What’s new in 2D and 3D automatic inspection systems?


The new automatic inspection systems (AOIs) have been developed considering future artificial intelligence (AI) and Big Data based applications.

Automatic inspection systems (AOIs) allow manufacturers to identify both catastrophic failures (like missing components) and quality defects (like a component being askew). They enable fast, accurate and contactless inspection of the electronics assembly, particularly of printed circuit boards.

As electronic circuits today are becoming more complicated, the demand for contactless and automated inspection systems is also increasing. As per a report by Verified Market Research, the global market for AOIs that was valued at US$ 527.41 million in 2018 is projected to reach US$ 1.71 billion by 2026, at a CAGR of 15.74 per cent.

Today, these systems are being combined with other connected machines, line monitoring systems and manufacturing execution systems to support Industry 4.0 and the assembly of complicated circuits. Let’s find out about the latest releases here.

Model: LineMaster Fusion; Manufacturer: ASC International
LineMaster Fusion is a combination inspection system that supports both solder paste inspection (SPI) and automatic optical inspection. It is easy to program using the component placement library/CAD, requiring just about a few minutes of Gerber programming, which enables selective critical-site inspections. It also has an optimised learning mode for minimum false calls. The system supports both the Windows 7 Pro and Windows 10 Pro operating systems, and also has offline defect review software. It offers the fully statistical process control (SPC) functionality that allows it to provide runtime charts and custom reports. LineMaster Fusion has an inspection speed of 0.33 seconds/FOV with a minimum component size of 01005.


Key features and specifications:

  • Has a height accuracy of 1µm (0.04 mils)
  • Has a high resolution colour camera with PSI technology
  • Comes with a two-year, end-user warranty and technical support
  • Covers an inspection area from 35.56cm x 45.72cm upto 55.88cm x 66.04cm
  • Inspects for defects like missing components, incorrect parts, bridging, polarity, tombstone, solderability, alignment, lifted or bent leads, etc.

Contact: https://www.ascinternational.com

Model: 2Di‑LU1; Manufacturer: Saki Corporation
2Di-LU1 is an AOI with two-dimensional line scan technology. It is an ultra-fast machine that is capable of capturing the image of an entire printed circuit board assembly (PCBA) of size 460mm x 500mm and the carriers of size 610mm x 610mm in one pass, in real-time. It stores the image into the memory and creates inspection data for the entire board. This system eliminates the need to flip and handle boards by providing an automated bottom-side inspection process, which is why it is also known as an inline bottom-side AOI system. The platform has proprietary software by Saki that enables complete through-hole joint inspection in a single step.

Key features and specifications:

  • Increases productivity when incorporated into an assembly process by reducing the cost, time, labour, floor space and equipment (like the one to flip the board) that is required for manual inspection
  • The platform is based on rigid, time-tested hardware that ensures long hardware life and stable machine performance
  • Supports L-size PCBs, heavy substrates, mounted jigs and high clearances
  • Supports on-the-fly image capturing of an entire board
  • Inspects for copper exposure, pin-holes, pin detection, missing components, soldering problems, solder fillet abnormalities, and bridges

Contact: https://www.sakiglobal.com/

Model: S3016 Ultra; Manufacturer: Viscom AG
S3016 Ultra is an AOI based on new sensor technology and designed for the fast inspection of press-fit, THT and SMD components on the bottom side of the PCB. Its advanced 3D camera technology allows accurate inspection of THT pin lengths and solder joints. Its eight angled cameras provide conclusive colour images from all perspectives with good image quality in 3D. The S3016 Ultra is supported by Viscom algorithms that not only enable fast detection of solder bridges or open solder joints but also detect missing pins and other defects. The machine supports a combination of inspections like 3D, orthogonal and angled. It also supports Industry 4.0 and communicates with other connected machines along with the manufacturing execution system and the line monitoring equipment.

Key features and specifications:

  • Comes with a powerful 3D XM sensor concept for bottom-side inspection
  • Eight angled cameras provide very good quality inspection by eliminating shadows
  • Viscom standard software ensures minimal training requirements
  • Flexible enough to handle various types of test objects
  • Provides an optimal inspection process design when it comes to enhanced PCB handling options

Contact: https://www.viscom.com/

Model: FX-940 Ultra 3D; Manufacturer: Nordson YESTECH
The FX-940 Ultra 3D by Nordson YESTECH is an AOI with advanced imaging technology. It offers defect coverage with high speed inspection options. It comes with four side viewing cameras and one top-down viewing camera that support advanced 2D and 3D inspections. It also ensures programming portability across manufacturing lines. The FX-940 Ultra 3D provides automated inspection for solder defects/paste; co-planarity of BGAs, chips and other height-sensitive devices; lead defects (like lifted lead, etc); through-hole parts; correct component placement; polarity of the parts and their validity, etc.

Key features and specifications:

  • Supports 5-axis 3D NYTVISION technology
  • Supports advanced 2D and 3D inspection
  • Comes with automatic programming tools, which allow users to create a complete inspection programme that takes less than 30 minutes, including lead and solder inspection
  • Has a high rate of defect coverage or a low rate of false failure
  • Integrates with SPC for data collection and reporting

Contact: https://www.nordson.com/

Model: S3088 DT; Manufacturer: Viscom AG
The S3088 DT is a fully automatic 3D inspection system developed for dual track high volume operations. It has been designed and configured optimally for high speed, efficiency and technical performance ensuring good flexibility for its users. It can inspect large PCBs with sizes up to 450mm x 655mm at an impressive speed of 65cm2/s. The machine has an optimised footprint that facilitates a field view of 50mm x 50mm. Apart from this, the S3088 DT supports Industry 4.0 and connects to all smart production interfaces. It has also been designed for future artificial intelligence (AI) and Big Data based applications.

Key features and specifications:

  • Has peak performance camera technology with a high throughput
  • Capable of 2D/2.5D and 3D inspection with up to eight angled views
  • Its camera can be configured for any of the following modes—AOI, SPI, reliable under fill inspection (UFI) and conformal coating inspection (CCI)
  • Can inspect both dual and single track systems
  • Comes with an integrated monitor for reduced system dimensions

Contact: https://www.viscom.com/



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