The latest SMT Inspection Machines Available In India


SMT inspection systems now come with a range of technological innovations.
This article introduces readers to the latest models in the market.

Electronic products rely on surface mounted components. According to various experts in the SMT segment, 65 per cent of SMT defects and 50 per cent of electronics assembly errors are due to below par solder joint formation and solder paste printing. The solder paste deposition process is prone to defects and errors during the manufacturing process. These defects can be found either in the solder paste itself, or in the solder printing process. Hence, a complete paste inspection is instantly done after screen printing. This is required to ensure high yields, minimise rework/retesting and reduce overall scrapping costs. In the past few years, SPI and AOI systems have become crucial in PCB assembly lines, especially in those industries where safety and quality standards matter. Vendors now supply products that range from simple camera systems to complex three-dimensional (3D) X-ray systems, which can fit into almost any automated manufacturing line.

Let’s now take a quick look at the latest SMT inspection machines available in the market.

Model: OMRON CKD VP9000; Manufacturer: OMRON
This new 3D SPI machine is designed to address difficult aspects of solder paste inspection. Its technology to acquire and measure the screen printed volume guarantees reliability and repeatability. In order to obtain the most accurate measurements, a wide choice of resolutions is available and the switch can be set via software within the inspection program. A new GUI and very sharp statistical analysis allow a rapid and targeted improvement process. The new VP9000 can complete the loop 3D inspection of a screen-printing process, with the opportunity to correct its excesses.

Key features:

  • Unique concept of 3D measurement combined with 2D system
  • A wide choice of resolutions from 5um to 25um
  • Unique multiple resolution switch function
  • Automatic warpage compensation with PCB warping display and output data function
    Simulation of how Cp/Cpk values and graphs change when changing the spec threshold (USL/LSL)
  • Fast programming
  • Advanced SPC software with detailed report function
  • Closed-loop functions, up- and downstream
  • Very low maintenance

Contact: Leaptech Corporation,

Model: ViTrox V9i; Manufacturer: ViTrox
V9i CCI is an advanced robotics vision solution that runs conformal coating inspections on electronic devices in an environment safe for humans. The V9i provides extensive inspection coverage and thickness measurement, preventing humans from exposing their eyes to harmful UV light. It is designed for safety and quality-ensured inspection that eliminates human intervention. Equipped with a collaborative robotic arm and an intuitive touchscreen interface, the V9i CC is a flexible and compact conformal coating inspection tool based on ViTrox’ automated optical inspection (AOI) solution. It provides accuracy, speed, consistency and traceability of inspection results. The flexible robotic arm allows for multi-angle inspection with unlimited top-clearance and the system is capable of detecting defects such as the excess/insufficient, presence/absence of the conformal coating. With an optional white light confocal displacement sensor, it provides coating thickness measurements. The V9i can also be used for inline inspection with SMEMA connectivity. Easy 10-minute programming, simple calibration and maintenance, a collision avoidance system and flexible mounting to adapt to users’ conveyor systems make the V9i CCI a usefuladdition to any PCBA production line.

Key features:

  • Collaborative 6-axis robotic arm
  • Compact and flexible (multi-angle inspection)
  • Unlimited top clearance
  • Built-in touchscreen display
  • Easy 10-minute programming
  • ViTrox Smart Learning algorithm without CAD input
  • Defect detection of orange peel, bubble, excess/insufficient and presence/absence of coating
  • Coating thickness measurement (optional)
  • Collision avoidance system (light curtain option available)
  • Traceable inspection results

Contact: Bergen Associates,

Model: YSi-V; Manufacturer: Yamaha Motor Co.
Yamaha Motor Co. has developed the new high-end hybrid automated optical inspection (AOI) system called YSi-V. It employs newly developed high-speed, high-resolution image processing technology and exclusive image capture technology, to make a single unit with three functions—high speed, high-resolution 2D inspection; height and tilt angle 3D inspection; and diagonal angle image inspection via a 4-direction angled camera.

Key features:

  • Performs 2D and 3D inspection, and 4-direction oblique image inspections, all in one unit
    It has more than double the inspection capabilities of ordinary inspection systems, as per company sources
  • High-speed, high-resolution 2-dimensional inspections
  • Height and sloped surface 3-dimensional inspections (optional)
  • 4D 4-way angular camera (optional)

Contact: Trans Technology,

Model: Zenith Alpha UHS Series; Manufacturer: Koh Young Technology, Inc.
Koh Young has introduced its True 3D automated optical inspection (AOI) platform—the Zenith Alpha, the development of which was driven by the need to inspect and measure densely populated boards at faster speeds.

By combining mechatronic designs and advanced algorithms with proprietary artificial intelligence and deep machine learning developments, the Zenith Alpha delivers best-in-class accuracy and performance, claim company sources. It incorporates a ‘Smart and Dynamic’ feature set, plus quality optimisation technologies stemming from the True 3D AOI expertise at Koh Young. The machine has concentrated that tech insight into a smart factory solution to increase process performance and reduce line downtime. At the same time, its inherent True 3D inspection capabilities help manufacturers methodically collect, analyse and manage data in real-time for a multifaceted view of the assembly process. This helps to transform the manufacturing floor into a smart factory with high production yields.

The Zenith Alpha provides reliable 3D measurement and supports the latest factory optimisation solution from Koh Young called KSMART. This software suite integrates process management by linking the SPI and AOI to production results.

Key features:

  • High-speed full True 3D AOI with camera options up to 12 megapixels
  • 3D height up to 25mm
  • 4-way/8-way projection options
  • Koh Young Auto Programming (KAP)
  • KSMART engines with an AI platform that have the following features:
  1. KSMART link
  3. KSMART library manager
  4. KSMART RMS or Remote Monitoring System

Contact: Panasonic India Pvt Ltd;

Model: V310i API; Manufacturer: ViTrox
Kyoritsu Electric India Pvt Ltd, in partnership with ViTrox Technologies, Malaysia, has launched the V310i API advanced 3D solder paste inspection system (SPI) designed to cater to the needs of integrated vision solutions for smart manufacturing. This system is a high speed and high-resolution 3D solder paste inspection system that enables high accuracy with a short cycle time. It plays an essential role in ensuring the quality and quantity of the solder paste used for printing in the SMT line.

Key features:

  • The system is integrated with many technological features, such as advanced warpage compensation, auto pads and component learning, auto warpage mapping capabilities, etc
  • The system is also equipped with the machine-to-machine closed-loop features
  • The accuracy of the 3D measurement of area, volume and height reduces the rework costs
  • It is capable of handling board weights of up to 7kg, with areas of 510mm x 510mm for single lane, or 460mm x 325mm for dual lane

Contact: Kyoritsu Electric India Pvt Ltd,

Model: RV-2-3DH; Manufacturer: JUKI Corporation
The RV-2-3DH is an imaging system used for inspecting PCBs during manufacturing, both before and after mounting. This new 3D SMD measurement system is highly repeatable and has the measurement accuracy needed to quickly eliminate defective SMD part mounting and soldering processes, preventing defective board manufacturing from continuing. The machine is being used for a variety of other measurement and visual inspection applications, including automotive mechanical parts, medical devices, and odd-form electronic devices, in addition to the standard inspection of printed circuit boards.

Key features:

  • It can be used for multiple functions, such as solder paste inspection (SPI) and automated optical inspection (AOI)
  • Monitors performance to detect common defects such as missing or wrong components
  • Identifies other issues such as shorting, shear, polarity, side-reverse, insufficient solder, extra solder, insertion part omission, foreign objects, etc
  • It has an inspection speed of 61.8cm²/sec and 180fps
  • It is equipped with 3D DLP projectors in four directions
  • Use of 5µm high resolution lenses enables more accurate inspection of ultra-small components such as 0201 parts


Model: SQ3000; Manufacturer: CyberOptics Corporation
The 3D SQ3000 is a multi-functional, all-in-one system equipped with tools that cover AOI (automated optical inspection), SPI (solder paste inspection) and CMM (coordinate measurement machine) applications. The system can identify critical defects and measure critical parameters, providing a process control solution for effective yield management. The company claims that in addition to AOI and SPI applications, accurate coordinate measurements can be attained faster than a traditional CMM – in seconds and not hours.

Key features:

  • 3D AOI software includes ultra-fast programming capabilities, auto tuning, and enhancements that significantly speed setup, simplify the process, reduce training efforts and minimise operator interaction
  • Optimises the printing process by proactively analysing current trend data with the standalone SPI software and CyberPrint Optimiser
  • Enables faster inspection that reduces rework costs and minimises scrap
  • Support for large boards of up to 720mm x 620mm in size
    Contact:, Indian distributor: MAXIM SMT Technologies Pvt Ltd
Model: KY-8080; Manufacturer: Koh Young Technology Inc.
The KY-8080 is a 3D SPI solution optimised for smartphone applications. It makes use of AI and Koh Young’s 3D technology to increase productivity and improve operational efficiency.

Key features:

  • Eliminates the issue of shadows by using a two-way projection mechanism
  • It measures heights of up to the accuracy of 1μm
  • It has a printer closed loop feature for fully automated process optimisation
  • Built-in board warpage compensation algorithm
  • Available in both single and dual lane configurations
  • Comes with KSMART solutions, which comprise a full 3D measurement based process control system
  • With a small footprint, it can easily fit into modular SMT lines

Contact:, Indian distributor: NMTronics India Pvt Ltd

Model: 3D-AOI series; Manufacturer: Saki Corporation
This system offers high speed as well as high accuracy inspection and measurement, with enhanced software and hardware platforms. Its data capture capabilities and machine-to-machine (M2M) connectivity maximise production efficiency for the smart factory. Company sources claim the automated optical inspection (AOI) systems in this series improve process quality, process efficiency and productivity.

Key features:

  • CoaXPress camera for a faster inspection and measurement process
  • Accurate 3D inspection and measurement for entire PCBA/board
  • Scalable optical resolution of 7µm, 12µm and 18µm
  • Programming: One common platform supports 3D SPI – 3D AOI – 3D AXI
  • Saki self-programming (SSP) software
  • Machine-to-machine (M2M) system

Contact: iNETest Technologies India Pvt Ltd,

Model: TR7700Q SII; Manufacturer: Test Research, Inc. (TRI)
The TR7700Q SII combines the latest 2D and 3D technologies based on digital quad TR7700Q SIIpattern projection for PCB assembly inspection.

Key features:

  • Optimal focus and point-sharp images for high quality inspection
  • Advanced DFF technology for shadow-free 3D models of the components
  • 1 micron ultra high-resolution optical inspection
  • Advanced 3D AOI technology implemented using fringe pattern 3D technology, 3D laser technology and depth from focus 3D technology
  • Performs solder joint inspection, component inspection and PIN inspection
  • Smart factory, MES and Industry 4.0 ready

Contact: Test & Research India (T&R),

Model: 3D-SPI system; Manufacturer: Saki Corporation
Saki’s 3D-SPI (solder paste inspection) systems enable production efficiency of the entire line with improved speed, as well as increased performance quality. Using Saki’s 3D-SPI and 3D-AOI systems together increases line quality and enhances productivity, claim company sources.

Key features:

  • Proprietary hardware provides faster measurement and inspection, and accurate measurements
  • Self-diagnostic system
  • Simultaneous 2D and 3D inspections over the entire board
  • Optical unit: Four, multi-frequency digital projectors provide accurate 3D measurements for high-quality images
  • Software programming reduces setup time
  • Stable inspection for boards with large warpage such as flexible printed circuits
  • Co-planarity inspection
  • SPC function
  • Inspection data verification

Contact: iNETest Technologies India Pvt Ltd,


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