“We Have Confidence In The Future of the Indian Electronics Market”

Jimmy Wong,
regional sales supervisor, Mornsun

The Indian electronics market is full of opportunities and challenges. E-commerce is opening up more opportunities for manufacturers and distributors to connect with their customers worldwide. Jimmy Wong, regional sales supervisor, Mornsun, in a chat with Deepshikha Shukla, talks about the company’s fast service response and the technical support it provides its customers, enabling them to bring their designs to life faster and more efficiently.

EB: How do you see e-commerce affecting electronics businesses? What’s your strategy with respect to benefiting from this revolution?
The Internet is affecting almost all businesses profoundly. People worldwide use the Internet to do almost everything—from carrying out research to purchasing products online. E-commerce intensifies competition and benefits consumers, offering more choices, lower prices and more convenience.

Online sales are not just about us discovering who our customers are and finding out what they want, but is also about the ease with which customers are discovering us. This is a win-win situation. Thanks to this, our business model will become more diverse and more flexible in the near future.

EB: How has the Indian electronics distribution segment faced the many impediments plaguing the industry?
In 2019, the overall electronics market was depressed. But what we’ve seen throughout the year is that, in spite of this, a lot of companies are preparing for the economic recovery. They are stockpiling better products as they wait for the next opportunity. We have been affected by market changes; however, we have confidence in the future of the Indian electronics market.


EB: In which segments has demand increased and where have you seen it drop?
It is predicted that the new energy industry will become mainstream. This includes photovoltaics/solar power generation and storage, wind power generation and storage systems, electric vehicles, charging piles, etc. There hasn’t been any obvious drop in demand in other segments, most of which are developing stably. As the overall economy recovers, I think all the segments will perform far better in the future.

EB: This is a competitive sector and hence, constant innovation and state-of-art product quality are crucial. What steps have you taken to ensure this?
In terms of technology, we continuously strive to understand the nature of a power supply and break through the technical difficulties encountered in this industry. We own more than 900 independent intellectual property rights, including 400 invention patents. And we have established an R&D centre with more than 350 engineers. We have formed an independent R&D and technology innovation hub, where we conduct basic and cutting-edge tech research as well as product development to keep up with global technology development.

In order to guarantee the continuous improvement and reliability of our products, we follow a strict material and supplier evaluation system, incoming quality control (IQC) and ensure our products meet final inspection standards (FIS). In 2019, the failure rate of the fixed voltage input SMD products was below 16PPM, ranking among the industry’s best. In 2020, we will continue to deliver one-stop shop power solutions to customers throughout the world, with the best performance, quality and cost to meet different power supply needs.

EB: How do you think government policies like NPE 2019, Make in India and Start-up India help your organisation?
Policies like this have given local companies an incentive to develop and manufacture products. As an upstream component supplier, we think these new government policies provide us with more opportunities. However, opportunities are for those who are prepared, so we also need to improve ourselves to participate in the market in a better fashion.

EB: What are the various differentiating aspects that help you stay ahead of the competition?
In order to serve Indian customers better, we have enhanced our local service offerings. We enable our local distributors to provide value added solutions to customers, and this is backed by a highly skilled technical support team. We also have technical seminars in India to communicate with customers face to face.

EB: How has business been in 2019, on a year-on-year basis?
In 2019, our performance in India was roughly the same as in 2018. But from what we’ve learned about the market and the industry in 2019, we have great hopes for 2020. In 2020, we will continue to provide high-quality products and services to our customers, and conduct seminars throughout India to share our knowledge of power supplies with our customers in India. At present, we are mainly focused on offline sales. In 2020, we are also considering online sales and looking for a suitable partner for the Indian market.



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