Schneider Electric Announces High Density Multi-Circuit Power Meter

  • The company is expanding its best-in-class metering offers within the EcoStruxure™ Power IoT-enabled architecture with the PowerLogic HDPM6000
  • The meter’s form factor enables installation in existing panels in limited space
  • The HDPM6000’s flexible and scalable platform meets the needs of today’s ever-expanding electrical networks
  • These devices also support MODBUS SNMP, and BACnet IP protocols

According to a report, Schneider Electric which is also a global specialist in energy management and automation, announces a new high density power meter, the PowerLogic™ HDPM6000 range. The new meter range is claimed to enable custom solutions for cost and network management in critical facilities. 

The latest HDPM600 would enable customers to mange power consumptions in a better way while optimising uptime and allocate energy costs. This is also comes with the innovation, that enhances the latest in IoT-enables technology, including MODBUS, SNMP, and BACnet TCP/IP.

Designed for new construction or retrofit installations, these panel board or busway multi-circuit meters would meet a wide range of customer power applications. These devices would be ideal for data centers, hospitals or industrial facilities with critical power needs. This makes the PowerLogic HDPM600 highly versatile and is equipped with enhanced features that facilities simple installation. 

Valuable power quality data

The company also claims to provide building operators and facility managers with valuable power quality data at the branch circuit level that can be easily integrated with EcoStruxure edge control software or other third-party management systems.


Philip Cannon, Offer Manager for Schneider Electric said “The new HDPM6000 solves the challenges that organizations are currently facing in enabling more robust metering and power management in critical power environments.” He also added that the new range of high-density metering, whether in busway or panel board applications, installation and integration time would be reduced. 

This would provide facility managers with the important data and power quality analytics that they need to improve operational efficiency and uptime.


As mentioned by the company, the PowerLogic HDPM 6000 are modular and scalable in order to meet the needs of the expanding electric networks, including simplified installation to reduce wiring errors. They can monitor up tp 192 circuits and identify increased risk in branch circuits to detect potential issues. These devices also support MODBUS SNMP, and BACnet IP protocols for robust communications.

Another advantage is the panel board and bus monitoring solution with configuration and monitoring via embedded web page or optional HMI touch screen. This also enables easy integration with EcoStruxture Power applications via Power monitoring Expert or Power Scada Operations. They also help minimising vulnerabilities to your critical power assets and systems and reinforce your security strategies. 

Thus, The HDM6000 is the optimum solution to high density metering applications. Its user-friendly web interference allows easy commissioning and configuration on branch circuits, and it easily adapts to changes in distributed architectures and scales to future requirements. The meter’s form factor enables installation in existing panels in limited space.



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