Pyrotech enhances its customers’ business by manufacturing quality products


Home-Splash_EMS-Zone_July-2016_FinalEstablished in 1976 at Udaipur, Pyrotech comprises a group of companies with an annual turnover of ₹ 3 billion, and has more than 4000 employees

By Belal Khan

Focused on expansion and growth, the Pyrotech group is highly diversified. Its product range includes control rooms for power plants, electrical and instrumentation panels, temperature sensors, high temperature cables, etc. Tempsens, one of the group companies, exports temperature sensing instruments to more than 70 countries. The group has a wide customer base, in fields like power, steel, cement, etc.

Services offered by the company

  • PCB design and layout
  • Contract manufacturing: Components procurement
  • PCB assembly testing
  • Schematic design
  • Operating manuals
  • Catalogue design, back plate, sticker design
  • 8051/Analog Devices (AduC) based software in Assembly and C languages
  • Panel design

Manufacturing, at a glance
Pyrotech is one of India’s leading manufacturers of automation and control equipment. The company has an exceptional multi-disciplinary array of products – panels, enclosures, Large Video Screens (LVS), Local Instrument. Enclosures (LIE), Local Instrument Rack (LIR), computer consoles, electronic products and office-industrial furniture. To reap the advantages of a globally integrated supply chain, the company has collaborated with companies like Synelec (for LVS), Subklew (for mosaic tile systems) and Weigel Meters (for meters).
The company manufactures around 200 different types of instruments, LED lights, LED drivers and displays, and provides complete electronics manufacturing services (EMS).
Electronics based manufacturing is done at the Unit-I plant of the group. “Our products are manufactured with the most sophisticated machines and equipment in a manufacturing facility covering 5570 sqm, which is geared for the production of electronic process control instruments, LED drivers, LED lighting, LED display systems, etc. The facilities meet all the quality standards specified for them. Highly skilled engineers manage the production and quality departments. The manufacturing facilities include multiple SMT lines,” says C.P. Talesara, MD of Pyrotech.

3Engineering services
To serve its clients better, Pyrotech provides the complete range of electronics manufacturing services. These include engineering services, components procurement, PCB assembly, chassis assembly, prototyping and testing of the product. The company has designed more than 500 products for SMD manufacturing.

The story behind the firm’s success
The company entered the field of electronics in the 1980s, starting with localising the manufacture of electronic equipment that was being imported by different industries in the Udaipur region. “We used to take every problem as a challenge, with a never-give-up attitude. With that approach, we practically solved all the problems we came across and developed new products. Presently, we have a strong R&D team of about 20 engineers for the development of new products, and our R&D has been recognised by DST (Department of Science and Technology) since 1981,” says C.P. Talesara, managing director of Pyrotech.

2A focus on quality
The company enhances its customers’ business by manufacturing quality products with the use of advanced automated equipment across all its units, and by continuous upgradation of skills, equipment and facilities. All its products are subjected to 23 stringent tests for quality control, high frequency disturbance, Electrostatic Discharge (ESD), vibration, high voltage, Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC), Electromagnetic Interference (EMI), etc.

Test laboratory
The company is well equipped with the necessary test equipment required to carry out tests, as per industry standards. Some of the major test equipment it uses include:

  • One Hsiang Cheng KW test source (3-phase)
  • One Hsiang Cheng KW test source (single-phase)
  • One Yokogawa KW test set-up
  • One Fluke multi-function process calibrator
  • Seven Supcon multi-function process calibrators
  • Four Fluke, HP and Prema (Germany) digital multimeters
  • Integrating sphere
  • Surge tester

Pyrotech has had ISO 9001:2008 certification from international certification body, DNV since the last 13 years. Its R&D department has been recognised by DST. The company has also received ELCINA’s ‘Excellence in Electronics Award’. Because of the stringent quality standards it follows, the company has been able to enlist a number of major organisations in the country as its customers.

cpsir“We visit all major exhibitions in India and abroad, with the intention to manufacture world class products in India, at our facilities. Our R&D team has been fully geared to take on any challenge and make products based on our own designs, since 1976.

C.P. Talesara, MD, Pyrotech

 Year of establishment:  1976
 Major products and services:  Electronic process control instruments, LED drivers, LED lighting, LED display systems, and CCTV systems for industries
 Production capacity:  Can manufacture products worth ₹ 1 billion a year
 Facility located at:  Udaipur (Rajasthan)
 Workforce:  700+ (including contractual workers)
 Annual turnover (2015-16):   ₹ 320 million
 Contact details:  C.P. Talesara, MD, Ankit Talesara, vice president
Email: [email protected]
 Machines  Number
 Pick-and-place machines (Juki, Samsung)  5
 Wave soldering machines  3
 Integrating sphere  1
 Surge generator  1
 Three-phase voltage simulator  1
 Automated optical inspection (AOI)  1


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