Sanjay Technologies works in partnership with its customers to script their success stories


Consistent growth, from a basic manufacturing setup to state-of-art infrastructure, is ensuring Sanjay Technologies’ success in the EMS field.

By Potshangbam July

Sanjay Technologies offers electronics manufacturing services (EMS) to companies that design their products, and then look for a reliable source for their PCB and product assembly.

The company was started in 2005 with a through-hole assembly line and subsequently scaled up to surface mount assembly in 2006. Narayan Kumar J., MD – technical, Sanjay Technologies, says, “Our customers have found us to be reliable and consistent in our delivery and quality. We gradually widened our customer base from just consumer electronics to include automotive and medical electronics. In 2009, we expanded our surface mount assembly capacity by adding an inline assembly line with imported equipment.”

Business model
Sanjay Technologies focuses on taking up electronics assembly from the moment its customers get the design off the drawing board, right up to even offering warranty services after sales. The company believes that its customers should concentrate on product design and development, while it takes care of the manufacturing processes, testing, assembly and logistics.

Product lines
Presently, Sanjay Technologies is manufacturing high volume products for the automotive and consumer electronics space, which involve daily deliveries. It also caters to the medical and industrial electronics domains, with batch mode manufacturing, well-planned production timelines and prompt deliveries. The company is planning to add defence and avionics electronics lines to its portfolio soon.

On the export front, the company is catering to customers across India and USA since 2010. It recently stretched its business footprint to countries like Spain, the UK and Germany.

Surface mount technology (SMT) line

Manufacturing facilities
The company has two SMD lines with fully inline machinery that is used for the complete manufacturing process, right from loading the PCB to after-reflow soldering using SPI, AOI and ICT systems. The company is also in the process of upgrading some of its machines to match customer requirements and demands. Automation to the maximum level possible is what the company is aiming for.

The importance of manufacturing quality
Quality starts from the design itself and with the company’s considerable experience in selling design tools, it is able to help its customers with the design for manufacturing too. This helps in reducing rework, rejections and field failures. Most of its quality checks are done before processing; hence subsequent rework and rejections are minimal. In fact, the monitoring of quality starts from the moment the company receives the PO from the customer, right until the delivery of the products, with thorough checks and balances being done online.

Sanjay Technologies has ISO9001-2015 certification and is working to get its IATF16949 certification soon. It also manufactures ATEX certified products, even as its own ATEX certification process is going on.

Key facts and figures
Year of establishment: 2005
Location: Coimbatore, India
Turnover: ₹ 100 million (with a target of ₹ 160 million in FY20, and
₹ 300 million in FY21)
Workforce: Around 100
Area of expertise: PCB assembly, mechanical assembly, cable assembly and box build
Built-up area: 1207.74 sqm
Contact details: 7/4C Mettupalayam Road, Narashimanaiken Palayam, Coimbatore 641012, Tamil Nadu;

Vendor selection criteria

Sanjay Technologies has a strict vendor rating and selection system, which is online, and monitors every shipment coming into its facility. The company selects vendors based on their ability to deliver and maintain high quality standards through their process quality and not just end quality. Rework at the vendor end is not accepted for certain parts.

Expansion plans
The company is upgrading its facilities to meet customer requirements, and is also bringing in new and more advanced manufacturing technologies and processes. It plans to add more capacity as well as T&M processes to improve its product quality and reliability. The company has test fixture design and development capabilities, and works with customers to create test procedures and processes that will help them improve their product quality and reliability. Expansion plans and investments are ongoing, as required by customers or their products.

Training and skills development programmes
The company is in the process of starting an in-house official training and skills development programme. Kumar J. elaborates, “The programme will help many students with the required qualifications to learn the skills required along with the right practices. Discipline is required to excel in this field, and can only be learned on the shopfloor with hands-on and on-the-job training.”

Narayan Kumar J., managing director – technical, Sanjay Technologies

The supply chain management process
Sanjay Technologies follows just-in-time supply chain management to keep its inventory fresh and under control. The process starts from the moment the PO is issued. Vendor delivery dates, logistics and handling procedures are all closely monitored. Packaging of the right part in the right quantity is checked on the production shopfloor.

Success mantra
Customer satisfaction is the firm’s motto. It works very closely with its customers, as it feels that it requires a partnership to create a success story.

With respect to ‘Make in India’, the management team at Sanjay Technologies believes that the ‘Indian tiger’ has woken up finally, but a lot remains to be done with respect to creating the ecosystem and supply chain for parts, in order to sustain growth and control costs. The government needs to interact with all the stakeholders in this line of business to achieve success in this industry. Electronics is forever evolving and new technologies are being adopted very quickly. These also have a very short life cycle, as witnessed in cell phone technologies.

The company is planning to add more services to its portfolio and hence attract customers who can share their success stories with Sanjay Technologies.


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