The latest in wave soldering systems


Various quality issues and the increased requirement for surface mount technology (SMT) component assembly work is forcing manufacturers to move away from the wave soldering technique.

Wave soldering is not used widely these days. However, the recent introduction of machinery based on some new technologies and developments could change that. Let’s take a closer look at what these new machines offer.

Model: ICSF-select jet fluxer, Company: Interflux Singapore Pte Ltd
The ICSF-select jet fluxer is an intelligent system that allows one to identify the amount of flux and the point at which it should be applied on an individually selected location. It is capable of handling flux with a very high solid content (ranging up to 40 per cent), whereas ultrasonic spray systems have only 10 per cent of solid content. The amount of solid content in the flux helps solve solderability issues. The ICSF-select jet fluxer does not atomise the flux and hence prevents the creation of a mess, company sources claim. And it uses about 65 to 95 per cent less flux than any other conventional spray fluxers, company sources state.
Apart from these features, the machine runs on software that is as easy to use as a smartphone and requires minimal training. The machine uses simple drawing tools in order to indicate the points where the flux should be applied and specifies the parameters for each dot, line, or area. Once the work is done by the drawing tools, the file is exported to the machine’s PLC for further processing. It is an automated machine that runs without an operator, with a barcode reader that automatically changes the program.

USP: A fluxer that eliminates the mess, reduces costs and improves the quality of the process
Contact details: [email protected],


Model: WSM 310F, Company: EPS Worldwide Pvt Ltd
WSM 310F is a cost-effective finger based wave soldering machine for short-run, high-mix operations. It is used for manufacturing applications, prototyping and product development. Its finger conveyor allows pallet-less operation with onload and offload conveyor extension capabilities. It has a touchscreen LCD that allows the adjustment of parameters and programming. Its streamlined design enables easy cleaning and maintenance. It also allows the on-board profiling of the soldering process in real-time.

Key specifications:
PCB width: 30mm to 300 mm
Solder pot capacity:

  • 90kg (single wave)
  • 170kg (dual wave)

Preheating method: IR + convection
Wave number: Single (Dual supplied as an option)
Conveyor speed: 0.5m/min to 2.5m/min
Power supply: 410V, 3 phase, 50Hz / 60Hz
Overall dimensions: 2500mm x 1100mm x 1550mm

USP: Saves about 1.5 hours every day by scheduling your work with a one-week timer
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Model: US series, Company: Shen Zhen JT Automation Equipment Co. Ltd
US-350, US-450 and US-610 make up the US series of lead-free wave soldering machines that were launched in January 2016. These machines combine a preheating module, arbitrarily chosen hot air and the infrared preheating option that gives a diverse portfolio of preheating. The machines in the series have a segmented transport rail design that can carry a capacity of about 60kg, to meet increased production requirements. They have a newly designed wave nozzle with a regional selective spray that saves about 70 per cent of flux, company sources claim.

Key specifications:
PCB width:

  • US-350: 50mm-350mm
  • US-450: 50mm-450mm
  • US-610: 60mm-610mm

Solder pot capacity:

  • US-350: 480kg
  • US-450: 550kg
  • US-610: 800kg

Preheating method: Hot air/IR
Power supply:

  • US-350/450: 3P 5W, 380V AC, 50/60Hz, 63A
  • US-610: 3P 5W, 380V AC, 50/60Hz, 80A

Overall dimensions (L x W x H):

  • US-350/450: 4350mm x 1600mm x 1730mm
  • US-610: 4494mm x 1955mm x 1710mm

USP: Top-end thermal engineering performance and production quality assurance
Contact details:
Indian distributor: Accurex Solutions Pvt Ltd, [email protected],



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