The Latest SMT Software Available In The Market

SMT softwares

In the Industry 4.0 era, factories depend on software solutions to make them smart. A number of companies are now developing software for the SMT market. Some of the latest software in this field are described briefly in this article.

These days, a lot of software is being used in the assembly and manufacture of electronic devices. Along with the right hardware, good software is also required to prevent errors in the manufacturing process. More and more businesses are integrating SMT software with manufacturing execution systems (MES), enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems and other factory automation systems. Software integration is a rapidly growing segment in the SMT field, with many independent software companies offering cutting-edge software solutions to OEMs and EMS providers.

We will list some of the latest software and software based products in the SMT segment in this article.

Software: ASM Works – smart factory software suite; Manufacturer: ASM International
Technology leader ASM paves the way to the integrated smart factory for electronics manufacturers with its new ASM Works software suite. The ASM Works Core Package provides a comprehensive solution for shopfloor management in a connected factory. It is supplemented by eight upgrade modules that improve individual processes and factory areas in accordance with the user’s requirements. The advantage of the software suite is that electronics manufacturers don’t need to worry about interfaces, compatibilities or data transfers between lines. All the suite’s tools can be started and administered from a common launch pad. ASM Works minimises the time and effort required to make improvements in the integrated smart factory. A single modular solution suite provides a comprehensive software structure for smart SMT production.

Contact: MAXIM SMT Technologies,

Software: V-ONE—Industry 4.0 solution; Manufacturer: ViTrox Technologies
Malaysia based ViTrox’s V-ONE is a highly customisable platform that enables data-driven decisions to be made in the manufacturing process. The software enables users to access and monitor their personalised dashboard from wherever they are, on any kind of smart device. The V-ONE helps operators and technicians manage assigned work orders and maintenance activities as well. The latest version of V-ONE is equipped with an e-ticketing system that works on desktop and mobile devices. The company provides templates of customised e-tickets and users may also request new templates based on requirements, or develop a new one themselves on the V-ONE platform to handle various requests.

V-ONE will be able to assist users to move towards digital transformation and prepare their business for Industry 4.0, while improving on cost, delivery and quality. Its innovative features include digital dynamic dashboards that visualise the machines’ and production data either via protocols and Internet of Things devices, or via extracted databases that enable users to view their manufacturing trends from the past and the present, and also give predictive indicators for the future.

Contact: Bergen Associates Pvt Ltd,;
Kyoritsu Electric India,

Software: TestWay – Industry 4.0 solution for PCB assembly and testing; Manufacturer: ASTER Technologies
This lean test optimiser simulates test strategies such as how to estimate test coverage, eliminate redundancies, and minimise the escape rate. It allows import of schematics in various native formats or just a simple searchable PDF file. It also digitises the schematic and creates an electrical view, which is analysed against design, boundary scan, and testability rules, with the possibility to define custom rules by means of scripts. Moreover, it highlights design, boundary-scan and testability violations, ensuring the board is going to be testable prior to making the first PCBA.

It allows layout import from over 20 native CAD formats, and can perform an accessibility analysis of the board to make intelligent probe placement for ICT and FPT. It can optimise the number of test points by comparing against the coverage estimation report
TestWay can estimate the test coverage for each and every inspection and test equipment present on the shopfloor against the industry standard PPVS (presence polarity value solder) or PCOLA/SOQ.

Contact: Inetest Technologies India Private Limited,

Software: T-Solution (smart factory solution); Manufacturer: Hanwha Precision Machinery
This product comprises features like T-OLP (programming solution), T-IT (verification and trace solution) and T-PNP (line monitoring prediction and prevention). The software can achieve zero-defect with the management of machines/materials, claim company sources. All the data collected in real-time is linked with MES (manufacturing execution systems). T-Solution helps to check the production status of the factory in real-time from a mobile device or PC, even remotely. It also plays a role in reducing downtime by exchanging information efficiently.

T-Solution comes with various pros, such as production efficiency maximised by short production times, user convenience with a human interface, reduction of costs for line operation, etc.

Key features:

  • Offline programming
  • Component registration and reel management
  • Feeder management
  • Misplacement prevention
  • Production history tracking
  • Monitoring and analysis


Software: ADAM Netlist; Manufacturer: ATG Luther & Maelzer GmbH
This user-friendly and standalone software from ATG Luther & Maelzer can be used for any make of universal testing machines and flying probes. The input formats for this software can be DPF drill, mas-data, Gerber, X-Gerber-format, dpf-data or ODB++. The program can be viewed on a 49cm PC screen, and can edit Gerber and drill data. It can display problem areas in separate colours for easy identification.

Netlist extraction features

  • Supports single layers and any combination of layers
  • Automatic split plane recognition
  • Supports merged layers for net extraction
  • Supports blind and buried vias
  • Generates inner layer netlist
  • Adds buried resistors and output to a netlist
  • 2D and 3D adjacency calculation

Automatic end point selection features

  • Elimination of mid-points
  • Elimination of SMD in ring (double point)
  • Elimination of points covered by solder masks

Contact: Bergen Associates Pvt Ltd,

Software: vSkysoft MES; Manufacturer: vSkysoft
With a focus on Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) and Industry 4.0 integration, vSkysoft MES has been developed based on the ISA-95 system structure. It enables data exchange with ERP and machines, and provides scheduling traceability, equipment management, quality assurance, OEE (overall equipment effectiveness), etc. It has applications in the SMT industry, semiconductors, electrical assembly, etc. vSkysoft is in compliance with SECS/GEM, PV02, OPC Modbus, Profit bus, S7 protocols, and many more.
Its warehouse module includes intelligent material registration, stock location control, FIFO, moisture sensitive component control, etc. The production control manager provides verification, traceability, assembly, testing, quality control, etc. It also keeps track of machine OEE in real-time. The packing and shipping module provides marking, shipping and traceability functionality.vSkysoft provides different levels of dashboards such as a line dashboard to monitor progress and efficiency, an engineering dashboard to inform real-time production status to engineers, and a manager dashboard to inform the production status to managers.Contact: Kyoritsu Electric India,


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