board handling and transport systems, any PCB assembler regardless of size can realise the benefits while maximising the automated capability of their inline equipment. Using SMEMA standards for machine to machine communication, players offer extensive range of board handling systems like transporters, conveyors, buffers, loaders, unloaders, line dividers combiners and more. These machines are favourably priced and are easily adaptable to numerous inspection functions, such as solder paste, component placement, or post-reflow.

By Srabani Sen 
Wednesday, October 10, 2012:

Model: Laser marking cell series NTM5510-X, Brand: Nutek, Company: Nutek Pte Ltd, Singapore

Laser marking cell series NTM5510-XIn July 2012, Nutek launched laser marking cell series NTM5510-X, which is used for marking text and barcodes, and is usually used in automotive and mobile industries for traceability application. NTM5510-X is specially designed to accurately mark PCB within a production line or as a standalone system. The PCB is locked in its marking position while the CO2 laser is moved using servo controlled X-Y axis. The user friendly Windows based software allows easy programmable marking position and number of markings. Double sided marking is achievable with an optional integrated inverting unit.


Key features

10 watt CO2 (Class 4); Class 1 laser protected housing; Digitally controlled linear axis for X & Y movements; Selectable bypass operation; Automatic width adjustment conveyor; PCB side clamping; PCB lifting system for constant focal point; Marking area: 105 x 105 mm per position, 460 x 460 mm total coverage; Cell size: ≥ 0.127 mm; Marking types: Text, barcodes, 2D codes and graphics

Contact details: Lucas Lee, sales manager, [email protected], Ph: (65) 6862 0255,

India distributor: Maxim SMT Technologies Pvt Ltd


Model: YJ Link PCB Cleaner, Brand: YJ Link, Company: YJ Link, Korea

YJ Link PCB CleanerYJ Link PCB Cleaner machine was launched in the first quarter of 2012. This equipment is used to remove dust, particles and static charges PCB in SMT process. This equipment uses anti-touch PCB technology, using air and vacuum. It uses a scratch free and static free technology for optimum results. This machine is used for automated PCB handling or flow, in PCB assembly process. It minimises human intervention or handling for SMT and MI assembly process setup.

Key features

Touch screen operation; Durable structure by double base plate; Buzzer, SMEMA interface LED display; ESD cover, safe from dust and particle; Dual clamping system for magazine warp prevention; Customised manufacturing; Available in five variant for different PCB sizes; Single lane & Dual lane PCB flow option available.

Contact details: Kwanwoo Nam, Ph: + 82-53-592-1723, [email protected]

India distributor: NMTronics India Pvt Ltd and iNETest Technologies India Pvt Ltd


Model: PC-350W-ST line combiner, Brand: Manncorp, Company: Manncorp, USA

PC-350W-ST line combinerLaunched in January 2012, Manncorp’s PC-350W-ST line combiner is a shuttle conveyor that increases production efficiency with the possibility of saving floor space, energy and even capital equipment costs, when the user adds a second production line. It is primarily utilised as a post inspection shuttle that takes pass/fail signals from the automatic optical inspection station (AOI). This step allows passed boards to automatically proceed to an unloader while flawed ones are conveyed to a rework station—all without manual intervention.

Another application eliminates the necessity of an additional reflow oven and/or stencil printer, without sacrificing the throughput advantage of a second line. Since reflow and printing are comparatively faster operational sequences, they usually remain on standby while awaiting pick and place input or output. When PC-350W-ST line combiner is added, two placers can feed a single reflow oven, or one printer is all that’s needed to feed two placers, freeing up space, energy and capital equipment costs.

Key features

Handles standard board sizes of up to 400 x 460 mm; PCB thickness: 0.4 mm min. 2.5 mm max; Conveyor direction: Front rail fixed left to right (standard) or right to left (optional) operation; Can be used for test or rework loops; Alleviate conveyor misalignment issues between equipment; LCD touch panel control

Contact details: Michael Schwartz, director of marketing; Ph: 215-830-1200 (USA); [email protected]

India distributor: Texonee Technology


Model: MFC series Automatic Loader, Dual Track Linking & PCB Reject Conveyor, Brand: Nutek, Company: Nutek Pte Ltd, Singapore

MFC series Automatic Loader, Dual Track Linking & PCB Reject ConveyorMFC series Automatic Loader, Dual Track Linking and PCB Reject Conveyor were all launched in January 2012. These are high reliability products with better accuracy, and can be used for SMT PCB assembly line and manual insertion lines.

Key features

MFC series Automatic Loader is sturdy with a stable design; User friendly soft touch LED membrane control panel; Pneumatic clamps provided for magazine alignment; Pneumatic pusher’s pressure regulated; High throughput with short magazine changeover time; SMEMA compatible.

Dual Track Linking Conveyor (500 & 1000 mm) has Modular design; Stability enhanced by ‘robust design’; Conveyor speed 14 m/min; PCB width 50-216 mm; Laser carved stainless steel side guides for superior quality and durability; Ergonomically designed arm rest; Smooth and parallel width adjustment.

PCB Reject Conveyor Features has user friendly soft touch LED membrane control panel; Includes ‘reject’, ‘inspect’ and ‘pass through’ modes; Modular design; Stability enhanced by ‘robust design’; Conveyor Speed 0.5-14 m/min.

Contact details: Lucas Lee, sales manager, [email protected], Ph: (65) 6862 0255,

India distributor: Leaptech Corporation, for details, see Ad on Backcover


Mode: Vego Compact, Vego Dynamic, Brand: Vego, Company: Asys Group, Germany

Vego Compact, Vego DynamicLaunched in December 2011, Vego Compact and Vego Dynamic conveyors are suitable for surface mount assembly, through hole assembly, hybrid assembly and glass applications. Vega Compact is a basic range of loader, unloader, conveyor, etc. It is fully compatible with all SMD process equipment with high modular design. Vega Dynamic, on the other hand is a high range off loader, unloader, etc has maximum flexibility and is an reliable customised solution.

Key features

Vego Compact: Excellent price/performance; High reliability; Easy maintenance; ESD compliance; Membrane button based interface; Standard upto 460 x 460 mm PCB handling; SMEMA interface; Minimum edge support; High transport speed; Various standard options upgradeability; IC net line communication Vego Dynamic: Highest machine availability; All round handling for SMD THT. hybrid, glass; Highest reliability, easy maintenance; Best comfort and access; Small footprint; ESD compliance; Variable edge support; Variety of interfaces; Colour graphical touch based human machine; interface; Product memory function; Run mode parametric changes; Configurable user levels; IC net line communication; Dual and flexible dual lane

Contact details: Parvindar Singh, MD, Singapore, Ph: 656208887, Mob: +65 91 738185, [email protected]

India office: ASYS Group India


Model: PROCON1000–Inspection cum, Linking Conveyor (1m), Brand: Prosem, Company: Prosem Technology (I) Pvt Ltd

PROCON1000–Inspection cum, Linking Conveyor (1m)Launched in March 2011, this inspection cum linking conveyor is a modular machine, with a robust design.

This 0.5m conveyor can be customised as per the needs of the customer, and is quite cost effective.

Key features

Modular and robust design; Smooth width adjustment; User selectable PCB inspection mode and bypass mode; Variable speed control; Full SMEMA compatible; PCB size handling: 50 x 50 mm up to 450 x 350 mm; Conveyor Type: Antistatic belt; Conveyor speed: – 0 ~ 100m/min; Power: – 220V, 1Ph; Power consumption: – 100VA max; Dimensions (LxWxH): – 1,000 x 730 x 950 mm

Contact details: Prosem Technology India Pvt Ltd;


Model: Loader SLD 120 & Unloader SLD 120, Brand: SJIT, Company: SJ Inno Tech, Korea

 Loader SLD 120 & Unloader SLD 120Launched in 2011, Loader and Unloader SLD 120 are used for loading and unloading PCBs. SJ Innotech also offers conveyors for various applications such as inspection, connecting machine, cooling, etc.

Key features

Perfect fixing with magazine dual clamp unit; Various feeding pitch 1~4 steps (10 mm, 20 mm, 30 mm, 40 mm); Possible to line up with various kind of machines; SMEMA interface and easy to operate; Magazine change over time: 18 seconds; PCB size for loader & unloader: 50 x 50 ~ 460 x 510; Magazine capacity for loader & unloader: 120

Contact details: Jennifer, Ph: 053-586-2203, [email protected],

India distributor: Bergen Systems Pvt Ltd


Model: BS-1000, Brand: Samsung, Company: Samsung, Korea

BS-1000Launched in 2010, BS-1000 minimises defective board feed ratio through the use of the belt drive system.

Its stable quality ensures improved productivity. The machine is easy to operate and has a compact and elegant design.

Key features

PCB first-in-first-out function (FIFO); 25mm pitch, 20 steps; Includes safety cover; PCB cooling by use of fans; Automatic conveyor width adjustment ; Buffer conveyor; Highly flexible and reliable;

Contact details: Sang Youn Seo, Ph: +82-10-8753-9194, [email protected],

India office: Samsung C&T India. For details, see Ad on pg 4


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