“Never chase money. Work hard and be passionate, and your profits will soar”


Dinesh Gupta, director, DG Energytech, believes one of the biggest reasons for his success is that, since childhood, he ardently listened to those he admired and always tried to implement their advice in his life. He shares his professional journey and personal beliefs with Nijhum Rudra.

Born in a middle class family, in a small town in Nagar district, Bharatpur (Rajasthan), I aspired to be an engineer when I was in the eighth standard itself. My father worked in the education department, and I was an outstanding and meritorious student right from childhood.

I completed my B. Tech from Nagpur University in 1991. I worked in one of the leading television manufacturing firms, Calcom, and at Avery India for about seven-and-a-half years. I always dreamt of becoming a successful and honest businessman who wanted to do something for the country. I worked very hard, day and night, to achieve this dream, which actually became a reality in 1998. This was the year I ventured out on my own to start a business.

Some of my favourite things
Hobbies: Hosting parties, and having fun with friends and family
Favourite music: Old Hindi film music by Lata Mangeshkar and Kishore Kumar
Favourite food: Rajma chawal and dal baati churma
Favourite actor: Amitabh Bachchan
Favourite actress: Rekha
Favourite singer: Kishore Kumar

In the beginning, my business did well in the fields of garment exports, as well as tours and travels. But during my first foreign visit, I learnt about energy saving methods and procedures, and decided to venture into that field. It was very exciting to begin manufacturing in India itself, and since I am an engineer, the setting up of the production process was relatively trouble-free. At DG Energytech, we manufacture and provide products in the chemical earthing, solar energy and LED lighting domains, and always strive to focus on the quality of our products and services. Our brand, Paras, is well accepted in markets and industries in the NCR. We also supply LED and solar products to reputed organisations like NHPC, NTPC, SBI, Victora Auto Group, Munjal Auto Group, Gates India, DLF, etc.

The challenges
The Indian LED light industry has a great future, but due to the price wars, some good and well-known companies have been destroyed. They are now close to shutting down.
It is very important to have belief in yourself. If you are not happy with the quality and features of any product in the market, then be the innovator to improve that product so that it becomes more useful to the customer. And apart from developing new products, I am very excited that our company is now contributing to energy generation and energy saving.

My role within the organisation
I focus on marketing and the development of new products. We know that we have the potential to contribute to the energy sector and we have worked very hard to do so. I have complete belief in God and am certain that, in the coming years, DG Energytech will be a very popular company in the country.

My core belief and success mantra
I believe that if you want to succeed, you need to innovate and think about enhancing the quality of your products and solutions. Once you have a finished product, you know its unique strengths, which will help you to explore the market.

At DG Energytech, we always strive for ‘vyavhar se vyapar’ which is a quality every business must have in order to succeed. Along with great products, you also require amicable behaviour and good relationships with customers and those in the market. If you ignore this important aspect of human relationships, your business will not succeed. Professionalism with a blend of friendly behaviour is always required.

My message to young entrepreneurs
I believe that we should never chase money alone, in any profession, especially in business. If you work hard and remain committed towards the requirements of your customers, then you will obviously have soaring profits. You need to have a passion first, or else you will never be successful.

Recently, I listened to an inspiring interview with the renowned Chinese business magnate and philanthropist, Jack Ma, who said that with the advent of artificial intelligence, a 12-hour work week (4 hours a day over 3 days a week) will become the norm in a few years. He also said that the current education system was outdated as it was modelled on the industrial era, and needed complete revamping.


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