Elcom allows customers to test and audit new products in the firm’s labs


Set up in 1981, Mumbai based Elcom International is a pioneer in the production of electrical components, electronics and electromechanical solutions. The company is now focusing on developing a world class product mix that caters to the industrial, manufacturing and renewable energy market segments.

By Baishakhi Dutta

Manufacturing floor at a glance

Elcom has a modern and robust manufacturing setup in India with a production capacity of almost 30 million pieces per year for a variety of products. Elcom’s products are being used by most of the leading OEMs in the electro-mechanical, electronics and solar domains across India and overseas. Its OEM clients include Schneider Electric, Server Technology, Vertiv (formerly Emerson Power), Rittal, Panasonic, Honda, Luminous, Sukam, Exide, Godrej, Bosch, Acme, Sterling & Wilson, Gamesa, IFB, Videocon, Symphony, Siemens, ABB, Bharat Electronics, ECIL, C-DOT and many more.


The company manufactures a wide range of products, and has more than 5000 active SKUs with the high-volume, low-mix and the low-volume, high-mix production patterns. Elcom has more than 40 channel partners across the country, as well as in Europe, and has representatives in the US market to serve its international customers.

Products manufactured

Elcom’s in-house engineering team offers customised solutions for:

  • Wire harnesses

  • RFI/EMI filters

  • Switches

  • Connectors

  • Power entry components

  • Smart power management systems

The customised solutions cater to the following segments:

  • Solar

  • Medical

  • Data centres

  • Automobiles

  • Power electronics

  • Instrumentation

  • Industrial and commercial buildings

  • Consumer appliances

Machinery used at the facility

For the design and development of plastic injection moulds and progressive press tools, the company uses the latest software tools and high precision machines, which include Fanuc wire cut machines and spark erosion (EDM) machines.

  • Precision milling machines, surface and profile grinding equipment, digital 2D measuring and other high-end machinery enable Elcom’s tool room to provide accurate, cost-effective solutions at the required pace.

  • Micro components of brass and other metals are produced with a number of automatic press machines with tonnages that range from 16 tonnes to 25, 40, 45 and 80 tonnes.

  • Elcom’s in-house plastic injection moulding facility has the latest machines, including Fanuc’s all-electric injection moulding machines which ensure high energy-efficiency and sustainability. This facility operates 24×7 with state-of-art moulding equipment that have a capacity of 15 to 150 tonnes, and a product output of around 7 million components per month using high performance plastic grades.

  • Engineering plastics, including glass reinforced and flame-retardant grades, are processed using the latest servo-controlled/all-electric machines.

  • Assembly lines are equipped with advanced machinery and instruments.

  • Automatic as well as semi-automatic machines with high-end configurations are in place for wire cutting and crimping at high accuracy rates.

Keeping pace with the tech advances in global markets, Elcom has enhanced its R&D and manufacturing capabilities by making the necessary capital investments. This helps it deliver design solutions and products at a much higher speed, without compromising on the quality of the product. Its products are compliant with international standards like CULUS, VDE, CCSAUS, CE, TUV, etc.

Recognition and awards

  • Recognised by DSIR for its in-house R&D activity, in 2013

  • Accredited by Underwriters Laboratory, under its WTDP

  • programme for the in-house test lab, in 2013

  • Awarded by the prestigious ELCINA Electronics Manufacturing Cluster for ‘Excellence in Product Innovation’, in 2016

  • Awarded the ‘Solar Cable Connector Manufacturer of the Year’ award in 2016 and 2017 by the Solar Quarter magazine

  • Achieved ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and OHSAS 18001:2007 certification in 2017

  • Winner of the ‘Best of the Industry Award 2017’ for manufacturing innovation, awarded by Electronics Maker Magazine


Elcom’s state-of-art manufacturing facility is equipped with an R&D unit recognised by DSIR (Department of Scientific and Industrial Research, government of India) and is in compliance with Integrated Management System (IMS) certifications including:

  • ISO 9001:2015 – Quality management system

  • ISO 14001:2015 – Environmental management system

  • OHSAS 18001:2007 – Health and safety management system

Selection of vendors

Elcom has its own supplier evaluation procedure, which considers the following parameters—process monitoring systems, infrastructure for manufacturing/inspection equipment, quality systems and the manpower/skill matrix of the vendors.

The company has applied for the Modified Special Incentive Package Scheme (M-SIPS), which is available for both new projects and expansion plans. The application is still being evaluated.

Strategy for success

Elcom believes that its work culture has a futuristic approach, which involves trying out new ideas persistently. Here is a brief overview of the facilities that have led to Elcom’s success:

  • The company offers its customers the unique service of testing/auditing the parameters of their new products at Elcom’s lab in Kolhapur.

  • Its safety lab has been approved for the WTP (Witness Test Programme) for various products by Underwriter’s Laboratory. This helps reduce the cycle time for safety approvals.

  • Elcom’s electronics and embedded design lab has the capabilities to conduct multiple critical tests for regulatory approvals like TUV, VDE, ENEC, UL, CSA, etc. It’s also equipped with power analysers, digital oscilloscopes, power sources, digital multimeters, data loggers, etc.

  • The company has an in-house tool room to manufacture moulds, progressive tools, etc, which enables it to provide prototypes to customers quickly.

Since last year, Elcom has expanded its capacity by four times. The company has relocated its design and manufacturing operations to its new state-of-art facility at the Kagal industrial zone, Kolhapur, which is strategically connected to the national highway. The new facility covers 20,000sqm, providing a robust infrastructure to meet the growing demands of Elcom’s business.

Core management practices

Elcom is focused on the continual improvement of skills through various on-the-job and classroom training endeavours. The company employs a diverse workforce and cross-functional teams are formed for various projects. From time to time, the training needs of the workforce are analysed and accordingly, training modules are planned and delivered. This is a continuous process. The training function at Elcom focuses on the overall skills development of the workforce, while training modules on ISO, EHS and OHSAS are delivered to address the requirements of the IMS.

The company has also undertaken several measures for labour management. These are:

  • The ‘Best Kaizen Award’ is presented annually.

  • Suggestions scheme: Recognition is given to the best suggestions.

  • Best attendance: The ‘Employee of the Year’ award goes to the person with the highest attendance.

  • Cultural events like ‘Traditional day’ and other get togethers are organised.

  • There is a reward scheme for bravery.

  • Employee engagement and bonding is encouraged through the annual sports week.

  • Safety Week is celebrated between March 4 and March 11, every year.

  • To help employees develop multiple skills, job rotation is practised.

  • There are free health check-up camps.

  • The company organised a ‘Safe ride’ programme in association with Hero Motocorp Ltd, Kolhapur and Honda.

  • World Women’s Day is celebrated with various programmes for female employees.

  • Guest lectures are arranged for employee development.

  • Seminars are organised to educate employees on various banking facilities through an association with various banks, including Bank of India, HDFC, ICICI, SVC, Axis, etc.

Green initiatives

Elcom selects and uses machinery that is energy efficient. It also ensures that the electrical loads are balanced so that the ideal power factor is maintained, for which the company has been recognised by the Maharashtra State Electricity Board. The company maintains its equipment well, ensuring it works at peak performance so as to save energy and reduce wastage.

Elcom has a modern effluent treatment plant, which ensures zero emission of hazardous waste. The treated water from the electroplating division is used for gardening. The daily routine at Elcom includes segregation of waste generated across the plant in the following way (see picture below):

  • Red colour bin: Oil soaked cotton waste, empty cotton for flux, soldering spots, PCB cutting, e-waste

  • Green bin: Paper, cardboard boxes, jute, cotton

  • Blue bin: Plastic waste

  • Yellow bin: Metal waste

  • This segregated waste is transported to the relevant scrap yards for disposal.

  • Food waste: Disposed at Kagal Municipal Corporation

  • Hazardous waste: Sent to MEPL (Maharashtra Enviro Power Limited) for disposal

  • Recycling and other waste: Disposed at authorised recyclers.

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