The latest rework stations


Accuracy and efficiency are two of the most essential factors for evaluating rework stations, before making a purchase. Here is an update on the latest stations available in the market.

The bulk PCB manufacturing process often involves errors and defects, which can be resolved using rework stations. Purchasing a rework station requires thorough evaluation of its features and performance – the most important being accuracy and efficiency. In this article, we take a look at the latest rework stations in the market. These include BGA as well as SMD rework stations.

Purchase tips
When purchasing a rework station, it is necessary to evaluate some important aspects, such as the power or capacity of the control unit to be used, in order to ensure that it can support the expected production capacity. The machine’s multi-tasking capabilities are another feature to look out for. Accuracy and quality of rework are also important, and play a vital role in R&D and repair laboratories. The buyer should also ensure that the micro-tools are properly connected before making the final purchase call.

A few of the recently launched rework stations

Model: BGA-936UA; Manufacturer: Fonton Industrial Co. Ltd
The 936UA has a heating element with a 1000W upper hot air injection system and an ultra large IR bottom heating system. Its clamper is specially designed for various PCBs, from those used in mobile phones to those required in servers.
The use of new fuzzy industrial microprocessors and aviation industrial precision linear mechanisms results in higher accuracy and more reliable results. And a different coloured alignment system makes alignment trustworthy.
The 936UA’s user-friendly design with an integrated operating interface does not need extra equipment or air-supply; the AC power itself is sufficient. With two hours of training, operators will be able to understand and use the operations controller, the company claims.
Key features:

  • Fast alignment calibration design
  • The coaxial mechanism prevents CSP chips from moving
  • Different coloured alignment system makes for a perfect image
  • High precision device for fast chip location
  • User-friendly interface saves time and manpower
  • Durable structure and modular design for easy maintenance
  • Six built-in temperature detectors
  • New fuzzy industrial microprocessor system with USB disk data storage
  • Easy and quick to set up parameters
  • High precision LLP chip solder paste printing device
  • Multi-function clampers for various types of PCBs
  • Quick cooling system ensures high efficiency
  • Highly efficient soldering with IR system

Indian distributor: Leaptech Corporation

Model: FR-702; Manufacturer: Hakko
Hakko’s FR-702 is a four-port rework station. The ports have two soldering irons, a desoldering gun, and a hand-piece for hot air SMD rework. The station’s compact design saves a lot of bench space. Also, it has a built-in double cylinder type vacuum generator that can provide vacuum pressure of up to 80kPa (600mmHg), suction flow of up to  15L/min, and air flow up to 23L/min.

Key features:

  • Power consumption: 1,030W
  • Dimensions: 370mm (W) × 150mm (H) × 220mm (D)
  • Weight: 9kg
  • Output voltage (soldering): 26V AC
  • Temperature range (soldering): 50ºC to 480ºC
  • Output voltage (desoldering): 24V AC
  • Temperature range (desoldering): 330ºC to 450ºC
  • Power consumption (station-hot air): 30W
  • Power consumption (soldering iron): 65W (26V)

Indian distributor: Sumitron Exports Pvt Ltd

Model: Martin Expert 10.6 HXV; Manufacturer: Martin GmbH
This rework station comes with a 5000W hybrid under heater. An automated SMD alignment and placement process using advanced vision placement (AVP) includes the Easy Solder software package and the DBL 06 control unit with six high resolution sensor inputs for thermocouples (Type K). This system is particularly suitable for large sized PCBs used for PCs, laptops and servers with small and very big components.

Key features:

  • Automated pick-up, alignment and placement
  • Alignment is with AVP (advanced vision placement) software
  • Bottom heater: 5000W, 8 IR lamps
  • Component sizes: 1mm x 0.5mm² – 65mm x 85mm²
  • Clear vision with 5 MP CMOS camera and LED ring light illumination
  • New app tools
  • Residual solder removal and dispensing

Indian distributor: iNETest Technologies India Pvt Limited

Model: Martin Expert 10.6 HV; Manufacturer: Martin GmbH
The Martin Expert 10.6 HV rework station comes with a 3000W hybrid under heater. The automated SMD placement process is backed by the advanced vision placement (AVP) system. The Easy Solder software package and DBL 06 control unit come with six high resolution sensor inputs for thermocouples (Type K). This system is particularly suitable for mid-sized and big PCBs with fine pitch components with varying package dimensions.

Key features:

  • System power consumption: 3500VA
  • Power solder pen: 300W, 35 l/min
  • Power underheater: 600W – 3000W, 6 x IR-lamps
  • Effective heating area: 275mm x 245mm²
  • Recommended maximum PCB size: 305mm x 305mm²
  • Resolution motion system: 0.001mm

Indian distributor: iNETest Technologies India Pvt Ltd

Model: VD 6200; Manufacturer: VD Intellisys Technologies (P) Ltd
The VD 6200 rework station is one of the latest launches from VD Intellisys. It features a high-precision closed loop temperature controller. It has an upper heating power capacity of 1200W. A colour touchscreen enables easy use of the device.

Key features:

  • Total power (max.): 5300W
  • Upper heating power: 1200W
  • Lower heating power, second zone: 1200W, third zone: IR 2700W
  • Power supply: AC 220V ± 10 per cent, 50Hz/60Hz
  • Machine dimensions: 650mm (L) × 630mm (W) × 850mm (H)
  • Positioning method: V shape slot; PCB support jigs can adjust laser light to do fast centring and positioning
  • Temperature controls: High precision K-type thermocouple (closed loop), independent temperature controller; the precision can reach ± 1°C
  • PCB size: 450mm × 390mm (max.); 10mm x 10mm (min.)
  • BGA application: 80mm x 80mm (max.); 1mm x 1mm (min.)
  • Weight of machine: 60kg
  • Thermocouple ports: 1 unit

Indian distributor: VD Intellisys Technologies (P) Ltd

Model: VD 5860; Manufacturer: VD Intellisys Technologies (P) Ltd
Launched earlier this year, the VD 5860 has comparatively fewer features compared to the VD 6200. It also costs less than half the price of VD 6200. However, the model is not just more affordable but also a robust machine.

Key features:

  • Total power: 4800W
  • Upper heating power: 800W
  • Lower heating power second zone: 1200W, third zone: IR 2700W
  • Power supply AC: 110V/220V ± 10 per cent, 50Hz/60Hz
  • Overall dimensions: 760mm (L) x 760mm (W) x 680mm (H)
  • Locating mode: V-shaped card slot, PCB holder can be adjustable by X and Y axes with universal jigs
  • Temperature controlling K-type thermocouple closed loop control, independent temperature control, precision up to ±3°C
  • PCB size: 420mm x 370mm (max.); 10mm x 10mm (min.)
  • Electrical material: Highly sensitive temperature control module, Delta PLC, touchscreen that’s made in Taiwan
  • Weight of machine: 40kg

Indian distributor: VD Intellisys Technologies (P) Ltd

Model: XFC 110; Manufacturer: Goot Japan
The newly launched model comes equipped with temperature management features that use on-off controls. It also has a digital temperature display for easy management along with the vacuum pickup function and flow meter for easy airflow management. The auto cool-down function is available to protect the heater.

Key features:

  • Output voltage: 110V-130V AC, 220V-240V AC
  • Air flow volume: 5L – 20L/min.
  • Dimensions: 107mm (W) ×177mm (H) × 227mm (D)
  • Weight: 4.6kg (w/o cord)
  • Power consumption: 420W – 470W, 380W – 420W
  • Power cord length: 1.1m (three core cord) ground plug
  • Temperature setting range: 150°C – 450°C

Indian distributor: Advance Tech Services (P) Ltd

Model: HR 600 XL; Manufacturer: Kurtz Ersa
The Ersa HR 600 XL was designed for the professional repair of BTC (bottom- terminated components) on big boards. With an active heating area of 625mm x 625mm and the capability to process PCBs with a thickness of up to 10mm, the system has rework applications in telecommunications, network technology and IT infrastructure.
The bottom-side IR Matrix HeaterTM with 15W power consists of 25 individually controllable heating elements. In this way, the ideal heat distribution can be set for each application. The 800W hybrid heating head executes the desoldering or installation of components such as BGAs of up to 60mm x 60mm.Key features:

  • Highly efficient 800W hybrid heating head
  • Large-area IR Matrix bottom heater with 25 single heating elements (600W each)
  • Process observation with up to 8 thermocouples
  • Automatic and precise component alignment with the help of machine vision
  • Highly accurate, motor-driven axis system for component placement (+/- 0.025mm)
  • User independent, reproducible repair results guaranteed
  • Process control and documentation via the HRSoft 2 operator software
  • Fully automatic or semi-automatic operation

Indian distributor: Bergen Systems Pvt Ltd

Model: WXR 3031; Manufacturer: Weller
The newly launched WXR 3031 from Weller is a three-channel rework soldering station with European and UK plug systems. This equipment’s appearance has been updated. It features a WXR 3 power unit, WXHAP 200 hot-air iron, WXDP 120 desoldering iron and a WXP 120 soldering iron.

Key features:

  • Dimensions L x W x H: 273mm x 235mm x 102mm
  • Voltage: 230V (50Hz/60Hz)
  • Max. vacuum: 0.7 bar
  • Capacity: 18 l/min.
  • Power: 420W (600W)
  • Weight (approx.): 6.7kg
  • Built-in pump: Periodic duty 30/30s
  • Temperature stability: ±2°C
  • Display: 255 x 128 dots/backlighting
  • Temperature accuracy: ±17°F

Indian distributor: Mouser Electronics

Model: 850D; Manufacturer: Heatex
The model’s power base comes with a built-in air pump and PID based power control channel with digital display. It has a soldering iron and SMD hot air gun. It also comes equipped with microcomputer controls which help in warming up quickly. Adjustment of the air flow and temperature control features is also enabled. An inbuilt intelligent system can raise an alarm at fault detection, automatically.

Key features:

  • Input voltage: 230V AC, 50Hz
  • Soldering iron: 24V AC, 80W
  • Hot air gun: 110V AC, 150W
  • Air pump: 24V DC, 3-35 l/min
  • Tip to ground resistance: < 2 ohms
  • Tip to ground leakage voltage: < 2mV
  • Temperature range: 180°C – 480°C (soldering iron) and 150°C – 450°C (hot air gun)

Indian distributor: Bright Technologies



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