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DSCN3098Established in 1982, Asha Electronics has 30 years of experience in providing OEM and electronics manufacturing services (EMS) in the country

By Belal Khan

Asha Electronics, a leading EMS provider in India, has installed state-of-the-art, fully automatic SMT facilities with the capability to handle lead-free processes. The company has a trained workforce of over 100 people, and is capable of making a host of products related to the consumer electronics and telecommunications industries.

Products manufactured by the company
The company currently offers electronics manufacturing services and has assembled various products such as LED lights and drivers, set-top boxes, TV power savers, digital TVs with built-in STBs and direct satellite reception, LCD computer monitors and LCD/multimedia projectors. Other products include feature phones (memory phones, companion phones, speaker phones, etc), basic telephones, portable electric citrus presses, coffee makers, world receiver radios, audio systems with detachable speakers, stereo radio recorders with FM and detachable speakers, portable 8-band world receivers, portable 2-band/3-band radios and 4-band mains radios, portable (handheld) FM stereo radios and portable headphone stereos (Walkman).

“When it comes to quality, we have always mastered new products with relative ease to deliver quality products to the market. The long relationship with Philips and the Tata Group has helped us in achieving the standards that we are known for.”

Amit Bhargava, managing director, Asha Electronics

Manufacturing capacity
For PCB assembly, the company has a rated capacity of about 25,000 CPH. And for finished products it has a flexible manufacturing system whereby it can manufacture 50,000 units a month, which  can be doubled with minimal effort. The company has a new and modern mount technology (SMT) assembly facility at Daman. It offers support in design and development, components sourcing and PCBA/EMS services.

Machinery at the facility
The company has a state-of-art assembly line comprising a PCB de-stacker, a fully automatic screen printer, two Juki pick-and-place machines, an inspection conveyor and a 10-zone reflow oven. Besides this, the plant has wave solder machines and various other equipment to meet its customers’ PCBA needs.

The story behind its success
“Asha Electronics has changed with the times. We have tried our level best to keep up with the changing needs. We have not only modernised our product portfolio over time but have also changed our manufacturing processes to stay in tune with modern day requirements,” says Amit Bhargava, the managing director of the company. Having acquired valuable experience in EMS over a quarter of a century, Asha Electronics is today capable of assembling telecom instruments, consumer electronic products, domestic appliances, medical, automotive and automation products.

The company’s take on ‘Make in India’
Asha Electronics has weathered many a storm in order to live by the ‘Make in India’ dream, which it strongly believes in. According to Bhargava, “We want India to be self-sufficient in manufacturing electronic appliances for our day-to-day needs. This can only happen if our countrymen support this initiative. For this dream to succeed, we must encourage people to buy ‘Made in India’ products. Only this will give rise to the volumes, which will lead to more investments, especially in the components space. Without a strong components base, electronics manufacturing is meaningless as all raw materials would still have to be imported.”
In praise of the ‘Make in India’ drive, Bhargava continued, saying, “This government must continue its support for this initiative, since any pause would lead to dead investments. Electronics is a very dynamic field and needs continuous investments. Besides, this is an industry in which prices only move southwards. Thus, for this industry to survive, government support in both fiscal and policy terms is essential. The government must review the various policies and laws for this industry if it really wants to nurture electronics manufacturing.”

Asha Electronics is an ISO 9000:2008 certified company.

A focus on quality
Asha Electronics provides PCB layout design services, generating Gerber data and the output files required for manufacturing bare boards. The company uses the most appropriate high-tech tools to suit the varying requirements of different customers. Asha Electronics’ assembly services are complemented by front-end product development capabilities including a strong CAD layout and a vast design experience.
“We have always believed that the very word ‘impossible’ itself makes things possible, since it always meant “I’m possible”. Thus, when it comes to quality, we have always mastered new products with relative ease to deliver quality products to the market. The long relationship with Philips and the Tata Group has helped us in achieving the standards that we are known for,” adds Bhargava.

Total capex invested
“In order to sustain the company for so long, we have ploughed back our profits for modernisation. Till now, we have invested over ₹ 40 million in manufacturing equipment besides, substantial investments in real estate and labour, over the years,” says Bhargava.

Major products/services: EMS (PCB assemblies), telephones, LED drivers and lights
Production capacity: PCB assemblies: 25,000 CPH and 50,000 finished products a month
Factory location(s): Mumbai and Daman
Workforce: Approximately 125
Annual turnover: Turnover (including EMS) ₹ 200 Million
Areas of expertise: PCB assembly and finished product assembly of
any kind
Key market segments/ regions: Automotive, lighting, defence, medical, etc; Region: Mainly within India
Contact details: Amit Bhargava, MD, [email protected];


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