The Latest Pick-And-Place Machines Available In India


Since purchasing pick-and-place machines entails massive investments, it is good to know about the latest models available in the market and the features they offer.

Apick-and-place machine is used for the second step in a paste, place and reflow assembly operation. The ‘place’ function follows the ‘solder paste’ function (stencil printer). The ‘place’ operation selects and delivers a component over the board and drops it into position. These machines are needed in a wide range of industries such as consumer electronics, automotive, medical electronics, aerospace, and many more.

Featured here are some of the latest machines available in the market.

Model: E by SIPLACE; Manufacturer: ASM SMT Solutions
ASM understands that cost and flexibility are of paramount importance to low-/mid-volume electronics manufacturers.
E by SIPLACE possesses linear drives, advanced conveyors, intelligent feeders, modern placement heads, and the reliable SIPLACE vision system. Programming, operation and monitoring use the same functional and reliable premium software that runs on high-end
SIPLACE platforms.Key features:

  • Performance: 120 8-mm feeder slots, speed of up to 45,300CPH, accuracy down to 22μm, PCB size of up to 1200mm x 460mm with programmable placement force down
    to 0.5N
  • Huge component spectrum: From 01005 to 200mm x 110mm, only with three placement heads
  • Intelligent vision system: Accurate component recognition through customised illumination per component, PCB inspection and odd-shape placement capabilities
  • Software: The same premium software that runs ASM’s high-end solutions, as well as total connectivity and options for maximum investment protection

Contact: ASM SMT Solutions,

Model: YSM10; Manufacturer: Yamaha
This is a one-head solution characteristic of most Yamaha mounters, with the capability ranging from 03015mm all the way up to 55mm x 100mm, including 15mm tall components. The machine uses an on-thefly line scan camera with a side-view function that keeps a check on the component orientation as well as triggering an automatic nozzle-cleaning cycle through an on-board nozzle-cleaning station.


Key features:

  • The machine is compact in size, yet it has the real estate required to lay a large number of component reels as well as a variety of components.
  • YSM10 is also ready to facilitate component level orlot level traceability including ‘poka yoke’ (mistakeproofing) for component setup verification.
  • YSM10 offers class leading repeatability of +/- 25 micron @ 3 sigma, symbolic of most Yamaha mounters.

Contact: Trans-Tec,

Model: VM series modular placement machines; Manufacturer: Panasonic
This is a compact, high performance entry-level model capable of wide variations and flexibly coping with various production modes, ranging from highspeed production to high mix, low volume/prototype production. The VM series has been designed to evolve with fluctuating market needs while remaining a cost-effective solution that helps manufacturers to produce a range of products that meet high quality standards, within delivery deadlines. These machines can place components ranging in size from 0402 microchips to long connectors with the newly-developed X-Series placement heads with a high productivity of 42,000CPH. In addition, numerous line configurations and supply variations can be combined to process an array of EMS production needs—from mobile phones to industrial equipment, and more.

Key features:

  • Can simultaneously achieve productivity and versatility with a combination of different head configurations like a 16-nozzle head, 8-nozzle head, 4-nozzle head and a versatile
    14-nozzle head
  • Flexible, wide range of production applications ranging from mobile phones to industrial equipment
  • Functionality innovations for placement quality, model changeover and operation ratio

Contact: Panasonic India Pvt Ltd, ([email protected])

Model: Yamaha YSM 40R; Manufacturer: Yamaha Motor Co. Ltd.
This ultra-high-speed modular placement system achieves productivity of 200,000CPH, making it one of the world’s fastest speeds on a compact platform, according to company sources. The model provides flexibility for different production configurations.

Key features:

  • Multi-camera system with faster recognition speed, along with accuracy
  • Three types of head variations—RS head, MU head and FL head
  • Flexible nozzle station
  • Dual lane system that handles large-sized PCBs
  • Blow station that automatically self-cleans the nozzle shaft
  • Rotary head tip filter attached to the shaft tip prevents dirt and grime from entering

Indian distributor: Leaptech Corporation

Model: NeoDen-8; Manufacturer: ChipMax Group
The model comes with eight synchronised nozzle machine PNPs, which ensure repeatable placement accuracy of the components. The machine runs on the stable and secure Linux operating system. It features double mark cameras to reach extreme end feeders for better calibration. The high resolution and high-speed component camera system improves the overall speed of the machine. An Ethernet communications interface for internal
signals makes the machine’s performance more stable.And the closed loop servo control system with feedback ensures greater accuracy.Key features:
• PCB size (max): 760mm x 300mm in single step
• Component size: 0201, 0402-1210
• Placement accuracy: 0.01mm
• Component height (max.): 18mm
• Placement speed (max.): 16,000CPH
• Air supply: >0.6MPa
• Power: 500W
• Voltage: 220V/110V
• Gross weight: 330kg
• Machine dimensions: 1288mm x 1062mm x 1291mm (L x B x H)
• Packing dimensions: 1420mm x 1220mm x 1665mm (L x B x H)Contact:
Model: Suffix (SM series); Manufacturer: Hanwha
The basic common feature among products in the SM series is that they provide convenient in-line operation through the integration of the main modules with the inline platforms. In this series, Hanwha’s own inbuilt on-the-fly image technology is used, allowing component recognition without stopping, and while moving after component pickup. The placement speed is also maximised by minimising the moving time between the pickup position and reducing the component recognition time to zero.

Key features:

  • The SM 481 comes with options for stage vision; so it can be used in chip shooter applications (without stage vision) as well as for multi-mounter applications (with stage vision).
  • The machine has factory options to support conveyor sizes up to 1500mm. The SM 482+ also supports large conveyors.
  • Enhanced accuracy
  • Improved vision system It is preferred by most small-/mid-sized organisations
    as a standalone machine and by larger organisations as part of a combination of two or three machines, based on their productivity requirements.


Model: Europlacer iineo+; Manufacturer: EUROPLACER, UK
Europlacer’s iineo+ machine is the newest version in its SMT placement platform. It uses the company’s latest operating system software and user interface to boost productivity. The flexible iineo+ is ideal for contract manufacturers who need to work with low- and medium-sized batches and hold a wide stock of components for different customer jobs.

The iineo+ lets them keep up to 264 x 8mm reels on the machine to reduce changeover times between jobs. Enhancements new to the iineo+ include integrated on-the-fly electrical component testing, a new RC5.16 operating system that boosts on-machine
vision analysis and streamlines networked machine communication, and an intuitive graphical touchscreen operator interface.

Key features:

  • On-machine inventory capacity of 264 x 8mm component reels
  • Reel widths from 8mm to 104mm
  • Component range from 01005 profiles to 50mm x50mm dimensions
  • Fixed camera option extends range to 70mm x 70mm dimensions
  • Single or twin Tornado turret placement heads
  • Eight or 12 nozzles per Tornado placement head
  • Placement rates up to 30,000 components per hour Integral calibrated electrical bridge component tester
  • Europlacer intelligent feeder technology
  • Multiple feeder options: stick, tray, bulk, solder balls, labels and QFP matrix
  • Glue dispensing option
  • Track Pack traceability upgrade option
  • Touchscreen graphical user interface
  • RC5.16 operating system
  • Maximum board size: 1610mm x 600mm

Contact: Bergen Associates Pvt Ltd,




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